"They pelted us with ice cream and chased us off the stage" - how the band Dune went to fame

What lies beneath the fantastic name of the musical group Dune, which can be confused with the Oscar-winning film of the same name? This article is about how Victor Rybin and Sergey Katin created the main humorous hit of the 1990s.

Group "Dune" - history of creation, albums, the song "Land of Limonia", activities of the group now

In the 1980s, new heroes entered the Soviet pop scene. Along with the popularization of rock, such genres as Russian chanson and city romanceand all this combined with pop music. However, the 80s are also interesting because during this decade musicians try to play in new styles and forms that were not previously known to the world.

Therefore, there is often a tendency in the history of different bands in which they initially perform in one genre and then change it to another. One such group was the Soviet band "Dune" with a long history. It will be discussed in this article.

"They pelted us with ice cream": Dune's first unsuccessful performance

The history of the band dates back to 1987, when the idea to create the project came to the bassist Sergey KatinHe had managed to play in the jazz band Arsenal by that time. Katin also invited his acquaintances Dmitry Chetvergov, who played lead guitar, and drummer Andrei Shatunovsky. All of them had quite a good musical career by the time "Dune" was created, but decided to try themselves in new roles. In addition, the vocalist and the main star - originally the band's director - were added to the group. Victor RybinWith whom Katin had been friends since high school.

Dune album cover
Dune album cover

The band with the interesting name "Dune" in the first year of its existence played only popular music at the time. In 1987 it became hard rock. The heavy riffs and drums were beloved by Soviet listeners, so Dune tried to keep up with the times. However, the band's development vector changed quicklyAs the popularity never came to the young rockers.

In this regard, in 1988, the main ideologists of the group, namely Sergey Katin and Viktor Rybin, decided that it was time to create something Unusual. Rybin sat behind the drums and became lead vocalist, while Katin also sang along and played bass guitar. At the same time, being musicians rhythm sectionThe two cronies managed to come up with a real hit on one tour, which at first did not catch on with the audience.

Victor Rybin speaks
Victor Rybin speaks

As Victor Rybin recalls, during the first performance, no one liked the conceptuality of the song "Country Limonia"The listeners started throwing ice cream at the musicians and shouting disapproving shouts. They were shocked by what happened, but they didn't get discouraged and decided that they would continue recording.

It wasn't all in vain

The dedication of the Dune contestants helped Rybin and Katin continue to shape their unique style. The hooligans, with their love of ditties, were invited to a popular Soviet program "Under 16 and over..."The Dunes were on Central Television itself at the time. At the time, Dune's music videos were shown on Central Television itself.

Musical group "Dune"
Musical group "Dune"

After that, Rybin, Katin, and session musicians began to be invited to television programs time after time to perform their famous "Country Lemon". However, the musicians did not forget about creating new music. At the same time, in 1990, a unique project on the Soviet stage conquered the Palace of Sports «Olympic». It was a way out to a new level.

History of the famous "Land of Limonia

The humoresque titled "The Land of Limonia" can probably be compared to a song that should definitely have won all the massive Soviet charts, if there were any. This composition was written by Sergei KatinThe main ideological inspirer of the group, and immediately became the hitwhen it came out as a single.

The origin of the name of this track is quite interesting and reflects the spirit of the time in which the musicians lived. The name contains the word "Limonia", which in slang means ironic name Soviet Russia, where the currency was depreciating during the new economic policy. Rybin and Katin made a peculiar analogy with those times, and in a light and uncomplicated way sang about money.

Viktor Rybin: "In those years our country exactly fit the description of Limonia. Of course, we sang about all sorts of foreign wonders, about how to make money..."

Other significant songs in Dune's history are "Hi from the Big Hangover"In which the musicians refer to the problem of hangovers, as well as the lyrical single "Kite" and "Lim-pom-po". All the songs are permeated by one idea, which "Dune" embodies in its music - to look at the world positively and with a smile.

"Dune today.

After 16 years of creative activity, "Dune" has somewhat slowed down the release of new music. In particular, this was due to the fact that the vocalist Victor Rybin decided to try his hand at entrepreneurial activity. But in 2008 the band's activity resumed, the musicians released several albums, but they had already did not get as good reviews by critics and listeners as the first recordings.

Group "Dune"
Group "Dune"

 "It used to be good. I used to be able to guess the songs and keep up with the times. Now they don't understand our humor anymore, unfortunately...", said Viktor Rybin.

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