Top 5 hard rock albums that rewrote music history

Today we will look at the albums that explain to us what it means to be a hard rock band. You could say - in their time these records opened up a new aesthetic of the genre, new techniques that nobody had ever heard before...

These hard rock records rewrote music history - what are we talking about

Let's do a little journey back in time: America, it's the early '70s. The legendarily famous and high-profile "Summer of Love" left behind, and it seemed to the world that everything the hippies fought for was a pipe dream. The protests for world peace were not successful: the situation in Vietnam had not changed at all, and modern society was more and more interested in the material and brutal aspects of life... The globe was slowly turning to the dark side, and rock was also going to "grin" their teeth.

Despite the fact that they were formed back in the mid-60s, it was with the onset of 70s there were bands rocking the crowds with their harder version of rock 'n' roll! Their bold rhythms were blues-based and fit perfectly into the heavy metal scene. It was a hard rockThe world has been a great influence on thousands of followers, on the culture, on listeners--on a rapidly changing world at large.

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Guns N' Roses

Today we are going to look at albumswhich explain to us what it means to be a hard rock band. You could say - in their time these records opened up a new aesthetic of the genre, new techniques that nobody had ever heard before... The musicians here surpassed not only themselves, but also the concept of hard rock. The days of bright and sunny rock 'n' roll are gone, and the time has come when rock decided a little "covered in thorns.".


Cover of the "Paranoid" album by Black Sabbath
Cover of the "Paranoid" album by Black Sabbath

Long before there was any talk of metal, hard rock replaced anything deemed too intense for mainstream radio stations. Instead of sunny music coming from Los Angeles, it showed the listener what the world was really like - beyond "azure shores, beaches, and partying with cute girls. The rest of the world was "desolate and cold.". It was a grim picture that one used to overlook. But Black Sabbath decided to show this side in its darkest and heaviest colors...

Although some argue that Sabbath's first album was the moment when metal was born, it was with "Paranoid." the Brits really solidified their place in rock history by taking the blues traditions they had already worked with and turning them into convoluted "horror" songs. While the hippies talked about a love movement that would conquer evil, Ozzy's crew told us about the real atrocities going on in the world. And some sound effects sound truly intimidating (e.g. in "Planet Caravan").

Van Halen

Van Halen
Van Halen

If Sabbath made rock sound creepy and scary, Van Halen On the contrary - turned it into one big rumbling party! And the vocalist David Lee Roth - its main king, who will not let his listeners get bored for a minute!

But in Van Halen there are episodes when Roth passes the role of lead guitarist Eddie Van Halenand then the real madness begins, which forms around the dizzying solo. Not everyone understands and relates to their music, their special "pompous" style. But it was their "handwriting" that for many years distinguished Van Halen from hundreds of other bands.

Appetite for Destruction

Appetite for Destruction Album Cover
Appetite for Destruction Album Cover

Before alternative music took over in the '90s, hard rock was not particularly authentic. Although Sunset Stripmay have been a breath of fresh air in the early '80s, but it really began to wear out its hospitality at the end of the decade, when it was slammed by some of the most artificial bands with hair a mile high... But you can't fake your talent or figure out your way to success. First of all, you have to have the rock 'n' roll spirit in your blood...

While Guns N' Roses called a product of the strip scene, which seems unfair to many people (including us). Appreciate the virtuosity of the game slash on the guitar? What about the wild antics Axl Rose? Obviously: these guys have always been a street gang! В Appetite for Destruction they will easily tell you what it's like to live "in the swamp" but do everything possible to be on Olympus! The record sounds bold and provocative: it's rough, it's catchy, but above all, it's sincere, and it dealt the first crushing blow to the glam-rock scene.

"Led Zeppelin II"

Led Zeppelin II album cover
Led Zeppelin II album cover

You, as a fan, may be outraged, because the Led Zeppelin all records are beautiful! So let's try to justify our choice.

After laying the groundwork for what Led Zeppelin would become on their first album, things really began to fall into place on their second release of the same name. The future legends took the old blues sounds and created the first rock'n'roll songs based on the riffs! Also worth noting is the far-reaching role of John Bonham behind the drums, which gave the sound an excellent beat. It includes the wild "Whole Lotta Love", the ominous "Heartbreaker", the tale of Middle-earth in "Ramble On"... Anyway, on this record you can feel both the light and the darkness of what Led Zeppelin was. There may have been sharper rock 'n' roll before that, but it's widely believed that this is the first a real hard rock album.


The cover of Aerosmith's "Rocks" album
The cover of Aerosmith's "Rocks" album

What makes it unique "Rocks."? Well... it's easier to answer here what his performers are unique - Aerosmith: It's simple - this is the band that brought boogie-woogie back to rock 'n' roll!

Having a previously unpleasant reputation as a second-rate version of Rolling Stones, it is with the "Rocks" participants Aerosmith began to form their own unique identity. This album allows us to trace how musicians become more confident in their own skin as performers, in their style, in their ideas... Given that fans were still getting most of their hard rock from England, Aerosmith was able to become one of those few American Titans (for their time), who were loved as fervently as Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin!


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