What came out of every speaker in the year 2000

What came out of all the speakers in the year 2000? Let's think back together!

2000's Greatest Hits: Song List, Clips, and Facts

There's no need to talk about modern radio trends: who is at the height of fame today - that's who's going to play! In general, this has always been the case, and people have always been aware of the latest musical innovations thanks to the magical radio waves... But sometimes you get tired of everything, and you want to listen to something you haven't heard yet. a long time ago. At such moments, we are happy to go back a dozen or so years and "search the archives," as they say. In our case today, we go to the very early 1990snamely, in the The year 2000!

The beginning of the 2000s was very interesting for the Russian music: the world of the pop industry stepped forward - music videos began to gain tremendous popularity, a lot of fame collectives appeared on the scene (as well as "one-dayers"). In any case, this period left many vivid memories, which are inextricably linked to the songs. "titans." the radio of those years. So, what came out of all the loudspeakers in 2000? Let's think back together.

The Otpetye Rascals - "Girls"

"Dirty scammers"
"Dirty scammers"

Who doesn't remember the "Songbirds" with their "Girls are different."? This is, you could say, a legendary Russian pop hit, which at one time was heard from everywhere! Yes, even in the 2010s it was actively listened to (and even today sometimes...).

As soon as you hear the tune, the familiar lines begin to play in your head. And by the way, you can't say that this song is without much meaning: there is clearly something vital and true in it, because all girls are really different!

Guests from the Future - "You're Somewhere"

A kind of lyrical pop ballad from "Guests from the Future.". As it seems to us, in the early 2000s it was played very often - especially at discotheques.

In general, the music of the zero years is characterized by a special lightness, ease, romanticism... Modern hits practically don't have it, because almost all of them are aimed at some kind of awesomeness, impertinence. And the pounding auto-tune destroys all the soul...

Hands Up! - "Alyoshka."

Group "Hands Up"
Group "Hands Up"

Well, this song hardly needs an introduction - and neither do its performers. There wasn't a person in the noughties who didn't listen to "Hands up!". This is already a cult project of its time!

"Alyoshka." is still one of the most popular "Hands Up!" songs, and not many people care how old it is. They even play it on the radio periodically! The test of time is the best indicator of quality, as they say.

Bee 2 - "No One Writes to the Colonel"

Many people are familiar with this hit of Bi-2 from the movie "Brother 2."The film is a great success, but the old music lovers know about it even without the help of cinematography.

"No one writes to the colonel." - There's not much to add here, it's already a classic of Russian alternative rock. Yes, by the way, in our today's selection we decided not to limit ourselves by genre boundaries, so there are many more interesting tunes ahead of you.

Tatyana Bulanova - "My Dream"

Tatyana Bulanova
Tatyana Bulanova

In the noughties. Tatyana Bulanova literally never disappeared from the radio! So many people love her songs to this day. "My Dream." - one of the most popular and recognizable.

Public opinion varies, by the way: some people consider Bulanova a brilliant pop-singer of lyrical melodies, while others call her art "dull.". Well: as many people as there are opinions. It will be curious to know how the subscribers of our channel feel about this singer? Share your impressions of Bulana in the comments, and we'll continue!

Hands Up! - "Ay-yi-yi-yi."

Another not just loud, but "hit monster" from "Hands up!".

Years after graduation "Ay-yi-yi-yi." still continued to shine on the radio, and to be heard from everywhere. Even the modern generation appreciated it!

Ivanushki International - "Run, Run"

Group "Ivanushki International"
Group "Ivanushki International"

"Ivanushki International" have literally become a synonym for Russian pop music in the 2000s. And in a good way. Well, you have to agree: there was something simple and cozy, beautiful and perky in their songs... A good band for their time.

By the way: in the clip on "Run, Run." "Ivanushki were clearly ahead of their time: everything was filmed in the best traditions of modern trends, except that the quality is lousy. But for the early noughties, that's forgivable.

Meaningful Hallucinations - "Forever Young"

This is probably a rather unexpected track on our list. And yet.

As we see it, the song "Forever Young" can be safely attributed to the hits of the 2000s, because it was a success among listeners, which has not stopped even after decades... Believe it or not, a few years ago it was relevant among today's youth!

Zemfira - "Seeking"


There's not much to say about this song, because it's just cool for its time, and that says it all!

ZemfiraShe was undoubtedly a big sensation on the Russian scene in the early noughties. Many of her songs have become iconic for the history of our industry, and no matter how anyone feels about her, her work continues to flourish and make an impact.

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