Star guests of the scandalous nightclub "Studio 54"

What did the infamous Studio 54 hide in itself? Many people think that only sex, drugs and debauchery. In fact, he also hid many of our favorite musicians doing all this.

Who were the most famous visitors to the scandalous "Studio 54"

In April 1977, their captivating gates opened legendary nightclub. Once a huge theater building, become later the greatest "empire of debauchery", erected at the intersection of 54th Street in Manhattan and Broadway.

Stephen Rubell and Ian Schrager - its permanent owners - were spent about 400 thousand dollars just for the opening itself! However, these two managed to bring the most amazing idea to life, creating a unique disco commune, which everyone dreamed of visiting!

In this article, we decided to recall the most reckless and famous regulars club "Studio 54", whose influence on disco culture is still disputed by critics!

The famous nightclub Studio 54, former Gallo Opera House
The famous nightclub "Studio 54", the former opera house "Gallo"

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol in Studio 54
Andy Warhol at Studio 54

This important person of the pop art movement, the controversial artist and designer, was reputed to main a regular at Studio 54. Judging by the photographs that now and then flash in the archives of the club, there is a feeling that Andy Warhol came break away almost every weekend.

Interesting, but Warhol scooped there is incredible inspiration in the club, which resulted in a wonderful work under the symbolic name “Studio 54 Complimentary Drink Invitation” (“Free invitation to drink “Studio 54”). Also widely famous was his statement, in which the artist named the legendary club "is more like a bohemian university than a pagan Rome".

“Every time I went to Studio 54, I was afraid that they wouldn’t let me in - well, what if there would be a new guard at the entrance who simply didn’t recognize me.”

The famous artist loved dissemble, because everyone knows that "star visitors" entered the club exclusively from the VIP entrance of 53rd Street. And already there, the guards were obliged to know each guest by sight.

By the way, it was at Studio 54 that Warhol celebrated his 51st birthday. Steve Rubell did not know what to give a successful artist, and as a result presented the birthday man with a large trash can filled to the brim with hundred dollar bills!

“It was the best gift of my life,” Andy later said.

Roy Halston

Halston, Bianca Jagger and Liza Minnelli at Studio 54
Halston, Bianca Jagger and Liza Minnelli at Studio 54

In the ranks of the regulars of the "empire of debauchery" there was another, no less striking character - the famous fashion designer Roy Halston! It was he who created a special collection line of clothes for discos, which became the standard for many years!

Like later wrote Women's Wear Daily edition:

"Halston is rightfully the king of the 70s!"

The fashion designer himself wrote in his book “Andy Warhol's Exposures”: “If you want to get into the Studio, then always come there with Halston. Well, or "in" Halston.

In many ways, the formation of the reckless Olympus is due precisely to Halston, with his wild parties, which he often rolled up at Studio 54! Dressed in a respectable tuxedo, this party genius was the height of aristocracy, while his festivities were complete. opposite: wild sex, mountains of illegal substances and disco reigned in them!

So, for example, on the occasion of Halloween in 1978, Halston arranged a mega party, which was opened completely naked girl on horseback!

Here's what Andy Warhol had to say about him:

“Lisa told me once that when she asked Halston to give her all the drugs he had, he gave her a whole gift box containing a bottle of coke, a couple of herbs, Valium, and four Quaaludes!”

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli at a holiday disco in 1977
Liza Minnelli at a holiday disco, 1977

This brown-eyed, plastic and damn graceful lady loved to have fun in the company of Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger and Halston's ringleader, as well as choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov, with whom, according to rumors, she had a stormy novel.

Curious, but with Halston Lizu introduced her godmother Kay Thompson. As a result, the fashion designer became for the actress a devoted friend, confidant and personal stylist for many years.

“He took care of me like no other. I trusted him in absolutely everything, ”Minnelli once said.

It is Roy and introduced Liza with an empire of debauchery, in which the girl made new friends in the person of Elizabeth Taylor, Truman Capote and Bianca Jagger. But most of all, the actress was worried about getting to know her old friend. idol Warhol, about whom she had heard a lot and whom she was embarrassed to approach first for a long time, so she asked Halston to introduce them personally.

Liza Minnelli, Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol at Studio 54
Liza Minnelli, Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol at Studio 54

“He came in his luxurious leather jacket - so mysterious and beautiful. But I never approached him - I liked to watch him. He was a friend of Halston's, and we often crossed paths at all sorts of house parties and dinners. Warhol was indeed an interesting person. He sincerely admired everything that was happening around, and this caused great sympathy.

The rise of fame and stormy romances were only one side of the coin. The second was the hardest depression, alcoholism and addiction.

If you believe the notes in Warhol's diary, then once Minnelli came to Halston with pleas give to her all the drugs that were only kept at his house. And when the whole world of high fashion turned away from the famous fashion designer, the actress continued to make him "magic orders", up to the death of Roy.

“He had a special gift! He knew how to skillfully select the most beautiful magical flowers, ”she will say later.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger at Studio 54
Mick Jagger at Studio 54

Mick Jagger forever refuted a well-established belief that allegedly the icons of rock are disgusted even by the very word "disco". The legendary vocalist of The Rolling Stones was an avid visitor to Studio 54, where he came in his trademark "outfit" - a classic white polyester suit.

