The most iconic "Kino" in the history of the USSR: how Tsoi came up with the band's name

Much has already been said in the information space about the musical group we know as Kino. But this Soviet rock band left such a noticeable mark in the history of mass culture and music that some things remain unexplored to this day. What this still-relevant "Kino" was and is like, read our article.

"Kino - history of the band, members, interesting facts about creativity

Rock bands of the 80s - an incredible phenomenon of the Soviet cultural space. They managed to influence not only music, but also philosophy, poetry, and fashion. Despite the fact that after Victor Tsoi's passing a lot of things remained irreparable for "Kino."They still live on and inspire people.

"With the arrival of Kino in my life, my worldview changed, and I began to feel the sincerity in the songs and personalities of the band members. Their songs are relevant to me in all moments of my life - when it's bad, when it's good, when it's beautiful...," said one fan of the band.

Why Kino - how Tsoi came up with the band name

The name of the musical project is. 50% its successAs music business connoisseurs say. In the 1980s, when the political climate had just proclaimed the freedom of music, bands didn't want to deal with the individual components of music marketing at all; they were eager to create.

Victor Tsoi and Alexei Rybin
Victor Tsoi and Alexey Rybin at one of their performances

The original composition of the team is. Victor Tsoi, Alexei Rybin and Oleg Valinskyvacationing in the Crimea and being on their first creative journey, came to the decision to create a common group called "Garin and the Hyperboloids." by analogy with a fantasy novel by Alexei Tolstoy.

Alexei Rybin said the following about the name: "Popular Western rock bands, and we listened to them all the time, most often had names consisting of two or three words..."

After joining the Leningrad Rock Club and the realization that a big stage was waiting for them, the musicians realized that such a complicated and uncomplicated name would not do. And, as the band members later admitted, it was quite difficult to come up with it, because this task appeared during the preparation for the recording of their first album, which they wanted to release as soon as possible.

The debut album was supposed to be impressiveThe first director of the Leningrad rock-club, the first director of the Kino group, was a member of the Leningrad rock-club, which was very important in the conditions of the formation of the Kino group among other compatriots who were also playing in the Leningrad rock-club. And then, discussing with the first director of the Club Gennady Zaitsev and band members "Aquarium" possible options, the idea of having the name consist of one word.

Boris Grebenshchikov and Viktor Tsoi
Boris Grebenshchikov and Viktor Tsoi

The ending of this story is as striking as its plot: the frustrated friends, returning home, have already lost hope of being able to think of anything. But A miracle happened after all: on the sign of the building where the cinema "Cosmonaut" was located, Tsoi noticed the brightly lit inscription "CINEMA". This word fit all the requirements. So simply and unique was the name of a rock band that would stir the hearts of listeners for decades.

Kino group logo
Kino group logo

Interesting facts about the band members

About "Kino." It is possible to write a whole novel: the number of interesting stories, coincidences and facts, which are connected with the musicians of this cult rock band, cannot be compared with any performer of the same scale. The leader of Kino, for example, as a real creative personality, had a predilection for drawinghe even went to art school. Surprisingly, in many ways, Tsoi's abstract sketches found a fan. Thus, in 2021, his unnamed drawing created by with felt-tip pens on paperwas sold for 31 thousand euros.

Drawing by Viktor Tsoi
Drawing by Viktor Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi During his career, he received not only the title of "rock star," but also the title of "actor of the year," which he earned for his role as Moreau in the movie "Needle". However, the leader of the band is not the only one who managed to try himself in this role: "CINEMA" in cinema can be seen in the graduation work of director Sergei Lysenko titled "The End of Vacation."as well as in the film by Rashid Nugmanov "Ya-Hha."where musicians perform their songs.

Nowadays it is hard to imagine artists who only play on the national stage. Many are aimed at gaining international fame, and in the Soviet years it seemed impossible. But not for the band Kino. They managed to play as many as four Concerts abroad in Europe: two of them took place in the France, one in Italy, as well as in Denmark.

Jon Kaldan, an activist in the youth movement that initiated the invitation of Kino to Copenhagen, talked about his time with Tsoi and revealed a different side to him: "As he told me later, he enjoyed wandering around Copenhagen, the Danish capital, where no one knew him. He was already a star in the Soviet Union and it was hard for him to walk the streets. He was recognized, but here no one knew him. Even in little things Tsoi showed himself as a calm, good man who was very passionate about life. And he was not withdrawn at all, rather the opposite.

The Kino band at a performance in Copenhagen
The Kino band at a performance in Copenhagen

It's also interesting how the group got Yuri Kasparyan - a figure without whom it is impossible to imagine a cult band. For the role of lead guitarist Tsoi chose it himself:

Kasparyan caused bewilderment among fellow musicians, he played guitar very badly. But time has put everything in its place... who would have thought that Tsoi had such an intuition," journalist Evgeny Dodolev wrote about the importance of Yuri for Kino.

Viktor Tsoi and Yuri Kasparian
Viktor Tsoi and Yuri Kasparian

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