The big incidents in the world of rock, of which the legends are told

There are many wild stories on the Internet, and sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish between fact and myth. But the incidents we are going to talk about today are completely real.

Scandalous incidents in the world of rock - The antics of musicians who have become an infamous cultural asset

World of Rock - A huge universe, filled not only with many directions and subgenres, but also with vivid characters. Some rockers are "classics" of their genre, bluesmen at heart, conservative and all that sort of thing. But there are also those who, from the very beginning of their career, have made it clear that they are here to smash any universally accepted canon! And to achieve his goal, he had to resort not only to provocative lyrics and image, but also to crazy escapades.

There are many wild stories on the Internet, and sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish fact from myth. But the incidents we are going to talk about today are very real. They have become an infamous cultural treasure, and to this day are the subject of much debate.

Rebel Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison

Frontman The Doors entered the infamous "Club 27"Morrison was the most scandalous and provocative man of his era. Morrison's troubles with the law could be talked about for hours - he distinguished himself by becoming first in history by an entertainer arrested in the middle of a show! And very often Jim was literally dragged offstage before he did something irreparably stupid.

One day Morrison had an argument. with a policeman right before the concert: the policeman did not recognize Jim as a famous musician, so he started bluntly to send him away from the backstage area. A scuffle broke out between them, with some hand-to-hand violence. Later the situation was cleared up, and the policeman apologized to Morrison. But they meant nothing to the singer of The Doors. Jim was angry - he thought it was too much. sneakyto attack a man simply because he is "not a star. That is, if the policeman had recognized Morrison right away, nothing would have happened. This injustice made the singer terribly angry, and he behaved extremely indecently on stage...

1969, The Doors performing at the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami photo by Jim Morrison...
1969, The Doors performing at Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami

On stage, Jim has been known to say everything he has ever said. in mind. In the middle of one of the songs Morrison burst out with a poetic tirade: he recounted everything that had happened to him backstage, and called the policeman "blue pig."who attacked him. He also said that the officers in the audience were ready to attack people in the crowd at any moment. The angry singer was quickly led off the stage and announced that the show was over. To say that everyone was left utterly bewildered and shocked is not to say anything.

Alice Cooper and the "flightless" chicken

Alice Cooper with chicken
Alice Cooper with chicken

At that iconic concert "The King of Shock Rock." 100% was going all out: together with his band, he tore up the feather pillows and rocked the audience to the limit! And at one point, they let him on stage. chicken... Not confused, the shock-rocker "catapulted" the bird into the crowd. Alas, Alice was a city boy, and therefore did not know that chickens can't fly. The further fate of the bird is more than sad...

"I thought the bird would fly! I had never lived on a farm, so I couldn't have known that chickens didn't fly. I was pretty sure they didn't..."

It was a festival, and after Cooper was supposed to take the stage. John Lennon. According to Alice himself, the iconic Beatle was delighted with what happened. From now on Cooper christened Lennon "a Hollywood vampire.".

Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper

This can include the wild story of the pro Ozzy Osbourne and the bat, which is also true.

When a bat was thrown on the stage, the "Prince of Darkness" decided that it was a toy, a sham. So he didn't hesitate to bite the "critter's" neck. But the animal twitched, and as a result Ozzy got a bite back. After the concert, the musician had to rush to the hospital and rabies shots.

"We are more popular than Jesus."

The Beatles
The Beatles

In the '60s. The Beatles were the driving force behind the British Invasion! Some young Liverpudlians with "shaggy mops" on their heads might not have liked it, of course. But the predominant part of the globe adored them! The Beatles were so popular and in demand that they couldn't hear their own instruments at live concerts - so deafening were the cries of the crowd! Confidently the world crawled "Beatlemania."and the records of the band were flying around millionth circulation.

John Lennon never tried to "smooth over" the resounding success of The Beatles. On the contrary - he once stated that "The Beatles are more popular than Jesus."! No one would pay attention to such a statement today, but at that time... It was a resonance, and an outrageous one at that. In the U.S. riots among local Christian communities, and in the American South some even held "ceremonial burnings" of records and other Beatles paraphernalia.

The Beatles in Paris, 1964
The Beatles in Paris, 1964

Such sentiments led to the fact that the iconic foursome had to fear for their lives. While performing in some states, the musicians actually had to dodge all sorts of threats. They also had to look around cautiously when someone mistook the sound of fireworks for a gunshot. Eventually the protests subsided, and Lennon named his cat Jesus - it was an ironic reference to a high-profile scandal.


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