A visit to disco parties was not in vain for Jagger: already in the late 70s, the beautiful composition "Miss You", which sounds more like disco than rock. Mick even managed to attach to the disco commune of two of his wives at once: Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall.

Jerry Hall

Andy Warhol and Jerry Hall
Andy Warhol and Jerry Hall

The archives preserved a curious photo of Jerry Hall with Andy Warhol, in which the girl drinks Moet & Chandon straight from the bottle. Also at Studio 54, Hall had her acclaimed photo shoot in a completely see-through outfit.

Bianca Jagger

Halston and Bianca Jagger. Photo: Toby Seftel
Halston and Bianca Jagger. Photo: Toby Seftel

Probably, to imagine "Studio 54" without Bianca Jagger is the same as to get a star from the sky - impossible! This burning beauty was one of the regular visitors to the club. After breaking up with Jagger, the girl often spinning in company with Warhol, Halston and Minnelli.

The most striking event in the history of the club was Bianchi's birthday, a photo from which spread outside the Studio 54 archives and got into the media. On the night of May 2, 1977, the girl appeared before the guests of the club riding a white horse! She looked like a sort of Lady Godiva, only in clothes. Here is how the hero of the occasion herself later commented on that episode:

“That night I really rode around the club on a horse, however, please note that my ex-husband Mick and I entered the building itself on our own legs, like all normal people. Apparently, Steve Rubell decided to give me a little surprise about my birthday. I had photos of me sitting on horseback, so he made sure that this white-haired beauty was brought to our appearance at Studio 54. This white horse reminded me very much of mine... But I didn't ride it in the club. I stayed on it for a couple of minutes. I hope you can see the difference between sitting on a horse and riding it."

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry and Brooke Shields at Studio 54. Photo: Lynn Goldsmith
Debbie Harry and Brooke Shields at Studio 54. Photo: Lynn Goldsmith

Was an avid visitor glorified "Blondie" by Deborah Harry. Like Mick Jagger, this beauty brought disco motives to the group's work. So, in the late 70s, the composition "Heart Of Glass" saw the light, which was a real tribute to disco fashion.

Soon the team also began to actively perform at concerts, covers of various disco hits - “Lady Marmalade”, “I Feel Love” and the like.

Harry's close friendship with Andy Warhol, who forever captured the image of the fatal blonde in pop art culture, left a significant mark on history - at the dawn of the 80s, a creative artist revealed to the world a stunning stenciled portrait of Debbie.

Grace Jones

Star guests of the scandalous nightclub "Studio 54"
Grace Jones

The famous American singer from Jamaica also visited Studio 54. At the time, Jones was embodiment both disco and debauchery, so it's not surprising at all.

Jones began her career in gay clubs, performing there with disco-style compositions. Because of this, she quickly gained popularity at one time and became a welcome guest in any, not only gay disco, club.

Once during an interview, this famous American singer said:

“Before Studio 54 fell into disrepute, it positioned itself as the epitome of diversity and abundance. Everyone was his guests: beautiful people, old people, poseurs, bohemians. But everyone was bound by common sense. The club was a huge mix, without which it was impossible to imagine America. The USA is impossible without its many bankers, housewives, rockers and drug dealers. The club's logo was a moon inhaling coke from a spoon. Here everything was open, for show, and this truthfulness attracted people.

Truman Capote

Truman Capote
Truman Capote

It is unforgivable to bypass and legendary playwright Truman Capote, whose masterpieces have served as the basis for a number of books and television shows, in particular the famous picture "Breakfast at Tiffany's"!

Just in time for the dominance of the disco era Truman suffered from severe drug addiction. He was introduced to the club by his bosom friend Andy Warhol, who later immortalized Truman's image on canvas for monthly Interview for the artist's magazine.

Disco Sally (Sally Lippman)

Disco Sally rocks out at Studio 54
Disco Sally rocks out at Studio 54

And this 77-year-old lady has become, perhaps, the most crazy and a bright guest of the legendary club. Sally Lippman got her nickname for her incredible passion to dancing. Grandma just loved to dance. And how! The old woman could easily give head start the same Bianca or Debbie Harry, as can be seen from the numerous photographs from the archive, in which a woman is rocking with young handsome men! Sami Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray became in line to blow up the dance floor with the incendiary Sally!

Disco Sally was so popularthat an entire club was named after her, which opened on 56th Street in 1979. As for Hollywood, there everyone was discussing incessantly the plan for filming a picture about the amazing life of this charming old woman.

Sally left our world in 1982. Her relatives stubbornly insisted that live disco music be played at the funeral of the incendiary old woman. True, none of the musicians agreed to such a performance.

Closing the club

In 1995, Studio 54 was closed. After the closure of the club in New York, the owners of Studio 54 tried to establish their business in Los Angeles. The club did not last long there: renovation began at the MGM Grand, the entertainment complex where the new club was located.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the club did not get into it and was soon closed. Already finally.

As for the former building in New York, it began to be used for the purposes for which it was originally intended: the theater was reopened there, which soon became quite popular and in demand.

And so ended the history of the legendary club "Studio 54".



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