Modern Talking hits that were fondly loved in the USSR

In today's article, we propose to remember together the hits of Modern Talking, which in the Soviet Union were loved especially fondly...

Modern Talking hits loved in the USSR: list, clips and lyrics

There was not a person in the USSR who had not heard the songs Modern Talking. Back in the 1980s, these guys burst onto the world stage of popular music and gave us ringing hits that have not lost their relevance even after decades. The songs of this of the German duo They were notable for their melody, lyricism, and beauty of sound... There was something melancholic and incendiary about them at the same time. Decades ago they were sung by the whole country, and no disco was without them.

In today's article we offer to remember together Modern Talking hitsThe compositions were, and still are, big hits in the Soviet Union. These compositions were, and still are, big hits. We are sure that many of our readers have them in their personal record collections. Well, let's begin! And beforehand, enjoy listening and diving into the cheerful and carefree 80's.

Brother Louie

"Brother Louie." tore up all the Soviet discos! The song was so popular in the USSR that a famous national disc jockey Sergey Minaev even made his own interpretation (which, by the way, also caught on).

Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders dedicated this composition to their sound engineer Luis RodriguezThey considered him to be their unofficial third bandmate. Specifically, the song sings:

"You're wrong, look,
Brother Louie, Louie, Louie
I'm in love, go away
She's the only one for me..."

In the song, the protagonist asks Louis to leave because the girl the conniving Louis wants to charm is his lover. The hero fighting for his lovestressing that feelings can be sharp, and they often fade just as quickly as they flare up.

You're My Heart, You're My Soul

Modern Talking in the 80s
Modern Talking in the 80s

And this song certainly needs no introduction: it is already Modern Talking classics and the '80s as well. And very, very lyrical...

"You are my heart, you are my soul.
I'll keep it shining wherever I go.
You are my heart, my soul
I will hold you forever
I'll stay with you together..."

The song became a huge hit all over Europe! For many years after its release it was actively played in discos, and it should be noted that the public was not bored with it one bit. And even today, many people listen to this hit with pleasure, going back in their mind to the years of their of youth and adolescence

Cheri Cheri Lady

And the song's popularity has been unexpectedly revived these days by social networks! Composition about "dear lady." serves as a great accompaniment to mini-clips about the world's beauties and icons of cinema, such as Marilyn Monroe.

We're sure it's hard to find a better tune to describe all the charm of a woman...

"Take my heart, don't lose it.
Listen to your heart.
Dear, dear lady,
To know you is to love you.
If you call me,
Baby, I'll always be yours..."

A legendary song! No matter how many times people listen to it, they'll never get tired of it!

Geronimo's Cadillac

Modern Talking duo
Modern Talking duo

We are sure that many people remember this melodic composition. By the way: it successfully complemented the fourth album Modern TalkingBut at the same time, it has become alarm bells for the project. This is their first single that did not reach the top of the German chart. In spite of everything the song became a hit in Europe, but just a year after its release the duo split...

As for the lyrical stuffing, the "Cadillac Geronimo.The lyrics for which Dieter wrote are about... love, of course! It seems that when it comes to the works of Modern Talking, it can't be otherwise. Although this song also talks about a fantastic machine that drives all the girls crazy...

"Cadillac Geronimo.
Makes all the girls sad.
Geronimo understands them - ah, what a car he has!"

Do You Wanna

Another composition of the duo that we would like to recall, and which was loved in the USSR, is "Do You Wanna" from their debut studio album. It's groovy and rhythmic, sung on behalf of a hero who's ready to warm his beloved with tenderness and love...

"I'll be your nightly loving doctor..."

It is worth noting the success of the debut album Dieter and Anders! It sold over 6 million copies worldwide, and the singles from it hit the charts and made it to a very good position. It was a great start!

Just We Two (Mona Lisa)

Modern Talking (Modern Talking)
Modern Talking (Modern Talking)

Finally, we offer a reminder of the wonderful "Mona Lisa."which was released on the duo's third album. The composition was the second track in a row, and its lyrics, as always, are saturated with romance and high feelings...

"Good guys only succeed in movies,
And in reality, vicious women are messing with their heads,
There will never be anyone like you again.
It's true..."

In the song, the main character declares that there is no woman like "her" in the world. And that it does not matter what position he is in now: even "penniless" he's the happiest in the world as long as she's around.


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