Frank Zappa's Best Love Songs

Of course, many of these love songs were written in Frank's characteristic sarcastic manner. And yet - they were, and some of them were extremely personal for the musician...

Frank Zappa - the best love songs: a list with names, clips and facts

In 1993, the news that there was no Frank ZappaThe legend's name was a great success, and it shocked millions of people, like an electric shock. For the next few years, the media kept on "hype" on the legend's famous name, always recalling his musical merits and rebellious escapades. But some of the achievements of this maestro were to a large extent understated... And that romantic songs.

"This is a man who has never written a love song," some observers have commented. But that's not true. Zappa's devoted fans know that this is just some silly slogan, for the man's arsenal really did include love compositions. And what a lot of them! Of course, many of them were written in Frank's characteristic in a sarcastic manner. And yet - they were, and some of them were very personal for the musician...


Frank Zappa and his family
Frank Zappa and his family

One of Zappa's most important love songs is "Solitude."which, in addition, is a very rare composition of his. There is no studio version, and you won't find this romantic ode on any of the musician's many albums. All we have is the version The Band From Utopia (although the track does have the name of another band on it, but believe me, that's not true).

This is the mysterious song dedicated to GaleFrank's wife, whom no one has ever heard. It is the most sincere, the most soulful, the most beautiful-- most real his love song he ever wrote. Rumor has it that there is a version recorded during rehearsal. Well, we can only hope that someday it will "resurface" from the depths of the vault.

"I'm So Happy I Could Cry"

Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa

Perhaps, "I'm So Happy I Could Cry" creates strong competition for "Solitude," as it is another of those few - extremely rare - sincere compositions about love. Zappa sings here "for real.", without the trademark sarcasm and jokes. The words literally come from his heart... They describe the man's love for the woman he left behind when he dared to see this "the great, big world.".

According to some, the arrangement in "I'm So Happy I Could Cry" is slightly reminiscent of of the early Beatles.

"How Could I Be Such A Fool?"

One of early songs Zappa is about love that talks about betrayal.

"When I won your love, I was very glad.
All the happiness in the world belonged to me.
But our love was lost, and you were gone...
Now I shed tears in lonely misery.
Now I know that you never really loved me..."

The simple rhythmic melody blends perfectly with the mournful lyrics. Definitely one of the best numbers in Zappa's catalog.


Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa

"Doreen." - Zappa's most fateful love song! The title itself seems to attest to this - such a passionate and concise

"Please, dear,
Let me love you tonight..."

The composition appeared on the double album "You Are What You Are" 1981 year. In terms of chords and lyrics, it's a simple love song that could have been a hit if it had been released as a single. Alas, that did not happen. However, it's a little "limitation of fame" didn't stop fans from really falling in love with the track!

"You Didn't Try To Call Me"

The composition itself is complex in form and has a similar chord sequence to that found in The Beatles song "Here, There and Everywhere".

As it seems to us - a worthy masterpiece, which is a pleasure to re-listen. Slightly sarcastic lyricsThe song, by the way, tells of the hero's disappointment in the girl who "didn't even try to call him in his moments of loneliness. But for her call, according to the story, he even stayed home on Friday!

"Lucille Has Messed Up My Mind"

Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa

"Lucille confused my mind." - The title itself already fascinates and intrigues!

"You made me go crazy, Lucille!
Tore my heart out!
But I still love..."

A song of longing and heartbreak with a catchy chorus. Frank originally wrote it for the lead singer of his band The Mothers of Invention Jeff Simmons. But in 1979 he himself turned to this lyric as part of a rock opera Joe's Garage.

"Any Way The Wind Blows

Frank Zappa...
Frank Zappa

And we decided to finish the list with a song with a beautiful title. "Wherever the wind blows.". In the text, the hero "mildly threatens" his beloved that if she continues to "nag" him and cheat on him, he will leave him for another woman.

How can you say after that that Zappa didn't write love songs? In our opinion - it was a selection of very worthy examples.

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