Kay-pop stirs the mind: reactions to Stray Kids' sensational music video

Almost two years ago, the music video for a key-pop band's song came out and garnered a huge amount of views. How did the guys from Stray Kids make the coolest song of 2020 and why are they so loved by fans? Let's find out today in our article.

All about the song "God's Menu": popularity, music video, famous songs

In today's world, the popularity of Kay-pop groups is enormous. Fans of the "idols" are becoming millions people who are enthralled by rhythmic songs and perfect synchronized dancing. Boyish pop groups hailing from Korea every day win the hearts of young female fans.

Today we are going to talk about the group Stray Kids and their most popular song, "God's Menu," which became very famous in a short time.

Deeper than the ocean

Stray Kids
Stray Kids

"God's Menu." was released in the early summer of 2020 as the title song from the full-length album GO Live. The band members were excited how the new album will be received by the fans. That's what one shared in one of the interviews.

Ban Chan, who co-wrote the lyrics with his 3PACHA colleagues, explained the choice of theme for the song. He and the other members wanted to convey those the sensesthat overcame the guys in times of trouble. The lyrics were meant to present to the fans what don't to dwell on bad things if they happen. What happened should be seen as an experiencethat you went through, and that will help you move farther.

The band on the set of the "God's Menu" music video
The band on the set of the "God's Menu" music video

In the composition, the theme of God's preparation of the "menu" has its own message. In writing the lyrics, the guys watched the dorama with culinary topicsand it led them to believe that they, too, are chefs who create new dish.

In the song the guys wanted to emphasize slogan of their group: "I'm going to break existing boundaries and take a new step forward." This was reflected in the fact that the band was creating an album based on tracks they actually consider the most successful. That's why "GO Live" can be called a record where there are no similar tracks.

"God's Menu," which was the band's hit, scored over 370 million views on YouTube. It's the most best The result is as Stray Kids members could have imagined. The music video vividly conveys a lust for life and colorfulness through graffiti and the rough, life-affirming movements of the kids. This music video is a the most popular and quickly garnered a large number of views among the 4th generation of boy bands.

Why the whole world is so fond of the Kids

Footage from the shooting of the "God's Menu" music video
Footage from the shooting of the "God's Menu" music video

Stray Kids officially started as a band in 2018 at a survival show. Since then, the band has been very much loved by many key-pop fans.

One of the main advantages of the group should be considered their great operability. Just at the beginning of their career they managed to release four mini-albums. In addition, their music is quite diverse; so if you put all the band's songs together into one big and complete playlist, there are probably no two that are alike. Fans love the band because they often make them happy. with fresh tracks.

Stray Kids on Stage
Stray Kids on Stage

Along with diligence, the guys are gifted with another quality: independence. They compose the lyrics and music for their songs themselves, and even produce themselves. Another of the main reasons to love the band is their diligence in the creation of incredible dances. The kids are actively involved in the process of developing those very movements by which they can be easily recognized among the other groups.

It is of great importance to devoted fans semantic component of the Kidz songs. Many Replied to The theme of their lyrics; it's as if it helps you learn about the world and yourself through the music of Stray Kids.

Felix on the set of the "God's Menu" music video
Felix on the set of the "God's Menu" music video

You also have to point out what great people guys really are. Totally different in character, they're great complement each other by their simplicity and ease of communication.

Reactions to the clip - people are in shock!

People's reactions to the music video for the song "God's Menu" are as shocking as the music itself. When watching the video, guys who are seeing the band for the first time, are genuinely amazed how cool the transition from the clearly defined movements of the dance to the recitation of the lyrics is. More often than not, they are enthralled by the manner in which the Kids, heartfelt looking into the camera, saying the words of the song. It's really fascinating and shows that the kids have their style.

In addition to the delightful presentation, listeners are truly delighted vote of the participants, and it is impossible not to agree that they are beautiful.

Felix and Hugin raised the bar

Felix and Hugin
Felix and Hugin

After Felix and Hugin joined the band and after a while the new line-up of Stray Kids released "God's Menu", the real success of the band began. It is impossible not to note the contribution of the new members.

In the interviews that the guys gave recently, you can see how they really worry for the success of the song and at the same time proud for their contribution to the album. The guys also point out that all this would not be possible without the cool and well-coordinated work of the whole band. Felix noted that "God's Menu" clearly shows musical growth the band and the way they move forward with courage. Hugin especially singles out the guys from 3PACHA and calls them really cool colleagues.

Hwang Hyunjin
Hwang Hyunjin

Coincidence or not, one thing is clear: the track "God's Menu" became popular because of the work done enormous work the entire Stray Kids team and its new members, who have made the band even more lively and vibrant.

Another band track that took off

The band on the cover of "Side Effects"
The band on the cover of "Side Effects"

Recently there was a discussion among users on one of the websites about vote For the most unusual song by the band Stray Kids. Many people chose the song, released in 2019, titled "Side Effects."which is a great combination of electronic music, EDM and dubstep.

What listeners noted about this composition was that it unlike to anything else. You can hardly find a band in K-pop that is so organically will combine different musical styles and make a real hit. This song seems to be the most successful Stray Kids song to a lot of people who took part in the voting. Despite the experimental nature of the song and the unconventional approach of the guys, the song is very popular and on YouTube has already gained more than 60 million views.

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