Top music videos of the 80s! Top 10. Part 3

A little about the cult clips of the 80s!

Top 10 Music Videos from the 80s… Part Three

Today we have collected ten of the brightest and most well-known clips. Their distinguishing feature is that all of them were broadcast for the first time in the period of the 80s ... In a word - pleasant nostalgia and pleasure from your favorite music are guaranteed to you! So: these are the 10 most striking music videos, originally from the 80s ... The third part ...

Peter Gabriel - "Sledgehammer"

The video for the song "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel won many awards, in particular - a record nine figurines of the MTV Awards! "Sledgehammer" is the most viewed video in MTV history in the first 30 years of the channel's existence! Various special effects were used in the clip, which made it not only bright, but also very memorable!

The composition itself was composed under the influence of the soul of the 60s ... At the very beginning of "Sledgehammer" we can hear the shakuhachi flute (a longitudinal bamboo flute that came to Japan from China during the Nara period. It has a characteristic timbre that can vary greatly at the request of the player )! For Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer" became the first and only number one in the US...

Black - "Wonderful Life"

Beauty is in simplicity... This statement is the best fit for the video for the track "Wonderful Life" by Black. Like the composition itself, the music video for it turned out to be very relaxing, light, as if weightless ... By the way: to date, it has gained more than 60 million views on YouTube!

It was this single that brought the group a contract with A&M Records! And to this day, “Wonderful Life” remains the hallmark of the Black team ... Once Colin Werncombe shared with reporters:

“...I survived a couple of car accidents, my mother was seriously ill, I was abandoned by the record company, my first marriage came upside down, and I ended up homeless ... And then I sat down and wrote this song, entitled “Wonderful Life”.

Paula Abdul - "Opposites Attract"

The video for this positive and energetic song by the beautiful Paula Abdul was filmed with the participation of ... the cartoon character MC Skat Kat! This became the highlight of the video, which was so liked not only by music lovers, but also by children! Paula even choreographed the animated character's moves to match her dance moves during the filming of the video... MC Skat Kat was "animated" by members of the Disney animation team!

The video won a Grammy Award and was also nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards!

Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean"

For the first time, the video for the cult hit of the King of Pop Michael Jackson was aired on MTV on March 2, 1983. As a result, the video for "Billie Jean" became the first music video by an African-American artist to get into the hot rotation of the channel! It is for this reason that the track became one of the revolutionary ones in the history of popular music… "Billie Jean" also became the best selling single of 1983!

The signature highlight of the song was the characteristic bass line and vocal techniques of the performer ...

Duran Duran - "The Wild Boys"

"The Wild Boys" is a famous composition by Duran Duran, released as part of the Arena live album. Later it was also released as a standalone single... It is noteworthy that "The Wild Boys" was the only studio recording from the Arena album...

The driving video for the track got 17 million views... The video is definitely recommended for viewing!

Bryan Ferry - "Don't Stop The Dance"

"Don't Stop The Dance" is a measured composition by British singer-songwriter Bryan Ferry from his studio album Boys and Girls. In the artist's home country, the track peaked at number 21.

For "Don't Stop The Dance", an elegant and very aesthetic video was shot, which perfectly conveys the mood and character of the song ...

Madonna - "Material Girl"

The song "Material Girl" (which means Mercantile Girl) has become Madonna's signature calling card! The video for the track was filmed as a parody of the famous scene from the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

It was in this video that Madonna first tried on the image of Marilyn Monroe, which for some time will become her highlight! Madonna once said:

“I will definitely become a symbol, like Marilyn…”

Ultravox - "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes"

"Dancing With Tears in My Eyes" is a famous track by Ultravox from the album Lament. It was she who returned the success to the team, reaching the third place in the UK Singles. The same song was the second Ultravox performed during the Live Aid charity event at Wembley Stadium in July 1985! The video for the song unfolds the story of an atomic explosion ...

In the music video, Midge Ure drives home after discovering that a nuclear explosion is imminent. The video ends with the explosion of the power plant and showing a home movie of Yura, his wife (played by Diana Weston) and their child with a melting film visual effect ... It turned out spectacular and very touching.

Michael Jackson - "Dirty Diana"

Another legendary hit by Michael Jackson, which, by the way, is considered to be a “close relative” of “Billie Jean” (in many ways, because of a similar message)! The song is about one of the groupie fans named Diana. Critics noted that it was "Dirty Diana" that made the Bad record "richer, sexier and brighter than the less memorable tracks from Thriller" ... The premiere of the music video, which was a live performance by Jackson, took place in April 1988. For the video, the singer received the World Music Awards! The clip shows Michael speaking to the audience, telling the story of a persistent fan. From time to time, the legs of the alleged Diana appear in the frame. When Jackson finishes his performance, he descends from the stage, opens the car door and is surprised to find a fan waiting for him inside ...

Subsequently, the video for "Dirty Diana" was included in the collections Number Ones and Michael Jackson's Vision.

A-ha - "Manhattan Skyline"

"Manhattan Skyline" is A-ha's third single from Scoundrel Days. The release took place at the end of the winter of 1987. By the way: the b-side to the single was the song "We're Looking for the Whales", recorded during a London concert in the winter of that year. The music video is designed in the band's trademark, like a comic book style!

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