Guns N' Roses: Interesting facts about the band...

“David and I had disagreements. But then we talked quietly, went out for dinner together, and then went to a Chinese club and all that... I really liked him, yes, definitely...”

How did Axl Rose once fight David Bowie? A selection of interesting facts about the group Guns N 'Roses ...

California band Guns N' Roses changed the face of rock music forever! And their album Appetite for Destruction was an instant hit and one of the best-selling debut albums of all time... Dubbed "the most dangerous band in the world" because of their trademark offensive behavior, Guns N' Roses is one of the most influential bands of the 1980s years (if not the entire XX century)!

We offer to recall the most interesting, and perhaps slightly scandalous facts about these "monsters of rock"!

Guns N' Roses nearly died in a car crash after their first tour...

Guns N Roses were returning to Los Angeles after their first tour when they were involved in a serious car accident. The whole band was in bassist Duff McKagan's Toyota Celica when another car drove into them at the intersection, moving at 60 miles per hour! Fortunately, everything worked out. Drummer Stephen Adler was the only one who was seriously injured: after the accident, he returned with a broken ankle ...

"Duff's car was wrecked and we could have died too!" recalled guitarist Slash in a 2007 autobiography. “It would be a painful twist of fate: the band almost died after they had just been formed…”

Guns N 'Roses
Guns N' Roses

Axl Rose went to jail for throwing a bottle of wine and a piece of chicken at his neighbor!

On October 30, 1990, vocalist Axl Rose was arrested for allegedly throwing an empty wine bottle and a piece of chicken at his neighbor Gabriella Kantor! Rose spent 4 hours in jail before being released on $5,000 bail!

“I live next door to a psychopath!” Rose told a TV reporter after his release.

Axl Rose
Axl Rose

The case was eventually closed, but not for Rose...Axl subsequently denied any allegations. It got to the point that in one of his interviews he said:

"If I was going to hit her with a bottle of wine, she wouldn't be up!"

Izzy Stradlin was arrested for "little disorderly conduct" on board a plane...

On a flight from Los Angeles to Indianapolis, the band's guitarist, Izzy Stradlin, wanted to pee (small). The musician did not come up with anything better than to relieve himself right in the galley of the aircraft, using a trash can for this ...

“I was drunk, very drunk ... I drank so much that I really wanted to go to the toilet. But he was busy! Damn, it seemed to me that I waited for an hour ... That's why I used the trash can ... "- commented the culprit of the incident.

When the plane landed, Stradlin was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.

“The next thing I remember is how we landed, I go out and see 10 policemen ... I also remember thinking: “Oh, oh! Looks like I screwed up again…”

Guns N 'Roses
Guns N' Roses

One day, Slash dragged his pet lion right into his hotel room!

In 1993, Slash moved into a new home in Los Angeles and began filling it with a range of exotic animals including snakes, lizards and a mountain lion named Curtis! However, in 1994 the Northridge earthquake forced the guitarist to leave his home. He couldn't take all his pets with him. However, he decided that no matter what, he would not leave his beloved mountain lion…

Slash with his pet
Slash with his pet

Slash checked into the Four Seasons Hotel and sneaked Curtis into their new room… It's amazing how such a big pussy managed to go unnoticed… But this is a fact that the guitarist himself has repeatedly spoken about.

Sweet Child o' Mine was written in 5 minutes!

Sweet Child o' Mine is the band's calling card. At the moment, the number of views of the video for it has exceeded 1.1 billion ... And, we are sure, this is not the limit of success!

And so, in 1988, it turned out that included in the list of "500 Greatest Songs of All Time", Sweet Child o' Mine was written in just 5 minutes! Listen to Duff McKagan:

“This is one of those songs that has only three chords. It was written in five minutes... And at first we all thought: “What is this song? It will be nothing, it will be like a filler was scattered on a record ... But everything turned out to be the other way around!

Duff McKagan took economics classes because he didn't understand the state of his finances...

Duff McKagan is not only a talented bass player, but also an economic genius! In 1994, a high school dropout, he enrolled in a finance course at Santa Monica Community College. The bassist then enrolled at Seattle University in 2000 to study business and economics.

In a 2011 interview, Duff spoke about what inspired him to study the financial market:

“I couldn’t figure out what state my finances were in… I didn’t know how much we made or lost on tour. 30-year-old millionaire… Ridiculous! How was I supposed to admit to someone that I don't know what the hell I'm doing?"

Before Guns N' Roses, Stradlin and Rose took part in a medical study where they were paid... to smoke!

“One morning I was leafing through the newspaper and I see an ad: “We pay smokers $ 10 an hour.” I said, “Damn it, this seems like an easy job! In any case, this is all we do every day!” And we responded…” Stradlin recalled.

Guns N 'Roses
Guns N' Roses

Rose once got into a fight with David Bowie and vowed to "destroy" him...

As a young man, David Bowie had a reputation for "stalking" his friends' girlfriends. But he was foolish, trying to woo Rose's girlfriend, Erin Everly.

The incident between Rose and Bowie occurred in 1989, when the former noticed how the latter literally did not take his eyes off his girlfriend ... A fight ensued, during which Axl shouted: “I will kill you!”

In the end, the friends reconciled. In an interview, Rose told how he and Bowie smoothed over the conflict:

“David and I had disagreements. But then we talked quietly, went out for dinner together, and then went to a Chinese club and all that… I really liked him, yes, definitely…”

Axl Rose and David Bowie
Axl Rose and David Bowie

Slash once ran naked and bled through a golf resort after a bad trip.

In his 2007 autobiography, Slash told how one day, while at a golf resort, he had a hallucination that he was being chased by "predators" with "rubber dreadlocks"!

Slash undressed, broke through the glass door, and left his room to escape the imaginary danger. He then proceeded to use the maid as a "human shield" before running through the lobby and hiding behind a lawn mower on the resort grounds...

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