Do you remember the main theme from the movie "Ghostbusters" - about the song "Ghostbusters"

At first, the musician was suspicious of this task, however, he eventually wrote the song in just a few days! Luckily, Ray found inspiration that same evening...

One Song Story - "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr. (from the movie "Ghostbusters")

The film "Ghostbusters" 1984 of the year is perfectly familiar to everyone (well, or almost ...) And no less than the action-packed line, the audience remembered its main theme - a charming track ghost busters performed Ray Parker Jr.! The song quickly gained popularity, and soon after the release (less than 2 months) took the first line of the chart Billboard Hot 100! Not without intrigue: a lawsuit was filed against Ray Parker Jr.! Actually, first things first… How did the Ghostbusters theme come about, and what does it have to do with it? Huey Lewis and his group The News? Let's start studying!

How it all began - background and prerequisites

Poster for the film "Ghostbusters" (1984)
Poster for the film "Ghostbusters" (1984)

ghost busters - theme music for a film featuring stars such as Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver and others. According to the stories Ray Parker Jr., the filmmakers approached him with a request to write and record a musical theme for their motion picture. The musician recalls that he had about two days to work, and ... it seemed impossible, if only because the name of the cult fantasy comedy seemed impossible to include in the lyrics of the song, not to mention the title ... And no matter how Parker Jr. resisted, producer Ivan Reitman insisted on it. At first, the musician was suspicious of this task, however, he eventually wrote the song in just a few days! Luckily, Ray found inspiration that same evening! Actually, his word:

“Late in the evening, I turned on the TV and came across this cheap advertisement for a local service. And then it dawned on me! I suddenly remembered that there was a similar ad for a fictional business in the movie! Soon I was writing lyrics for Ghostbusters. I imagined this track in the form of a pseudo-advertisement that a business could order as a promotion ... "

Ray Parker Jr.
Ray Parker Jr.

In another interview, many years after the release of the film and the single, Ray Parker Jr. reasoned:

“Today it sounds… usually, simple. Simply because you have already heard and know this song. But if someone told you to write an entire song based on the words "Ghostbusters", it would be quite a difficult task for you! That was the hardest part, getting the name on the song…”

Parker added that he asked his girlfriend and her friends to shout out the title of the chorus as he didn't want to sing it. A renowned session musician, he played most of the instruments on the track.

Well: if you believe the estimates of experts, it is the musical theme ghost busters added to box office 20 million dollars! It sounds pretty weighty... Especially considering the fact that this track was born from a "cheap" (as he himself put it) Ray Parker JR) a television advertisement from one of the local services ...


Huey Lewis
Huey Lewis

Few people know, but Ray Parker Jr. was not the first candidate in the list of filmmakers! The first proposal to record the topic was received Lindsey Buckingham, which - by that time - had already proven itself well, however ... he refused, saying that he did not want to be known as a soundtrack performer. But as it turned out, not only he was on the list of candidates ...

Once the film hit the big screens, Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker Jr., accusing him of plagiarism (there is an obvious similarity of the melody in "Ghostbusters" and the song "I Want a New Drug"). It turned out that Lewis also tried his hand at writing the theme, however ... all his efforts were in vain, and the producers rejected his candidacy. And what was his surprise when he heard a painfully familiar melody in the film "Ghostbusters"repeating his own song released less than six months ago!

In the end, the parties came to a mutual agreement out of court. At first, the amount was not disclosed (the musicians signed a confidentiality agreement), but many years later Huey Lewis lifted the veil of secrecy: it turned out Parker paid him about 5 million dollars! After that now Ray sued Lewis for violating the confidentiality agreement… He would later say:

“I got a lot of money from this!”

Ray Parker Jr.
Ray Parker Jr.

Only in 2004 year, the situation with plagiarism cleared up: the filmmakers admitted that they used the song "I Want a New Drug" as temporary background music in many scenes… They later transferred the materials Parker (with track Lewis in the background), and, apparently, he was very inspired ...

Music video

The actress took part in the filming of the music video Cindy Harrellthat haunts the ghost Parker

The clip ends with Parker and the movie stars are dancing in the streets New York! Remarkably, the film crew closed Times Squarehowever… we can still see a significant crowd of people in the background!


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