The story of Genesis Owusu, an African musician from Canberra

"It sounds so different, and it's really inspiring. It feels like I have a place in it, and I don't have to conform to any stylistic preferences. It's nice to see people who are like me and from the same places as me: they really embody this culture and also embody their own individualism and create new and special art..."

Genesis Owusu - full biography: early years, success, singles

Genesis Owusu - Ghanaian-Australian singer known for the album Smiling with No Teeth and a number of singles... He was born at the end of 90s in GhanaBut at an age. 2 years moved to Australia. The artist's real name is. Kofi Owusu-Ansah: his first studio album Smiling with No Teeth Kofi released only in 2021 In the year before, however, he began his career as a musician in 2017...His track. "WUTD." Sounded in a headphone commercial Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700! In addition, in the 2019 year Genesis Owusu performed at a benefit concert in Sydney. It's safe to say that this guy has something special for the audience: his work is dynamic, complex, but undeniably convincing... An infectious sense of style, an unpredictable live show - every performance Kofi is a multifaceted spectacle, fueled by star power... It is impossible to predict what to expect: Genesis is adept at challenging himself! He will seduce you with funky jams and ferocious rhythms, constantly exploring new sonic territory...

"I'm just trying to do the best I can. I still don't consider myself to have a certain sound, and I like that. If something sounds interesting to me, I just want to try it. Even if it turns out to be garbage, I'm still glad I tried it..." - Kofi says. "When I was younger, I didn't think about making music. I just really enjoyed writing, and it eventually turned into writing lyrics!"

The young artist has a story to tell, and he tells it in song like no other. His own story began around the time of 15,000 km from the city he now calls home...

From Ghana to Canberra - Early Years

Genesis Owusu
Genesis Owusu

Kofi Owusu-Ansah was born in Ghana in 1998 year: music has been in his blood since he was young...

"My mother has always been the leader of her church gospel choir, and my father has always loved music. He was very eclectic in his musical taste..."

By age three. Kofi And the family moved Canberrabut the homeland was still a big part of their lives. He recalls Ghanaian music played "all the time" at home, particularly a genre called "social life:

"It's African party music. A lot of singers can just be ordinary people-it's not necessarily a genre in which you have to be a first-rate great singer. It has more to do with the emotion you can radiate, convey with your voice. It's soul music in a kind of party glasses!"

Genesis Owusu
Genesis Owusu

Another big influence on the Kofi was his older brother. Kojowho created an improvised home studio:

"Because of that, I met a lot of interesting characters... I'm sure Ben from SAFIA (an Australian electronic indie-pop band) came along a couple of times for sure!" "I didn't start writing music almost by choice," Kofi continues. Kojo dragged me into his studio. He would record a beat and say, "Okay, now write lyrics to that!" That's how it came out..."

In search of sound

Genesis Owusu
Genesis Owusu

As for the signature sound, it was a tough road to GenesisThe result is that each song is a "little documentary" about Genesis at that very moment in his life. Perhaps that's why his music always sounds fresh and real. Like many artists now doing incredible things on the local scene, Genesis is in awe of the volume and variety of the music:

"It sounds so different, and it's really inspiring. It feels like I have a place in it, and I don't have to conform to any stylistic preferences. It's nice to see people who are like me and from the same places as me: they really embody this culture and also embody their own individualism and create new and special art..."

However, it wasn't always like this - that artists such as GenesisGenesis was so eagerly welcomed and honored. In fact, Genesis gained popularity after the song "Whip Cracker."which recounts the experience of racism, and how the problem is far from being solved here in Australia:

"I'm not going to sit here and try to convince anyone why the lives of me and my family matter..."

However, Kofi states that seeing more and more black artists in Australian music lately is quite pleasing:

"I don't know what happened, but it's just a huge leap lately. Everyone has come out of the shadows, really stretched their muscles, shown what we have in the bag... It's nice to see!"

Magic on Stage

Genesis Owusu
Genesis Owusu

See Genesis Owusu live is a kind of new level experience! He's a performer who doesn't just rock the audience and sing songs: at his concerts, everything is perfectly set up and thought out, so you leave with amazing emotions...

"I see the live show and making music as two separate art forms. When I create a live show, I want to see it more on the spectrum of theater rather than just performing music. It forces me to create a kind of songwriting narrative..."

An incredible feature of his live performances is the self-proclaimed Goons - his friends who are on stage with Genesis, performing in flamboyant outfits. His shows revolve between slower, more romantic moments and a harder, more revealing style. And that's what Kofi says can really shock and inspire people at the same time...

"People are surprised because they could hear 'WUTD' and then come to my live show and see a group of people in masks yelling at them, like, 'What did I sign up for?'"

Album Time

Genesis Owusu
Genesis Owusu

Kofi has played to full houses at festivals and concerts, and has even worked with The Free Nationals - American R&B band! All this led to a legendary moment, an important next chapter in his history... To create the debut album Smiling with No Teeth Kofi and his manager assembled a group of musicians that included Kirin J. Callinan, Touch Sensitive, and Julian Sudek.

"We got together in a little studio that was very small and very stuffy, not designed for six people. We had two week-long jam sessions, and all the tracks for the album were created from those jam sessions..."

The hectic process, according to Kofi, was worth it because he thinks they "gave birth to something beautiful..."

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