How "Guardians of the Galaxy" awakened young people's interest in old classics

"Awesome Mix, Part 1." That's the name of one of the best soundtrack albums of the 21st century. Read about the power of sound revealed in James Gunn's superhero action film Guardians of the Galaxy in our article.

Music from the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy": plot of the movie, famous songs, interesting facts

Musical accompaniment to the film is an integral part of the film itself. In today's world it is impossible to imagine a movie without music, although initially the idea of including songs in films was based solely on the producers' desire to increase the commercial success of the pictures.

Soundtrack It transforms the film and makes it recognizable: movie buffs are even willing to buy a CD or vinyl record to be able to re-listen to music from their favorite movie and recall episodes from the movie at that moment. Sound design The film industry has become a major challenge for composers and filmmakers. Let's talk about how representatives of the film industry were able to significantly increase the audience's interest in soundtracks.

Plot and story: a little about the film that grossed nearly a billion dollars at the box office

A superhero movie from the film company Marvel Studios with a futuristic name "Guardians of the Galaxy. was released in 2014 and made it into a collection of the best films made from comic books, becoming the 10th anniversary film in the cinematic universe Marvel. It was directed and written by James GunnHe was not originally considered for the role. In many ways, it was the director's reverent and creative attitude toward the material he was to turn into a film that played a positive role in the making of the film.

Film director James Gunn
Film director James Gunn

"James Gunn is extraordinary, crazy and incredibly intelligent. He loves the story of the Guardians with all his heart and is willing to do the job at the highest level," noted Joss Whedon, the film's consultant.

According to the plot of the comic book, a group of space criminals from different worlds unite to protect the Galaxy from various threats and crises. The main protagonist of the film is Star Lord, or Peter Quill, who steals an all-destroying artifact. He assembles a team of galactic outcasts. It includes "the most dangerous woman in the universe." Gamora, a raccoon warrior nicknamed Rocket, a talking tree Groot and the bounty hunter Drax. Together they prepare to fight for an artifact that poses a danger to the entire world.

Poster from the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy
Poster from the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy

The film adaptation of the superhero comic book has become the third highest-grossing movie of all time in the history of Marvel Studios, and also received very good reviews from film critics and many awards.

Billboard's greatest hits of the '70s, or a great soundtrack that was put together piece by piece

Soundtrack to "Guardians" in 2015 received a nomination for the most prestigious music award Grammy Awardswhich allows us to talk about his influence on the music industry. What is his secret? The length of his work, the collaboration with a great composer, and the elaboration of each track.

James Gunn knew that music would definitely play an important role in his film, so he invited a professional to play the role of musical producer Tyler BatesBates, who by the time the film was made, had experience working on Hollywood blockbusters. Gunn asked Bates to write some musical themes before filming, so that a certain scene could be matched with music, rather than requiring a score to be created after the scene was shot.

Composer Tyler Bates
Composer Tyler Bates

The connection with the music and the plot can be traced in one important element of the main character's image Peter Quill. In the film he carries with him cassette playerThe musical theme of "Guardians of the Galaxy" incorporates some of the most important aspects of the world. The musical theme of "Guardians of the Galaxy" incorporates the most 70's hits.

"Some of the songs on the Billboard 200 charts at the time inspired me to create certain scenes. Others were just perfect for the footage that had already been shot...," James Gunn said of how he chose the songs for the soundtrack.

The goal of taking the 70s as the basis for the history of music had much to do with Authenticity and freedom compositions and styles that were popular during the heyday of crazy fashion, rock bands and disco.

"With music we wanted to balance the cosmos and the Earth. Music is something unique, yet easily accessible to people. Earth music reminds the viewer that Quill is a real person who was born on Earth. The only thing that sets him apart from you and me is that he's involved in an intergalactic adventure," is how Gunn explained his decision to choose the soundtrack.

The most recognizable tracks from the movie

"Guardians of the Galaxy.
"Guardians of the Galaxy.

The album's track list "Guardians of the Galaxy: The Cool Mix, Part 1." contains compositions from a cassette tape that Peter Quill got from his mother. All of them fit in well with the plot of the movie. Let's look at some of them.

To the hit of David Bowie Moonage Daydream The Guardians of the Galaxy arrive at the Collector's abode. The lyrics just introduce the listener to David's alter ego Ziggy StardustThe film is about a man who came to Earth to save the planet from catastrophe. The space theme of the film and Bowie's idea to create alien rock star as the main theme of their concept album very clearly echoed.

The director of Watchmen stated, "You can't make a 'space' movie with music from the 1970s and not include a Ziggy Stardust song."

A song by the Jackson Brothers band called I Want You Back With a beautiful rendition of the lyrics by 10-year-old Michael, it made it onto the authoritative list of the top 100 songs by Time magazine in 2011. Little Groot dances elegantly to it in the film.

James Gunn was not afraid to include in the track list and more "heavy." compositions. For example, one scene features the first significant hit of the female hard rock band The Runaways entitled Cherry Bombwhich will then become the business card of the team.

The director also did not neglect such genres as soul. At the end of the film, Peter Quill unwraps his mother's gift - in the box is a tape called Awesome mix. Vol 2which hides the song Ain't No Mountain High Enough performed by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell.

That song from "the cave" that everyone is looking for

Star Lord's famous dance takes place to a popular '70s composition by the band Redbone Come and Get Your Love. In that era, her main achievement was to 5th place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but after the release of "Guardians," she felt a new wave of popularity.


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