Top 9 beautiful psychedelic hits of the 60s that became classics

All the songs below took their place in the history of psychedelic rock and became its main hits. They represent the psychedelic 60's with their unique atmosphere...

The most beautiful psychedelic rock hits of the 60s - Top 9: list, clips, facts

Psychedelic rock - is a beautiful name every music lover has probably heard. But what does it mean? As it is not difficult to assume, something to do with the effect on the listener's consciousness. And this is true: psychedelic rock was conceived as a way to give the listener the ability to achieve of transcendental consciousness through musical influence. That is, the tracks allowed a person to lose touch with reality for a certain period of time, to feel a new feeling and look at the world in a new way, as if to go to another stratosphere - and all this without any substances. To enhance the effect, everything was used: from strange, at times distant sounds, long instrumental parts, acoustic and vocal techniques, as well as lots of light and smoke at live concerts...

The pioneers of the genre, born in the mid-1960s in Western Europe and California, are rightly considered to be the group The Charlatans. However, an equally important role in the development of psychedelic rock was played by The Beatlesin particular - George HarrisonI am a man who is passionate about Indian philosophy and ancient Indian teachings. John LennonThe band was often accused of promoting substances in their songs, but the Beatles tended to deny it. As a result, the band was often accused of promoting substances in their songs, but the Beatles themselves generally denied it.

Pictured: George Harrison, John Lennon, Brian Epstein and Paul McCartney...
Pictured: George Harrison, John Lennon, Brian Epstein, and Paul McCartney

Today's selection is a strictly individual track-list, because for all tastes and colors, as they say... Nevertheless, all of the songs below have taken their place in the history of psychedelic rock and became its top hits! Each composition is beautiful in its own way, both melodically and lyrically.

The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (1967)

The Beatles
The Beatles

The famous "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." of the iconic Beatles is considered one of the earliest songs in the psychedelic rock genre. It was written by John LennonHe was impressed with a drawing by his young son Julian, who brought "his artistic masterpiece" from kindergarten: it depicted Lucy, Julian's classmate.

The complex composition, filled with ambiguous surrealist plots, resonated and quickly became a classic of the genre (and had a great influence on its development). The Beatles themselves were long accused of promoting substances, in particular - this was provoked by the following theory: if add up the capital letters of each word in the name, you can get an interesting result...

The Moody Blues - The Afternoon (1968)

The Moody Blues
The Moody Blues

A terrific track that hooks the listener with its charming symphonies... The composition was written by Justin Hayward, lead singer and guitarist The Moody Blues. By the way: the future hit was born in Hayward's favorite park, where one Tuesday morning the musician was relaxing there with a guitar and something forbidden...

"This is just the day to put it all behind you.
So gently swaying through the fairyland of love..."

The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black (1966)

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones

"Paint It Black." is one of the best early songs The Rolling Stones. He also contributed to the Brian Joneswho was still a member of the band at the time. In particular - he contributed to the writing of the riff. The composition performed well in the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, and subsequently made the Top 500 list!

Given the enormous influence of this track, it's not surprising that so many covers have been made of it.

The Smoke - My Friend Jack (1967)

The Smoke
The Smoke

Unfortunately, "My Friend Jack" remains the band's loudest and most famous hit The Smoke. Despite all the prospects and ambitions, the band very quickly ceased to exist, not being able to properly assert itself...

Despite the fact that the band only existed for about 10 years, during which it was never really noticed and released only one studio album, it went down in history psychedelic rock at the very least! And their hit about "Jack's Friend." had a great influence on legions of young (at the time) musicians.

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (1967)

Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane became stars of the '60s after they were joined by the talented and extremely artistic Grace Slick. She brought not only new notes to the group, but also... hits. It's no secret that this group, the leader in popularity during the hippie era, has a terrific song "Somebody to Love". However, it is precisely "White Rabbit." serves as a vivid embodiment of what the psychedelic genre has always been...

"Know that if you go off in pursuit of a white rabbit,
Sooner or later you will fall..."

Pink Floyd - See Emily Play (1967)

Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett
Pink Floyd with Sid Barrett

One of the best early songs of psychedelic rock legends Pink Floyd - "See Emily Play" has a unique energy. This composition is a good demonstration of what the first leader of the band was capable of. Syd Barrett - before mental health problems literally consumed his entire skill set, including even his personality...

Today, the song is on the list of the 500 greatest tracks that changed rock and roll.

Status Quo - Pictures of Matchstick Men (1967)

Status Quo
Status Quo

Brilliant debut Status QuoI'm sure it's a very beautiful and charming track that many music lovers have forgotten about. Although it is undoubtedly a very beautiful and charming track, worthy of attention.

"You're in the sky with this guy.
You make men cry, you lie..."

Frontman Francis Rossi wrote this song under very unusual circumstances - in the bathroom, where he was hiding from his mother-in-law and wife.

The Doors - Light My Fire (1967)

The Doors
The Doors

A song that has inimitable beginning - From the first seconds it's clear that this is going to be a true masterpiece... And performed by an amazing vocalist Jim MorrisonHe was an interesting person and a highly intellectual genius, who, alas, left this world early...

Remarkably, Jim Morrison only wrote a few lines for this song, and the rest of the lyrics are a credit to the guitarist Robbie Krieger. For this reason the vocalist did not like the track, even though it was one of the band's most recognizable hits, which sold many millions of copies in the first year alone!

Deep Purple - Blind (1969)

Deep Purple with Rod Evans
Deep Purple with Rod Evans

Perhaps not everyone expected to see the titans of rumbling rock on this list. deep purple. But... why not? After all, in the first years, in particular - until the early 70s, the band practiced in this genre, and very successfully.

"On summer days, we were rushing toward the sun.
On smoldering wings,
But the seasons have changed so quickly,
Leaving all of us behind,

"Blind." was a successful addition to Deep Purple's third album, although the greatest success was the final 12-minute piece "April.". But that's a matter of taste!


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