"Disco '80s: pros and cons, or why the public turned away from the festival

"I don't get it: what's the point of watching the same thing year after year! It's easier to watch old videos from the 80's - and that would be more interesting. Why has the Disco '80s festival gained a controversial reputation?

Disco 80's: the history of the festival, competition and freezing

Music of Youth - the best music in the world. That's why we all like to feel nostalgic from time to time - and the best way to do that is to listen to hits of the past! For the '80s generation, there's nothing better than C. C. Catch, Sandra, Modern Talking and others. Sure, most also like rock a lot, but there's a special magic in the melodic pop hits of the '70s and '90s. These are the songs that were played in the discos of our youth, and to which we all rocked out, fell in love, enjoyed our youth...

Nostalgia - is a good thing and a pleasant thing. And to give it to people to the fullest, the famous festival was created in the early 2000s «Disco 80s»! Over the years, however, the show began to decline, and many people turned away from it. But why did this happen? And is there a chance for a revival of the good old disco?

An outlet for the '80s generation

Disco in the USSR
Disco in the USSR

The history of the festival begins with "Autoradio."The idea of "transporting people back in time" came from a program of the same name, which was a resounding success. The idea of "transporting" people into the past in real time belongs to To Yuri Kostin, the pioneer of domestic FM radio broadcasting. It was his colleague's idea to launch an annual festival called Disco 80's, where the public could enjoy their favorite hits of their youth live, looking directly at their idols Alexander Varin, director of "Autoradio. Of course, there is a difference between "inventing" and "implementing. There was an idea, but now there was another question: it was necessary to invite stars, including those from abroad.

The radio workers founded a real team and developed a whole "special operation"One was responsible for advertising, the other for the stars, and the third for organizing the event: the sound, the stage, the seats, and so on. The start of "Disco" required considerable investment, and everyone was worried - what if it doesn't work? What if people don't come, or the artists don't come? Fortunately, the concert took place - and it did, so to speak, perfect.

Domestic ones are more difficult to deal with than foreign ones

«Time Machine»
«Time Machine»

The first "Disco '80s" was held in 2002 at Luzhniki. There weren't many stars, but they were true folk favorites of everyone who lived in the USSR: from Bad Boys Blue and C.C. Ketch to Eruption and Ottawan. Domestic idols were also invited, including Cruise and Mashina Vremeni. It's true that the domestic ones turned out to be much harderthan with foreign artists. Many of our artists were not particularly inspired to take part in "Disco" - they did not like the only title. The creators had to negotiate long and hard...

But the foreign stars arrived without any controversy. No matter how you look at it, many of them survived their peak of popularity in the 80's and now lead a measured and quiet life. Why not make some extra money? Speaking of why Disco '80s was Without the rock giants: because pop singers agreed to a fee of several tens of thousands of dollars. Not sure that Bon Jovi or Metallica would take such a sum seriously, considering their world status...

Retro FM legends set the trends

Samantha Fox
Samantha Fox

The second "Disco '80s" was already more confident: there were more stars, and the line-up was more helpful. Boney M., Samantha Fox, and even the domestic exotic-pop duo Car-Man were invited! Of course, there were even more people there-many of them even went there just to look at the artists. But at the same time, many viewers noted to themselves that there are more and phonograms - compared to the first Disco.

Every year the festival became more and more powerful, with more and more guest stars. Now at the "Disco Party," which was held in Russia's two capitalsThe British (Bonnie Tyler, Chris Norman) and Americans (Belinda Carlyle) came as well, in addition to Germans and Italians.

But at the same time, the phonogram became more powerful... And soon "Disco" had a powerful competitor - "Legends of Retro-FM". This festival was not limited in time, and all the stars - from the 70's to the 90's - performed there. There were fewer phonograms, and the program was more interesting because of the variety of artists.

Realizing how much There is a lot of competitionAs a result, Disco '80s opened its doors to the stars of the '70s and '90s. Later, there was more rock, mostly domestic. But with the advent of the 2010s, Disco started to decline rapidly...

The audience was divided into two camps

A still from Disco '80s
A still from Disco '80s

The situation got to the point where there were more and more phonograms every year-just like the stars of the '90s. Most of the guest artists performed year after year, performing the same hits. Of course, many viewers simply lost interest in such a show... As a result, the audience was divided into two campsThe first are those who genuinely like Disco '80s, and those who consider this festival to be "empty". Here's what the former write:

"Of course, it's sad to watch our favorite stars get older. But we're not getting any younger either. But this show at least gives you some nostalgia, some pleasant emotions. It is clear that the artists will not be able to sing as they did decades ago. Hence the soundtrack. But the atmosphere itself is worthy!

And here's what opponents of the festival write:

"Yeah, it's all phonograms, and the performers don't even try to get into them! I went to that show. My memory is not the best. They announced "Alpha" - some guy I didn't even know got up on stage, sang a song and... that was it. It was the same with Secret Service. Apparently, people didn't care who was performing in front of them as long as there was music!

And here's another comment:

"I don't get it: what's the point of watching the same thing year after year! It's easier to watch old videos from the '80s, and that would be more interesting.

In general, there are as many people as there are opinions. Of course, our favorite artists are not getting any younger with age. And their voices are not the same. But Some people like just to see them on stage - some people just like live shows. That's up to everyone. In any case - at the moment "Disco 80's" is frozen. And whether it will be held again is still unknown.


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