How the band Nogu Svelo! composed the most famous gibberish in Russian rock

"Haru Mamburu" is one of the most unusual songs of Russian rock. Let's recall the details of the creation of this hit and figure out what language it is still written in.

"Haru Mamburu" (1992) - the history of the song and video clips, meaning, interesting facts, cover versions

"Haru Mamburu" - one of the most famous albums of the Moscow band "The leg is cramped!". The group released an album in 1993. The song of the same name included in the release was recorded a year before and is now recognized the anthem of the 90s generation and the most famous rubbish in Russian rock. Recall the details of the creation of this hit.

A frame from the clip "Haru Mamburu" by the group "Nogu Svelo!"
A frame from the clip "Haru Mamburu" by the group "Nogu Svelo!"

A little about the group

"The leg is cramped!" - a rock band that has become famous already in 90s. Its frontman and founder is Max Pokrovsky. He was born in 1968 in Moscow. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a pilot, but health problems made him forget about his dream. After school he entered institutefinished it but never did not work by specialty. But in the third year, Maxim met a drummer Anton Yakomulsky. Their relationship grew into a strong friendship, and young people together founded group.

Max Pokrovsky, one of the members of the group "The Leg Svelo!"
Max Pokrovsky, one of the members of the group "The Leg Svelo!"

Even at the beginning of his creative activity Max worked for television. He owned the author's transmission "Muzzon". He was invited to appear in other programs, but Pokrovsky preferred those in which you need to show your physical training. Soloist did not study at a music school - he independently mastered the game on guitar and learned sing. The work of the group he created combines several genres: from pop punk to alternative rock, from punk rock to art punk and so on. According to the frontman himself, impossible to create only in a particular style. In the songs of the group there is a subtle and cynical humor, self-irony. Musicians are real daredevils in the field of experimentation.

The group chose took a long time to choose a name. Pokrovsky wanted to formula different from the usual "adjective + noun". Well, it can be assumed that "The leg is cramped!" perfectly suited to his requirements. The team quickly became popular due to unusual texts. They sang songs and Russian, and on English languages.

In 2019, the band released a video "Airplanes-trains"in which the artist starred Daria Ekamasova. The idea of such work came to Pokrovsky's wife Tatyana. The video was filmed in capital Russia, and in New York. If we keep talking about contemporary art bands, it is impossible not to mention the album of 2020 "I want to butt!" - the fourteenth record of "The leg has cramped!". Later, clips were released for some tracks - "Golden time", "Breathe" (together with the fans - each of them sent their videos of the chorus, which were included in the video).


History of the song

"Haru Mamburu" - most famous single "The leg is cramped!"occupying central location in the work of the group and Pokrovsky in particular. Work over the track was fought in a small town Yakhroma. processing arrangement, Max used the muted wind section, after which the wind players were invited to the main line-up of the group.

One of the most frequently asked questions about the song is "What language is this?". The answer is this: it not language, but simply combination incomprehensible words, meaningless sounds. Yes, the phrase itself "Haru Mamburu" too meaningless - this gibberish. The artist spoke about the creation of the text:

"Actually No no deep meaning or backstory. I just sitting with mom at the table with a bass guitar, began to play softly new tune and mutter incomprehensible words, which lay in the basis of the text "Haru Mamburu".

Musicians admitted: recording vocal part, they are constantly improvised and changed the words.

Music producer and film actor Sergey Mazaev persuaded Pokrovsky to perform at the festival "Generation". The team performed the track "Haru Mamburu". "The leg is cramped!" became laureate, and this was the beginning of success: the single appeared on radio, musicians began to be invited to shoot television programs. The group has got concerts in clubs - on one of them, the musicians earned about four hundred dollars.

Later for "Haru Mamburu" filmed two video clips. The first was filled with the atmosphere of a frisky medieval festival, and in the other was involved animation graphics. Worked on the last video director and artist Svyatoslav Ushakov. Maxim wrote about the clip on his Instagram account:

"Many people ask me question: “For what reason does your video have such fuzzy image? The answer is very simple: it was drawn over twenty years ago and recorded on primitive carrier. They posted it on the internet ten years agod, and then all the video clips were not the best quality."

Pokrovsky answers when asked about the meaning "Haru Mamburu":

"Our madness reached such a limit that we ventured to release a song without meaning. Work started with sounds, and there are already words "pulled up". Language - a tool to be used you are comfortable. We decided that it was worth trying to write something that no one will understandeven we. No sooner said than done".


Cover versions

Michael Daley in 2007, he turned to the leader of "The leg brought down!" with the request translate "Haru Mamburu" into English. The band recorded new versionand the track was named "Remember Me, Remember You".

Crooner Vitas performed this song "Sky Light", slightly changing the text: the performer inserted some phrases in English and other words in an invented language.

The song "Haru Mamburu" was played several times on the show "Exactly the same": first in execution Rodion Gazmanov, then Mitya Fomina.


The Significance of Composition

The song has subsequently been used in many motion pictures: in "Blind Man's Buff" Alexey Balabanov, "Dumb Fat Bunny" Glory Ross, "Corporate". She greatly influenced development of rock culture in Russia and other CIS countries. So far the song trying to translate (supposedly actually it is written in English). After "Haru Mamburu", the group tried more than once experiment with the language - this is confirmed by the tracks "Diblopops", "Soundoon Baths". Here is what Pokrovsky himself says about his hit:

"This song very important not only for me, but for all of us. Every time I perform with her at concerts, I I feel pleasure. She became start our success."

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