How Slash from Guns N' Roses managed to get a 100-pound lion named Curtis into the hotel

“Once I came to visit Slash, at his house in Los Angeles. He showed me his pinball collection and... his snake collection! He also had a mountain lion about 8 months old. His name was Curtis..."

Saul Hudson (Slash)'s Crazy Life Story: Home Snake Collection, Earthquake and Hotel Lion

Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish real facts from the myths that they like to feed the public. media. Especially - looking back at the crazy antics of rock and roll stars. Such is the nature of business: debauchery is rewarded with dollars, and impeccable legends are very easy to confuse with the truth ... However, the shocking story Guns 'N' Roses guitarist Slashwho secretly spent his mountain 100 kg lion nicknamed Curtis to the hotel is true. In general, the history of the legendary rock bands Guns N' Roses has always been full of strange and mysterious situations and crazy adventures of its participants! And if some of them could be made up by journalists and fans, the story lead guitarist Saul Hudson so truthful that it seems absolute savagery... And it started like this...

New home and new pet

Watch the trailer of Slash, Alice Cooper and others at rock camp
Watch the trailer of Slash, Alice Cooper and others at rock camp

... at the peak of fame Guns 'N' Roses no one could argue with the group and its members! Crazy large-scale shows, mass radio appearances, followed by hysteria and heavy addictions ... In a word - Guns N' Roses were a typical rock and roll band, which they were very proud of! However, by about 1993 year slash was dangerously involved in the glamor of fame and its destructive nature ... During the same period, he decides to move, and acquires a large house In Los Angeles.

This step was quite obvious - in this way the musician wanted to separate his life - Saul Hudson, - from the personality of the juggernaut slash, in perfection owning a guitar! So: like any homeowner, he bought himself a pet ... a mountain lion! And no, this is not a joke. Slash has a mountain lion named Curtis in his new home! And if only this...

Curtis was not the only pet Hudson: Slash also made the large mansion a haven for countless cats, poisonous snakes and lizards, and now a predator weighing about 100 kilograms

“I set up a full-fledged reptile zoo there!” he recalls in his autobiography. “Just a billion snakes and all…”

Curtis attack

Slash with his pet

John Borg, the legendary pinball specialist (another of Slash's favorite areas of expertise) recalled being attacked Curtis following:

“Once I came to visit Slash, at his house in Los Angeles. He showed me his pinball collection and... his snake collection! He also had a mountain lion about 8 months old. His name was Curtis. He was as friendly as the average house cat! But he was much larger than a domestic cat ... When I stroked him, he lay down and rolled over on his back. I squatted down and rubbed his belly. It was a big mistake!”


“... he extended his front paw, wrapped it around my neck and turned me over on my back in a split second! The next thing I noticed, he was on top, wrapping his jaws around my neck ... I was very calm, did not panic and did not try to tear it off ... He was playing with me. And Slash yelled at him, "Get off, Curtis!" Then he released me and I stood up. Then I thought: if he bit me in the neck, it would be a damn quick death. Later, I stroked him again, but did not squat down to rub his stomach again ... ""

The history of the hotel…

Guitarist Slash
Guitarist Slash

Slash Zoo, like himself, found a sense of calm in the house until 1994 of the year. The earthquake that happened that year in Northridge disrupt their picturesque life and force Slash to leave his home... Being a resourceful and rather rich guy, Hudson found a hotel room in a timely manner Four Seasons in Marina Del Rey. Naturally, poisonous snakes, lizards and almost a dozen cats were left to fend for themselves. But not 100 kg furry car Curtis, who made his way with the owner to the hotel ... That's right! Somehow, in a truly magical way, a huge cat that can eat anyone has entered the hotel! Curtis stayed with Slash until it was safe to return to their house. Of course, the walls of the Four Seasons Hotel had never seen anything like this before... After the guitarist's pet was spotted, the hotel staff allowed Slash to stay there with Curtis. Must have been hard to ask for a legend Guns N' Roses send your predatory pet away... So, this exceptional and rather exotic adventure has remained one of the craziest stories slash!


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