Hi-Fi - Stupid People (2000)

The history of the song "Stupid people" by Hi-Fi!

The history of the song "Stupid people" by Hi-Fi!

In the fall of 2000, the Hi-Fi group released one of their most popular songs! This, of course, is about a composition called "Stupid People" (from the album "Remember"). It is noteworthy that it was while working on this track that Arthur Gimpel (a famous Russian cameraman) was able to fully reveal his creative potential... In the video, the band members appear before the viewer in the form of angels watching the human bustle on Earth...

Trio "Hi-Fi"!
Trio "Hi-Fi"!

A little about the group

Today, the Hi-Fi group is a successful brand. Founded in 1998 by producer and lyricist Eric Chanturia and composer/arranger Pavel Yesenin, it still resonates in the hearts of the younger generation to this day... And not only! Hi-Fi songs are also a pleasure for older fans. In general, to all those who like a bright, high-quality and original style of music!

Clip frame
Clip frame

Several decades later, Eric Chanturia and Pavel Yesenin set the direction of the team's movement in line with show business, while the participants themselves are ready for new victories! "Hi-Fi" often hold concerts where they perform their best compositions ... For example, the song "Stupid People"!

The meaning of the song "Stupid people"

Despite the fact that the song itself is quite simple and understandable, many, nevertheless, do not fully understand the meaning inherent in it ... Well, let's figure it out together!

“Stupid people, they eat the sun on a platter” - it means that people are used to living “with everything ready”. For people, it has become the norm that technology simplifies life, and food can be ordered directly to the house ... And people gradually begin to forget that for the opportunity to live and enjoy, first of all, you need to thank the Universe.

People do not hesitate to absorb the so-called "Sun" - all the excesses and luxury.

The line “Someone will judge, observing everything from above” is also a reference to this very Sun. It describes the primitiveness of thinking and the poverty of the human soul...

"Take the Sun for happiness" - that is, deprive yourself of happiness and joy.

Music video

Shooting a video for the song "Stupid People" was probably the most interesting for the group in the entire history of its existence! With the help of special mechanisms, the Hi-Fi participants were raised to the height of a 5-story building! This made it possible to recreate the effect of the flight of real angels ...

Interesting facts about the group

The Hi-Fi project is a unique phenomenon in the history of Russian pop music! None of the members of the group had anything to do with the creation or performance of the songs...

Pavel Yesenin
Pavel Yesenin

Initially, Pavel Yesenin himself was to become the soloist of Hi-Fi. But due to the tight tour schedule, he was forced to abandon this role ... Then Mitya Fomin took the place of the leader. But ... Yesenin really didn’t like the voice of the new soloist, which is why on all the group’s recordings, instead of Fomin, he sang himself:

“I sang for Mitya until 2009. You will ask why? I will answer you: the main law of success is absolute harmony. Everything should match perfectly: music, image, vocals ... Unfortunately, Mitin's vocals were out of the general composition. He has a voice, but I never liked him…” Pavel commented.

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