Cute song turned out to be gangsta rap from Sweden: a story about Ginseng Strip 2002

How to write quality viral songs and what is the secret of modern rappers' success? Find out from the hero of our article, Swedish rapper Young Lin, who released his most recognizable track as a teenager. The complicated path from slum boy to famous rapper for you today.

Yung Lean - popularity, songs, biography of the musician. 

What is behind the success of the world's stars - quality production, talent, or something else? Then how do you explain the fact that the popularity of some artists increases after a long time? after the release of their tracks? This fate haunts more than one generation of musicians, including the hero of our article. Today, let's find out how rapper Yung Lean The fact that his tracks are light and sweet at first glance makes him popular on the Internet.

Why did the song become popular? 

Yung Lean
Yung Lean

Song "Ginseng Strip 2002." Swedish rapper Yung Lean was released on a mini-album Lavender in 2013. The producer was a friend and colleague of the musician Yung Gud. The clip of the same name on the YouTube video-hosting site became popular in the year of the track's release, but received mixed reviews. Journalist John Bromwich wrote about mediocre the manner in which the song is sung, and that the singer looks more like a fanatical schoolboy who recorded parody to gangster rap. He also noted that Lin's lyrics are unnatural and even look clumsy in symbiosis with his movements performed in the video. Cecilia Morales, a journalist for The Ithacan, wrote that the musician gained notoriety for producing other videos that are so bad they are even good.

The song became more popular thanks to the viral trend of the TikTok. One line from "Ginseng Strip 2002" was taken by users to express devotion to something or someone: "Bitches come and go (brah), but you know I stay. Lin's song was filmed over 10 million rollers in TicToc.

Who is Young Lin?

Young Lean x Sad Boys Type Beat LeanBoyz
Young Lean x Sad Boys Type Beat LeanBoyz

Junatan Aron Leander Hastadknown by his stage name Yung Lean, was born in Minsk in 1996 to the Swedish poet Kristoffer Leandoer and the human rights activist Elsa Hastad. His maternal grandfather, Arnold Wesker, was a playwright of British-Jewish descent. Three years later, Unathan's family moved to Stockholmwhere the boy spent his teenage years. Lin grew up in the Södermalm neighborhood, long considered a working-class abode. It was also called "slum area.". During his high school years, Hustad was repeatedly spotted using drugs; at age 15, was sentenced to probation for smoking marijuana.

You could say that following his father, the boy began to show an interest in writing lyrics, but for the most part his work was influenced by 50 Cent and his 2003 debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin', as well as rappers Mitt Kvarter and Nas.

Who the Swedish ghetto is behind

Yung Lean and Swedish rapper Bladee
Yung Lean and Swedish rapper Bladee

A friend of Young Lin's Yung GudI met him back in 2012. It was he who became producer Lin's debut album.

Hood talked about the first time he met Hasted in his book How I First Met Young Lin. They met in the park and had a few beers, and afterwards they decided to do something musically and cool. That's how the track came about. "Oreomilkshake, made literally in the basement of Young Lin's house. Listeners note that Hood's lush and melodic beats were the perfect complement to Hasted's lyrics.

Young Hood admits that Lin's work makes people feel any the sensesWhether it's joy or anger, this is the young rapper's greatest virtue.

In addition to Young, Lina Goode has collaborated with rappers S-Type, Deniro Farrar, produced an additional recording of the singer's track "Strange Love". Halsey from the gift edition of her debut album.

A lot of songs, both from mixtapes and studio albums, Lin has recorded with the rapper BladeeThe band Drain Gang, a member of the band Drain Gang. There are about 6 of their joint tracks on Lin's releases alone. It's worth noting that Hustead had time to collaborate with ASAP Ferg. and Travis Scott.

What is this song really about?

Yang Lin at the Manage Cookie concert
Yang Lin at the Manage Cookie concert

Based on the translation of the viral lines of the song, we can say that the song has a rather prosaic meaning: the singer says that no matter what, he will stand by his "bro.". However, the light motif of the track and these lines do not tell about the strong friendship of the guys from the ghetto.

Mimicking his idols, to whom the musician turned in his early years, Lin sings about the most rapper things: drugs, clubs, and girls. The theme of drugs runs through Young Lin's life and work - in his early years, addiction began to take a turn, and in 2015, the rapper was hospitalized with an overdose when he was in Miami recording his 2nd studio album. The title of the track translates to "Ginseng Stripe." - is a slang term for a drug in the form of a white powder.

The composition "Ginseng Strip 2002" is based on a fairly simple formula, classic for claud-rap: a slightly lazy reading about drugs and depression, swaggered movements and pop culture references. If you read the lyrics, you might take the manner of his writing to be humorous, even unpleasant, but that didn't stop the musician from gathering an audience with the 2002 single "Ginseng Strip".

As of now, the number of views on Young Lin's music video is over 78 million.

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