"Your Day." - A 90's pop band that will surely "make your day".

In the early 90's Tvoi Den became a real musical discovery of our country! The hits of the group, such as "May in Love" or "Mama", to this day cause a lot of warm memories and a storm of emotions in the public...

"Your Day: Remembering the History of One of the Most Unique Domestic Pop Bands

In our country, the so-called "pops." (pop music) were extremely disrespectful. Of course, every pop singer had his own fans - even today millions of people lovingly listen to the hits of Laskovoye Mai, Combination and similar groups. But at the same time - a solid part of music lovers now and then is sharply critical of the their work! However, history remembers one band that is really hard to criticize, even for those who are far from "pop". "Your Day." - is such a concise and promising name it bears.

In the early '90s, "Your Day" became a real musical discovery of our country! The hits of the band, such as "May in Love." or "Mother"The creativity of this group cannot be called "pop". This is a worthy domestic pop music, which no shame to listen to today.

Where did the story begin

Your Day Group
Your Day Group

The history of this collective never fails to surprise listeners: where do you see that professional musicianswho perform in one of the most famous jazz orchestras of the country, went sharply into pop music?! Of course, history remembers cases when even rockers became pop stars. But professionals, educated professionals, straight from the jazz orchestra... And into pop music! It's a wonder. But that was exactly the kind of daredevil experimentalists... Victor Popov and Mikhail Dolgachev.

These two played in the "Sovremennik. - jazz orchestra Anatoly KrollThe Sovremennik was known even outside the Soviet Union! At the same time, the Sovremennik not only toured a lot, but also made a great contribution to the national film industry. The compositions from the films "We're from Jazz", "Winter Evening in Gagra" and others were written by none other than Kroll. And brilliantly performed, of course, by his orchestra!

Why did Victor and Michael take such a risky step? After all pop music - It's a very multi-faceted, fast-changing thing... Today you're in the trend, tomorrow someone else is. Some people think that the comrades lacked creative freedom within the orchestra. Others are sure that it was just "the way of survival." - pop musicians always made good money, especially if they were under the "right" wing. Anyway, the two formed their own band, which they called "Your Day.".

"Your Day" burst onto the domestic scene in late 80sThe first time was after a tour in Tashkent with Alexei Glyzin in the fall of 1989. However, his debut "Disco." the band had presented a few years before, in 1987. There was no success, and none of the songs became a "favorite" on the country's dancefloors. But the second album radically changed the situation, and gave the audience a stunning pop hits.

The main stages of creativity and success

Your Day Group
Your Day Group

In addition to Popov and Dolgachev, the lineup included: Lyudmila Savelyeva (keyboards, backing vocals), Vladimir Buynov (bass), Roman Russkov (guitar) and Igor Khorsov (percussion). The founders' experience in the Kroll orchestra paid off: the quality of the arrangements was top-notch!

The soon-to-be-released album "Needle" presented the audience with a familiar hit. "May in Love."! The song quickly became a favorite of almost all discos in the country!

The band's next and, unfortunately, last album was succinctly titled "Mother". It is worth noting that it included quite a few decent songs - their author is Popov, who shared the arrangement already together with his comrade Dolgachev. However, the big hits were the title track and "Hu-an-hae is the Yellow River.".

Many musicians and critics have noted that "Hu-an-he Yellow River" is one one of the toughest in the history of Russian pop music! Very quickly and confidently the band found wild success: "Your Day" was loved by the whole country. The group was actively invited to concert programs and TV - the musicians appeared on "Morning Post" and "Do 16 and older", as well as on "2x2" and "50x50" and many other shows.

Where did the country's "favorite day" disappear to?

The group existed until 1994 year. Before they split up, the members planned to release another album. However, it didn't happen - some songs for it will be added later greatest hits collection "Your Day." Although the collective itself will no longer exist. What, how and why? The reason for the disintegration is not disclosed. It is known that after the band, Roman Russkov performed at corporate parties, and Mikhail Dolgachev continued to write songs and became a restaurant musician.

Igor Khorsov and Ludmila, Popov's wife, have unfortunately already left this world. Savelieva has passed away. from a brain tumor. As for Victor himself, his traces were lost soon after his wife's death. Some write that the man was also gone. Others say that he was gone, but alive and well. We hope that the latter version is true.


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