The group "Pain" and its hit, which sounded from all phones in zero

In this article, you will learn: what is the genius of the Swedish musician Peter Tägtgren, how does he manage to combine several projects at once, and how he worked on the hit "Shut Your Mouth".

"Pain" "Shut Your Mouth" (2002) - the history of the group and its main hit, cover versions, projects of the vocalist

Many people know the team Pain by hit Shut Your Mouth, which was very popular in the 2000s and many put it on the ringtone of newly appeared mobile phones with polyphony. Understanding the secret of the group leader Peter Tagtgren and how he manages to combine several projects at the same time.

Pain - musical project Sweden, in which, according to the idea of the frontman Peter Tagtgren, heavy metal team up with 80s inspired electro-industrial and techno elements. Tagtgren is real orchestra man, known, in addition to "Pain", by other popular musical projects, the style of which is strikingly different from each other: "Hypocrisy", working in the direction death metaland, of course, unusual collaboration with Rammstein frontman Til Lindemann. This is what it consists genius Swedish musician - what kind of talent do you need to have to play in several bands and compose music in different genres?

Peter Tägtgren, member of the band "Pain"
Peter Tägtgren, member of the band "Pain"

Biography of Peter Tagtgren

Peter Tägtgren was born in the Swedish city Grangarde in 1970. His father was engineer and made piano. According to the musician himself, all members of his family were atheists. Tägtgren does not like to call himself that, but uses the word "hater"when it comes to religion. From adolescence, Peter loved heavy music. Among his inspirations were Metallica, "Kiss", "Possessed" and others.

The musician decided to start his creative activities after moving to America. In his opinion, it is USA - the center of world show business. There Peter time wasted did not lose: in Florida he took lessons in the game guitar from a group member Malevolent Creation. Tagtgren thought about creation own group. At the same time, an acquaintance from Sweden invited him to recording studioand the young man came to try to embody their creative potentials already at home, with updated knowledge and little experience. This is how the first appeared background creating a group "Hypocrisy".

Later he created another musical group Pain, and in 1997 the group released a self-titled debut album. Starting from the second, all the records fell into swedish charts, thanks in large part to hit singles such as "End of the Line", Shut Your Mouth and "Same Old Song".

In your main hit Shut Your Mouth Peter Tagtgren laid deep meaning: you should always do in my own wayand those who give you hinders or trying to lead you astray, shut one's mouth. "I don't want your opinion, I don't need your ideas" - so says human, which no one does not believe and rely only on himself. The song was included in the album "Nothing Remains The Same" 2002. The track was also filmed clip, in which the main role belonged to Tagtgren. Video can be roughly divided into three parts: in first an alien flies to a young guy, in second the main character is trying to prove to everyone that he saw an alien, but no one believes him, third - the creature and the hero have already settled down with might and main and are arguing over everyday things. At the same time, the main story line interrupted by shots where the group Pain performs this song in a converted garage.

There are many covers to this song. For example, the team "Radio Tapok" stripped off Russian-speaking version of this composition, and as one of the musical instruments the guys used accordion. By myself Peter reacted to this video:

“I love covers, especially if they are recorded on songswhat I wrote. He sounds not bad".

Currently Pain collaborates with a German record label "Nuclear Blast Records". In 2008 the team toured as support act with Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. During this tour, the singer Peter Tagtgren, drummer David Wallin and the bassist Johan Husgafwell have undergone attacked bandits in Leipzig. Tägtgren received 10 stitches in his face, Wallin suffered a concussion, and Husgafel had his nose broken. Despite injuries and other problems, the collaboration of musicians didn't stop. Pain supported Nightwish in the second half of their world tour called "Dark Passion Play" together with the Finnish pop-rock band "Indica".

Speaking of creativity itself Pain, then much attention should be paid to texts songs. All of them are very interesting and meaningful, have philosophical subtext. Therefore, the group is loved not only for brutal sound or heavy sound, but making their way lines.

At their performances there were no scenery or fire show, the musicians just went on stage and performed their songs. But, as eyewitnesses who were at their performances admit, emotions enough for a lifetime. At the concerts reigned amazing energy, the musicians interacted with the audience: they talked with fans, took posters and hung up to the drum set allowed to touch other musical instruments. It was kind of spectacle, whose actors could be listeners.

Peter Tagtren is multi-instrumentalist: since the age of seven he has been playing guitar, at nine began to get involved percussion, later mastered other instruments. This is a man gifted and versatile. That is why he was able to work on several projects. simultaneously, and everywhere he surrendered process completely.

Now the group "Pain" eight albums, 15 singles, and the plate "Nothing Remains the Same", released in 2002, received golden status in Sweden. Tagtgrenwho is also a vocalist and guitarist "Hypocrisy" and producer of his own studio "The Abyss", is the only current member.

ABOUT personal life Peter Tägtgren knows the following: he was married thrice and he has a son. Peter's current wife Vera Steeger. Tatgren always little devoted time to his family, preferring to her career:

"Women can leave at any moment, and music is always there with you. Therefore, I devote all my time to the latter.”

Peter Tägtgren with his son Sebastian
Peter Tägtgren with his son Sebastian

But now, despite the heavy schedule, Peter often sees his son Sebastian. In a recent interview, the artist admitted:

"We understand each other without words and are currently working on joint album. At one time I told him about modern trends music, and now he tells me suggeststhat fashionable in current generations. I kill two birds with one stone - I spend time with my son and work.”

Collaboration with Till Lindemann

The musicians met in a bar when "Rammstein" recorded an album "Mutter". In order to relax, the band members went to a biker club. But one of visitors began criticize creativity of the team, not embarrassed by expressions. The matter could come to fightsbut then suddenly appeared Tagtgren and reassure the visitor. Thus began the friendship between the Rammstein frontman and the lead singer of Pain. About cooperation with a member of the group "Rammstein" Tagtgren said the following:

"When people hear the voice Tilya, they immediately associate it with "Rammstein". When they hear the music itself Pain. We joke and call a joint project Painstein.

Group «Rammstein»
Group «Rammstein»

Peter Tägtgren has been repeatedly asked what project is for him more important - "Hypocrisy" or "Pain". The artist replied:

“I treat every project with in awe and loveWell, these are my children. It's like talking about which child is closer to the parent. Everyone is different and everyone is equal."

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