"Tsoi is alive": bands that openly imitate the Kino

The style of Tsoi was unique and recognizable, and therefore it is not difficult to recognize the group created in the image and likeness of the legend. And here are the most striking representatives of the Modern Cinema...

Tsoi imitator bands similar to Kino

Viktor Tsoi - a cult figure in the history of Russian rock. He immortalized himself during his lifetime, because his songs had an eternally relevant tendency. In them Tsoi openly talked about what he cared about, and what worries almost everyone. Decades later, these hits have not been forgotten at all, but, on the contrary, seem to have gained even more power.

Tsoi became the idol of millions, and made an indelible impression on legions of followers. So powerful, in fact, that today it is increasingly common to come across Kino wannabesThe band was unique and recognizable, so it's not hard to recognize the band created in the image of the legend. The style of Tsoi was unique and recognizable, and therefore it is not difficult to recognize the group created in the image and likeness of the legend. And here are the most striking representatives of the "Modern Cinema"...

"Where's Phantom?"

"Where's the Phantom?"
"Where's the Phantom?"

This post-punk band from Ufa may not be an overt imitation of Kino. Nevertheless the similarities are obvious.

It's too familiar a manner of performance. If you are far from Tsoi's creativity, you would probably think that it is him! Even the melody sounds somehow vintage, not modern. Actually, this is the thing of the band. "Where's Phantom?".

"New Day."

"New Day."
"New Day."

Group "New Day." - it's just a specific Viktor Tsoi! It's hard not to understand who the members are inspired by... It's funny, but this band copies Kino so skillfully that its songs were even included several times in the collections of Tsoi's hits!

Founder of New Day, Ivan KuraevHe was a 14-year-old boy when the legend of Russian rock passed away. He was badly wounded by this tragedy, and growing up he started his own band as an extension of the Tsoi cult.



One of the most interesting copycat bands, with a very unusual story associated with it.

"Bekhan." attracted the public's attention in a very unconventional way: the band's leader simply made a statement that Tsoi's soul had entered him! In general, the publicity worked well, and later the musician refuted everything he had said earlier, accusing the media of provocation.



With this band everything becomes clear by the name alone.

Askhat KalbayevThe band's vocalist confessed that he had been fascinated by the image and work of Tsoi since he was a teenager. The band makes no secret of the fact that it is inspired by Kino - from time to time it even performs Tsoi's songs. It turns out very similar.


Z-Exit vocalist

"Backup Exit" or another way of putting it Z-Exit appeared in the early 2000s.

The guys managed to copy all the features of Tsoi and his band, right down to the tones. By the way: Z-Exit managed to show their creativity to the Europeans they toured with!

"Hot Asphalt."

"Hot Asphalt."
"Hot Asphalt."

The peak of the band's popularity "Hot Asphalt." The band was born in the 1990s. Without hiding their inspiration, the guys positioned themselves as a cover band, performing Kino hits. A lot of people liked that.

After a short breakup, the band didn't reunite until 2011, but their sound has changed from then on.

"Second Series."

The members of this band met at one of the concerts in memory of Victor Tsoi, and then it was off...

"Second Series." Presented herself as a "Movies Without Tsoi"The first time, the film was made by a journalist and some local rockers, and was heavily criticized by the press.

"Viktor Letov."

The title hints at the fact that the project mixes the influence of the Tsoi and Letov. And it is.

According to the founder, the idea came to him completely by accident. He was simply asked to sing at one of the corporate events "something in the vein of Kino and Civil Defense. That's when "Everything goes according to plan" to the tune of "Packs of Cigarettes" appeared, and then it was on...


The youngest wannabes on our list - the band only appeared in 2019.

Remarkably, it was the vocalist "SUNSHINE". Peter Pogodaev sang all of Tsoi's vocal parts in the film Leto.

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