"Ironic Rock: Remembering the band NOM

To love or to hate - everyone chooses for himself. We just decided to remember another forgotten, but very curious name that has taken its place in the annals of Russian rock music.

A band that will make you smile - remember the history of NOM

You and I are used to rock in the traditional We are not sure what he means by that, and therefore bands that "stand out" from the general ensemble are puzzling to us. So it was with "Sounds of Moo", "Zero" and a number of other eccentric bands. But perhaps the heroes of our today's article surpass all of them! Creativity "NOM" is difficult to characterize, both in terms of genre and style in general. The participants themselves describe it this way:

"The dramatization of the idiotic manifestations of reality and the idiotization of the dramatic."

And an even simpler and more accessible formulation is "ironic rock". But despite their extraordinary nature, the lack of universal recognition, and repeated changes in the composition, "NOM" continues to exist, and is no longer just releasing music, but also movies!

First steps and first losses

NOM Group
NOM Group

The name came about by accident, and it means "informal youth associations". The band was formed in 1986 in LeningradBut over the next three years the line-up changed several times. There was a time when the band played with two drummers, but in 1989 Nikolai Rodionov (who was also an excellent flutist) is leaving.

The debut album was recorded without him. "Gross.", as well as the release of the first music video "Midget.". It seemed that the story had just begun! But soon one of the founders, the guitarist, leaves the band. Sergey Butuzov. It should be added that this is not the last change in the line-up, and in general more than 10 members passed through "NOM", and 8 of them are active today! This is such a diverse group, both in composition and genre: the group managed to try themselves in avant-garde and minimalism, and, actually, in comedy-rock.

Eccentricity and bewilderment

NOM Group, these days
NOM Group, these days

The nineties were a glorious time for NOM: the group toured extensively throughout Europe and the former USSR, for a time together with Igor Talkov. Of course, the audience's ironic project raised a lot of questions-people were left in complete bewilderment! Just imagine: people came to see Talkov, to listen to his "Russia" or "Chistye Prudy", and here was such a performance! At the same time, the members of "NOM" concretely transformed: Each musician got his own image - bright and provocative, of course.

Nevertheless, the 1990s proved to be a fruitful time for NOM: a lot of songs and music videos were released - the names of the works fully matched the external entourage of the participants ("Prosthesis," "About a Goat," "The Conductor's Reserve Chorus of Entertainers." and so on).

The main stages of creativity

NOM Group
NOM Group

Over the course of their career, NOM has presented a lot of music - albums, singles, concert albums, and soundtracks. In the 90's the band released a number of their "classic" tracks, began active production clips. The band members' image, as well as the lineup itself, underwent another change: now the bald musicians wore fur hats and robes. By this time the band had already made a name for themselves and their fans, and the concerts were full house. And in 1996 the band released "In the Name of Reason." - the band's best album according to most fans.

In the second half of the decade, members of NOM, in particular the brothers Andrey and Sergey KagadeevThe band's members were divided into two camps: Sergey began to show leadership ambitions, while Andrey was the ideologist of the team at all times. They differed in their views on the sound: Sergey was inclined to the heavy sound, and Andrey wished to return to the style of the early NOM. This is how the band split into "NOM EURO" and "NOM FAT.. Alas, Sergei's project could not keep afloat for long, and in 2014 the musician passed away.

The public likes NOM records of our days more: at least they are more accessible, there is a sense of fundamentality. Although the experiments with styles have not ceased. And the band has also diluted their sound female vocalswhich also appealed to the fans.

The group is actively recording and working on their own films.

Clips and movies

The pursuit of cinematic The video was already evident in the early videos of NOM. By the way: the video for the songs "Nina" and "City" are called the best works of the band by the fans. But the team was not going to stop only at the music videos.

The group set up a film studio with its own resources "NOM Film."where he works on full-length films! The most famous of these are "Apiary." and "Star Pile.". The latter film, by the way, starred not unknown personalities in our country: Artemy Troitsky, Sergei Shnurov, Roman Trakhtenberg and others.

Of course, all this creativity is not for a wide range of people, and certainly not for people with a delicate mental organization. But fans and connoisseurs of everything "such-and-such." will definitely go in.


NOM Group
NOM Group

What is it about the "NOM" phenomenon? Most likely, in the absolute absence of any framework, in the satire, in the non-adherence to one style. It's very versatile, but invariably ironic creativity. It seems that from the very beginning of their journey, the project participants did not try to please a wide range of people! It was as if they were creating exclusively for themselves, for their own pleasure.

Despite the irony, the lyrics of many of NOM's songs touch on current topics. In our opinion, this is a very provocative band - the audience was perplexed, and this is the reaction the musicians hoped for. To love or to hate - everyone chooses for himself. We just decided to remember one more thing. forgottenThe name of the band is a very interesting one, but it has taken its place in the annals of national rock music.

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