A Beatles song that McCartney calls "not very good, but a favorite."

Even if a musician admits that a song is "not very good," that doesn't mean he doesn't like it. The story of one song in the Beatles' catalog is clear proof of that!

History of the song "One After 909" The Beatles: Meaning, Facts, Rooftop Concert

Over the years of its existence The Beatles managed to earn themselves worldwide fame, reputation, and influence that spread over generations of musicians (it has reached our days and, we are more than sure, it's not the limit). The band is remembered for its bright image, the charisma of each member and, of course, its creativity! Pioneers of the British Invasion and the people who gave the world BeatlemaniaThey recorded and released a number of first-class records with equally first-class tracks inside. Some songs became big hits, others achieved a little less fame... And there were some that the Beatles themselves admitted "nothing at all.".

However, even if the musician admits that the song "not very good."But that doesn't mean that he doesn't like it. The story of one composition in the Beatles' catalog is vivid proof of that.

"The train following the 9:09 departure."

The Beatles
The Beatles

As you may have guessed by now, it's about the song "One After 909.". In fact, this track is not as popular among Beatles fans as the other tracks on the album. "Let It Be"on which it was released. Since the album was the great farewell of the Liverpudlians to the public, it is not surprising that it included very powerful and beautiful tracks! However, in the opinion of Paul McCartney - "One After 909" is far from being a good song. And that's the main reason it took so long to be released, even though there were many attempts to record it...

The story of this song is somewhat is in the dark - despite the fact that the Beatles have repeatedly been interviewed about it. The problem, however, is "discrepancy in readings". Thus, it follows from McCartney's words that "One After 909." was written by him and John Lennon togetherThe latter was about 15 years old. But Lennon himself in his interviews claimed the following:

"I wrote this song when I was something like 17 or 18 years old. I gave this song that name because nine is my number. It's haunted me all my life! I think it means something..."

John Lennon
John Lennon

And indeed: John grew up in the house number 9, was born on the 9th, but not the 9th of the month, as he stated in an interview explaining the meaning of "9:09". However, he always liked to fool around with journalists.

Inspiration and lyrical meaning

Yes, Paul's and John's testimony does differ, which makes it unclear if they wrote the song together or if it was Lennon's solo brainchild. What they were both always sure of, however, was that at the source of inspiration! Namely, that the song pursued the then fashionable railroading. From Paul's recollections:

"This song pursued a theme that was popular at the time - trains and railroads and things like that. You know, there were a lot of songs like that back then..."

Paul McCartney through Linda's lens
Paul McCartney through Linda's lens

Lyrics "One After 909." Tells the story of a woman who tells her boyfriend that she is leaving on a train that leaves after the train number 909. He begs her not to go, but she does it her way anyway. He packs his bags and rushes after her, but finds that she's not on "that after 909," so he goes home depressed and... walks into the wrong house.

"I'm going to the train station, no departure.
The officer on duty to me: "You've confused the direction.
I grabbed my things, ran home,
I realized that the number was different there..."

According to Paul, this song has always seemed to everyone weakand it only made it onto the "Let It Be" album because it required "to score time on the record.".

"It was one of those songs that we thought was weak and almost never used. But for some reason we always liked it - I don't even know why that is. Even though it's not a very good song, and it's far from a hit, I always loved it in a special way: it reminded me of when John and I were very young trying to write a bluesy, popular railroad-themed song together..."


Well: "One After 909." - song, full of riddlesand that's what sets it apart from many of the Beatles' other creations. It's still not clear if it's true, but it seems that Paul and John actually wrote it. together. It had been gathering dust on a shelf for ten years before it entered the "Let It Be" - the farewell album of the Liverpool Four. And that was only because it was necessary to fill the time... What's more remarkable - the band played it during the rooftop shows and all the participants seemed to enjoy this moment very much.

The Beatles, July 1968.The Beatles, July 1968.
The Beatles, July 1968.

Perhaps "One After 909" is far from being a hit song. But it's definitely an important song - at any rate, For old Paul.!


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