The story of "Jesus to a Child" (1996): a turning point in George Michael's life

“What have I learned from all this pain?” George Michael sings in the song “Jesus to a Child”, the story of which is very unusual. About how the singer coped with the pain of losing a loved one with the help of music, read in our article.

To whom did the singer dedicate the sad ballad

British singer George Michael has been called one of the most successful pop singers in Europe. Being a part of Wham! he created optimistic pop hits that went to the first lines of many countries of the world, and in his solo career - completely different music. About how sensual the music of George Michael can be - in our article.

Album "Older»

By 1996 Michael already had great popularity and a huge fan base, but he decided to release his third solo album in that year after 5 year break, which was associated with his refusal to make music due to a conflict with the record company Sony. Switching to the label Virgin, the singer needed to show a stunning result in order not to lose his fans and not let down the label leaders, so he started writing tracks for a rather serious release - an album that translates into Russian as "Older".

matured George Michael with deep intentions, having thoroughly approached the choice of themes of the songs and formed ideas under the influence of various events, he proceeded to record it. Interestingly, the whole record is permeated with the idea that you need to move on (the 8th composition even has a similar name - «move On»), and the last track is called «Free» (translated from English - "Liberated"), which indicates the intentions of the singer to rid himself of the suffering associated with the past. The results of this fruitful work pleasantly surprised the authorities. Virgin records - the album became famous in Europe and favorably affected the singer's career.

History of creation "Jesus to a Child»

At the beginning of his career, George Michael met at the festival Rock in Rio with fashion designer Anselmo Feleppe from Brazil, with whom, as it later turned out, he was connected by something more than just friendship. Michael was attached to Feleppe - they communicated quite closely, so when the latter died in 1993 from an illness that arose due to the designer having AIDS, this sudden death was a big shock for the pop singer.

“I remember how he left that day, and then I looked at the sky and said - just dare to do this to me ... I was 27, it seems to be a small age, but then it seemed to me that I could wait forever to be loved ... Our relationship ... I felt probably the happiest person in the world ... ”, the singer admitted.

George was shocked to such an extent that he had to "renounce" his musical activities for a year and a half. For a world-class musician such as George Michael was, it really could be considered a loss, because one has only to think how much material he could have recorded during this time, if not for such a tragedy.

Young George Michael
Young George Michael

But Michael was able to cope with severe pain and in the fall of 1994 he again took up music. Then he a little over an hour, which deserves special attention, wrote a song that he called «Jesus to a Child». It's time to move on, it's time to live a new life - that's what this event marked. Michael was able to cross the line through the black streak of that tragic period, his willpower was at such a level as never before.

A month after writing the composition, George submitted it to the awards MTV Music Awards in Berlin. Her future success was predicted by the host of the ceremony, Tom Jones, who noted the genius of Michael's performance and song. It was the highest praise that a singer, broken in his hopes, could receive, and then he realized that he needed to release an album that would reflect all his experiences and feelings.

George Michael performing
George Michael performing

Composition content

«Jesus to a Child» became title track on the album «Older», whose genre features can be attributed to such styles as pop, R&B, soul and jazz. The first composition, lasting more than six minutes, was somewhat different from the others. George showed respect for his dead friend by creating a melody in which the rhythm and harmony were very reminiscent of the Brazilian bossa nova, which is a mixture of several popular genres - folk music and jazz. When listening, a feeling of sadness hanging over the listener is created, which allows you to feel all the singer's emotions associated with the loss of a loved one.

Here, for example, are the lines that emphasize the general focus of the ballad:

“What have I learned from all these tears?
I've been waiting for you all these years
And when it all started, he took your love from me ... "




The commercial success of the composition was extraordinary - the song "Jesus to a Child" was able to achieve impressive results in the music market and really liked the audience of the singer. So, this single could become number one in top charts in the UK, being the single from the studio album. In addition, at that time it was the only track that debuted and immediately topped the UK charts.

Michael in 1998
George Michael in 1998

In the USA, the song did not remain out of sight of American listeners - in the main US hit parade Billboard Hot 100 he debuted in the top 10 and placed on seventh place, which was the best result by British performers in more than a quarter of a century! Critics also appreciated the composition at its true worth:

Sarah Davis of Dotmusic: "In the context of the album, the song sets the stage for Michael's current direction - brooding, mature, brooding, but not so dark as to dismiss the good times."

"Saving Effect" songs

George Michael, who passed away in 2016, left a bright mark on the history of pop music, including numerous touching and "saving" songs. As it became known after the death of the singer, all income from this single Michael donated to charity, namely to the children's fund Childlinewhich helped save thousands of human lives. Such a bold act demonstrates how dedicated George Michael was to his ideas.

George Michael
George Michael

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