What We Don't Know About Uncle Fyodor - A Journey Through the Biography of the Zero Band Leader

The debut album of the young rock'n'rollers was also notable for its sophisticated title - "Music of Brawling Files"! Already at the beginning of the 90's "Zero" could boast the peak of their popularity: their repertoire featured two loud hits - "Jolly Indian" and "I'm Coming, Smoking", which were heard from everywhere it was possible! But all of a sudden the history of the thriving band virtually came to an end...

Fascinating facts from the life of "Uncle Fedor" - What you didn't know about the leader of "Zero" band

"Uncle Fyodor." - so fans nicknamed of this man. The leader of the group "Zero" He invariably went on stage in his striped vest and with accordion in hand - the instrument was, and still is, a curiosity for rock and roll of the collectives! But in the case of Chistyakov and his team, this phenomenon has become a calling card.

"Uncle Fyodor" fervently danced on stage and sang about the days of of the dashing '90s! The young audience was crazy about the energetic musician. But at some point he disappeared abruptly. After his return in his life very A lot has changed., and some fans even turned away from a rock and roll accordionist.

A hard childhood filled with inspiration

Fedor Chistyakov
Fedor Chistyakov

To Fyodor Chistyakov was lucky enough to be born into a creative Leningradand his childhood was indeed filled with searching for himself and inspiration... Except to call it light it is forbiddenThe boy's mother suffered from schizophreniaand was a difficult person to get along with.

"There were times when she could scold a stranger on the street from head to toe. Outbursts of aggression were commonplace for her," Chistyakov later recounted.

Instead of fairy tales Antonina told her son about the cruel times of war and the horrors of those days. It made the boy's blood run cold... He and his mother lived poor - in a small room dorms. The woman worked for days at the factory, while Fedya wandered the streets of Leningrad. He did not invite his friends over. shame was. And at some point the young man found inspiration in music.

Curiously enough, at first Chistyakov tried his hand at writer - Together with a dorm mate, he worked on an exciting novel! But the love of the accordion was stronger, and soon the idea arose to form own group.

In fact, the group "Zero" was formed by schoolchildren


Group History "Zero" started in 1985 year - but it's official. In fact it began two years earlier, when Chistyakov became friends with Alexei Nikolayev. Both were crazy about rock and roll! Soon their company was joined by Anatoly Platonov.

Fyodor was obsessed desire to become leader of the legendary rock band! Instead of chewing on the granite of science, in class the boy wrote poetry. As the trio was finishing up 10th gradethey had an idea. punk album! They shared it with the Andrey Tropillo - an underground sound engineer who instilled faith in the guys. Thus, in the mid-80s in Leningrad was born unusual rock band with an accordion as the solo instrument and the laconic title "Zero".

He was diagnosed with schizophrenia

Fedor Chistyakov...
Fedor Chistyakov

Debut The young rock 'n' rollers' album also featured a sophisticated title - "Music of the Pugilistic Files."! Already in the early 90's "Zero" could boast pic Their popularity: their repertoire included two loud hits - "Jolly Indian." and "I'm going to smoke"that came from wherever it was possible! But suddenly the history of the thriving collective actually cut off.

Chistyakov assaulted his girlfriend Irinawith whom he lived together. It soon turned out that he had "paranoid schizophrenia"! At the interrogation, the musician confessed that he attacked Irina because she Witch! Five years Fyodor spent in the psychiatric hospital. The creative work of the band "Zero" has been on hiatus all this time. However, when the leader was released - he declared: he refuses perform old songs, joins the Jehovah's Witnesses and is unlikely to return to the stage at all!

Fedor Chistyakov (frontman of the Zero group)
Fedor Chistyakov (frontman of the Zero group)

It was an absolute shock to everyone. Further team fate - is a separate, and not very happy story: similar success the band has not found...

Emigration from Russia

Fedo Chistyakov, our days...
Fyodor Chistyakov, these days

At first, everyone thought it was Implications He's going to recover, get a taste of life, and then he's going to will return to music. But Chistyakov was adamant. He did return to music - but not to the songs of his band, which referred to substances.

From now on "Uncle Fyodor." He gave up alcohol and other devilish temptations. His religious faithContrary to popular opinion, it was not a short-term fad, but very deep... And in 2017, he proved that he was ready for it. wrestle.

Fyodor Chistyakov in the United States
Fyodor Chistyakov in the United States

In summer 2017 year, the musician announced that he was leaving Russia and intends to settle in USA! It's all about the fact that in Chistyakov's homeland banned Jehovah's Witnesses. It is known that "Uncle Fedor" was in America until 2021 For a year, after which he went to Georgiawhere he temporarily settled down. How his fate will turn out in the future - we hope it's good!


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