GONE.Fludd - a complete biography of the Russian rapper

Despite the fact that GONE.Fludd is a young rapper, in his spare time he prefers clubs and parties... books! According to the artist, he loves solitude...

Everything about rapper GONE.Fludd - from his early years to his dazzling career

GONE Fludd - a famous Russian rapper who conquered the modern public with such hits as "Zashey", "Ice Cube", "Mumble", "Ghost Lady" and many others… The performer has his own official YouTube channel, on which over a million subscribers! And many of his clips are gaining 10, 20, or even 40 million views! And it seems to Alexandra Smirnova (real name of the rapper) this is not the limit ... His star has risen in 2017 year after the release of the mini-album "SuperPosition Principle". It was followed by a chock full of hits Boys Don't Cry. Soon GONE.Fludd became the idol of the generation: he was actively invited to TV and various projects! But what was his early path like? And what else do we not know about this undeniably talented rap artist? Everything in order below ...

Early years

GONE Fludd
GONE Fludd

Alexander born in July 1994 years in an urban-type settlement called "Tuchkovo". There, in fact, his youth passed ... Today, the performer recalls this place with some longing, calling it "Wild West near Moscow": according to Alexander, do in "Tuchkovo" there was absolutely nothing ... As for the parents, the future rapper grew up in an incomplete family: he was raised by his mother, who worked most of her time at the factory. The father did not communicate with the family from the moment Sasha was 6 years old. Later Alexander he said that his parents divorced because of his father: it turned out that the man was firmly connected with the criminal world, which endangered his loved ones ... In the future, Alexander will meet his father again - two or three times - but this will not lead to anything.

Music appeared in the life of the future rapper very early ... By the way: Alexandra I have a professional musical education in the guitar class. By specialty Sasha engineer in the field of road design! True ... he did not work as such. However, according to him, he really appreciates the years spent within the walls of the educational institution:

“I not only acquired professional skills, but also learned how to socialize in large groups…”

Getting started

GONE Fludd
GONE Fludd

According to Alexandra, in his native "Tuchkovo" many only did that they got hooked on alcohol (or even worse ...) In a word, they spent their potential and, in general, did not strive to reach any heights in this life. Sasha did not like this prospect ... So, as a schoolboy, he began to create his first music together with friends - future rap artists Superior Cat Proteus and Iroh! Yes, in the biography "Gon Fludd" appeared his first musical team called Midnight Tramp Gang. The group will later change its name to GVNGRXL and Sabbat Cult, and even later it will disintegrate, after which Sasha will begin his ascent as a solo star ... According to the rapper, this period was very difficult for him: at once a lot of worries and affairs that other project participants were previously involved in fell on his shoulders. However — any difficulties lead to something big!

In the end 2015 year came out 14-track album "Forms and Emptiness", which won a warm reception from the public ... The second release was the album high lust, released a year later: it included 7 compositions. The track came out a little later. "Monkeys in the Office"recorded by Alexander together with Lottery Billz. Well, then - let's go!

By the way: Sasha came up with his memorable pseudonym in 2013. If with Gone everything is clear (translated from English, this word means "lost"), then Fludd serves as a reference to Robert Fludd, English alchemist and mystic of the Renaissance.

Success: the main stages of creativity

GONE.Fludd, BOYS DON'T CRY album cover
GONE.Fludd, BOYS DON'T CRY album cover

Well, now - consider the main and most significant stages of creativity in a career GONE Fludd

The first big breakthrough for Alexandra became a mini-album 2017 of the year "SuperPosition Principle". According to the rapper, this disc clearly interprets his position in life - "Live as you want it yourself!" The album presented one of the artist's most famous hits called "Zashey": to date, the video for this song has scored more than 26 million views on YouTube.

A new round of glory fell on 2018 year after album release Boys Don't Cry: the record was filled with hits such as "Ice Cube" or "Mumble"... As for the last track, the video for it quickly blew up the Internet! 44 million views on YouTube sounds pretty convincing...

The same year was followed by a 7-track "Superchuits", warmly received by the already formed fan base GONE Fludd… The main hit of the release was "Sugar Man":

Life after fame

GONE Fludd
GONE Fludd

Already towards the end of 2018, there was only talk on the Internet about a new rising rapper named GONE Fludd... Soon Alexander began to be invited to television - so he visited "Evening Urgant"where the famous "Ice Cube":

A little later Sasha gave an interview Yuri Dudyu: the rapper spoke about his attitude to the work of Solzhenitsyn, as well as his crazy love for ... lollipops!

By the way: exactly GONE Fludd, together with MORGENSHTERN, starred in the widely acclaimed music video for the track "Skibidi" rave groups Little Big! This video has been viewed more than 537 million times...

Interesting facts about the rapper ...

  • Though GONE Fludd - a young rapper, in his spare time he prefers clubs and parties ... books! According to the artist, he loves solitude.
  • It turned out that Alexander is an avid fan Svetlana Loboda! He admits that he dreams of recording a joint track with her, and for some time she was the only one in his subscriptions. Instagram.
  • As already mentioned above, Sasha loves literature, and not all, but only serious.
  • In one of his interviews, the rapper admitted that he was under the great influence of the group. "Casta.".

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