"She wasn't just loved because of Johnny" - Remembering Gilla's Best Songs

Of course, "Johnny" is number one for the millions of people who danced to this track during their youth. But why dance? Even today, your feet can't help but dance when you play your favorite tune from your youth! But at least four other compositions, which will be discussed below, as it seems to us - are not very inferior to it.

Top 5 hits that make us still remember and love Gill

IN THE USSR Jilla - as the singer was called by domestic listeners (and not only) - was well known! Her hit "Johnny" The song was heard from every television set, and practically no disco was without it! In fact, the vast majority of Soviet music lovers fell in love with the Gisela Wuhinger for this track. However, in the repertoire of the Austrian disco star, who, by the way, was a project Frank FarianThere were other worthy compositions, too. That's what we decided to remember today.

Of course, Johnny - is number one for the millions of people who danced to this track in their youth. But why dance? Even today, your feet can't help but dance when you play your favorite tune from your youth! But at least four other compositions, which we are going to talk about below, as it seems to us, are not inferior to it. Thanks to these songs, music lovers all over the world still remember and love Gill...

"Lady Marmalade

Singer Gilla
Singer Gilla

Early Single The band that Frank Farian would soon disband, leaving only Gill and Helmut Roelofs (the singer's future husband). The song, which is a cover, even though it underwent some changes in the lyrics, still turned out to be Scandalous because of its sexual connotations. Because of this, many radio stations refused to air the song about the "girl and her baby bear.

However, it is the active discrimination and drew listeners' attention to the track. Along with that, the scandalous "Lady Marmalade" brought Gilla to the forefront as a performer. The slender girl with the low, unique voice finally gained fans...


Most interestingly, when this English-language version was released at Farian's insistence (the original single was in German), she no longer had that kind of success.

Help! Help!"

In Germany. "Ich brenne" succeeded and made it into the top ten! However, the widespread distribution of the English versioncalled "Help! Help!".

"Bend Me, Shape Me"


This danceable the track graces the reissue of the album Help! Help!"The record was a modest success. Along with "Bend Me, Shape Me," the reissue included the measured "The River Sings," but it was the incendiary composition that won popularity.

Despite the fact that the tracks saved The album, now called "Bend Me, Shape Me", sold much better than its predecessor, but Farian was still dissatisfied with the result - he sincerely hoped for more. Against the background of "modest" by the producer's standards of success, he switched his attention to more promising disco projects. Boney M. and Eruption.

Frank Farian is 78 years old!
Frank Farian

As Frank began to devote more time and attention to the bands that ended up being loved around the world (especially Boney M.), in Gilla's career he became just "producer-observer.": in essence, he shifted his responsibilities to the Helmut Roelofsthough his opinion was still decisive.

Perhaps, late 70s was the last breath of air for Gilla as a singer - as the new decade dawned, her name would begin to be forgotten by the general public...

"Tom Cat."


A rocking song "Tom Cat." was included in the album "I Like Some Cool Rock n Roll", now produced by Helmut. Overall, the record is rich and varied - it also includes notable compositions like "Go Down Main Street" or "Take Your Time", some of which were written by Roelofs together with Fred Jay.

The album was good, but it came out belatedly - It was the early '80s, when disco began to rapidly lose its popularity. "I Like Some Cool Rock n Roll" managed to achieve some success, but did not become a bestseller.



And where would you go without Johnny - it's hard to imagine a list of Gilla's best songs without it disco schlag! He was incredibly popular in the USSR - not a single disco could do without "Johnny" with his "Oh-e! It was a favorite. "slow." Soviet youth...

The song was written by Toto Cutugnoand the characteristic "Oh-e!" sung by himself Farian. During the live performances this honor was bestowed upon Bobby Farrell - a folk favorite from Boney M., who was Gilla's backup singer at the time.

Boney M.
Boney M.

For Gilla, it was. landmark hitShe was not able to repeat her success. Subsequently, the singer left the stage and immersed herself in family worries. But in our country they didn't forget about "Jill": in 2007 the disco star performed on "Disco 80s", and in 2015 on "Legends of Retro FM". In addition to "Johnny," the domestic listener especially liked her song "Tom Cat.". It's a matter of taste, though: as our selection today shows, Gilla has worthy pieces, and each of them is beloved For someone.


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