"Angered the Germans and fought the police" - how rebel Grace Slick lives today

Today, she is 83 years old, which is truly astounding considering what a tumultuous and busy life she has had....

The fate of Grace Slick, lead singer of Jefferson Airplane.

Everyone knows her - even those who don't count themselves among her fans Jefferson Airplane. As it happens. Grace Slick wrote and performed some of the top hits of the 60's - the hippie era, the Summer of Love and Woodstock, of which she was actually a part. Grace was born on October 30, 1939 in Evanston, Illinois, USA, and at birth had the last name of Wing. Then she would marry a cinematographer Gerald Slickwill be the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane, will give the world timeless classics. "White Rabbit." and "Somebody to Love"and he'll get a bad name for himself...

Today, she is 83 years old, which is truly astounding, considering what kind of turbulent and intense she had a life.

"Flower Child."

Grace Slick (Grace Slick). Photo:
Grace Slick (Grace Slick). Photo:

Today it is called "psych-rock legend." from the San Francisco music scene. And it's true. Grace was the face of her era, the "flower generation." Her star shone brightly on the world stage at the height of the popularity of substances, and perhaps it was this fact that made her so popular. As a representative of the counterculture of the 60s, Grace repeatedly admitted that her greatest masterpieces - in particular "White Rabbit." - she didn't create in her most sober state. For example, she wrote this hit song under the influence of substances and 24-hour listening to Miles Davis.

Grace's childhood was an interesting one: she grew up in a creative atmosphere, while being financially savvy from an early age. Her mother was a former actress and singer, and her father was a investment banker. And he always told his daughter:

"Put one-third into savings, one-third into bills, and you can live with the rest however you want!"

Grace Slick (Grace Slick). 60s. Woodstock Festival
Grace Slick (Grace Slick). 60s. Woodstock Festival

It was partly this upbringing that helped her survive the 60's, at least financially. Given Grace's "appetites" and her love of fun, she could have been bankrupt a long time ago... Probably second only to the Janis Joplin in her love of alcohol and substances (and that's not certain). She always talked about it this way herself:

"Personally, I've never gone crazy with substances. I don't think it can affect you unless you have psychological problems, which I didn't."

Nevertheless, under the influence of substances or by virtue of its violent temperamentIn her life, Grace has been known as a "rebel" and immortalized in many legends, some of which are true. She herself believes that there are only two things she truly regrets:

"I never rode a horse, and I never had an affair with Hendrix!"

"The Germans were left furious..."

Grace Slick
Grace Slick

To realize how crazy Grace has always been, you only have to tell me that she named her only daughter... China (Hina Kantner - China Kantner)! Although initially I planned to give the baby a name even "cooler", namely - God! The story goes that when the nurse pointed to a blank line on the "What is your child's name?" document, Grace noticed the cross around her neck and said: "Gosh, just write it with a small letter so it's modest." Soon the phrase went viral and became a meme of sorts for years to come.

However, the craziest incident involving Grace is her tour with Jefferson Starship 1978 of the year, namely the stoppage in Hamburg. A few hours before the concert, Slick got very drunk in her hotel room, sparking a brawl that included throwing bottles, refusing to dress for the show and trying to order room service to bring her more alcoholic beverages....

Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Airplane

Somehow Slick still made it to the venue and took the stage - goose-stepping while giving one very famous hand sign and asking the audience a question: "Who won the war?!". She insulted the audience several times, after which the audience revolted, stormed the stage and set fire to the band's equipment before throwing it into the river. Quite a day... Grace was fired that same night.

Grace Slick
Grace Slick

She returned three years later with their hit "We Built This City"about which she said the following:

"It's a sold-out band and the song was just awful!"

A battle with the police

Grace Slick
Grace Slick

In 1994, at the age of 54, Grace was reminded of herself once again. in a scandalous wayof course. The story goes that one March evening the police received a call from a man who claimed that "a drunk woman was shooting a shotgun in the house. Upon arrival, police officers were confronted by an enraged Slick, who was brandishing a gun and yelling at them, ordering them off her property. Through some deft maneuvering, the police officer still managed to divert Grace's attention and take the shotgun away from her.

When Grace was later asked about the incident, she said:

"They just got lucky and I was too drunk. One of them did a roll and knocked me down. It was a good move!"

While she may have taken all of this lightly, it did prompt her to strive for sobriety. In her interview, she admitted:

"I can't drink anymore because I'm not good at it..."

An artist with a rock 'n' roll past.

Grace Slick
Grace Slick

The process of "enlightenment" was not easy: she attended AA meetings and gave up substances completely. And with these decisions came the decision walk off the stage. As quoted by herself:

"All rock and rollers over 50 look stupid and should retire."

Speaking about her sobriety, Grace emphasizes:

"I realized that the only person I could change was me. It wasn't easy. Being sober is weird..."

Grace Slick
Grace Slick

Now Grace gets up at 4:00 a.m. every day and starts draw. She draws what she knows best: white rabbits, rock star portraits, wine labels, plants, and so on.

"They used to sell well - Ronnie Wood and I have the same agent. I don't live off my art, though. If I did, I'd starve!"

Today, she leads a relatively a quiet life in Malibua paradise for wealthy rockers of a certain age.

"There is a puff of fluff in the ocean today, so I can't see my neighbors. Most of them are famous, but my friends are not. My best friends are a former flight attendant and a caterer."


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