Hits of 1984

We offer to recall the main hits of 1984 ...

1984 Major Hits Compilation

The eighties of the last century were marked by a number of important events in popular culture... First of all, it affected the cinema: the era of New Hollywood was replaced by blockbusters and science fiction, interest in which was only fueled by the newly appeared computer graphics...

Changes could not bypass television. And it just so happened that at the same time it touched the music world ... In the early eighties, a cult music channel called MTV was launched! From now on, clips have become another way to promote the artist and his work ... If earlier fans were looking forward to the release of a new album, now everyone was looking forward to a new video from a band or musician! It is not surprising: all these bright special effects, dynamic dances and images only fueled the public's interest in the person of this or that genius ...

If we talk about trends that have specifically affected the music industry, then, first of all, this is sound. Thanks to new technologies, many genres, and in particular - electronic music, synthpop, hip-hop, new wave - have received a great development! All those synths and samplers and drum machines sounded brighter, more rhythmic…

This decade has become a period of absolute success for artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Depeche Mode ... It was in the first mid-80s that they all released their strong works, which helped them get out of the shadows and show themselves in all their element!

Madonna in her youth
Madonna in her youth

But today we will talk about the period of 1984. Why about him? It's simple: it was this year that a huge number of world-famous hits were released, which do not lose their relevance to this day! What is Alphaville's "Big In Japan" worth?

But 1984 turned out to be "fertile" not only for this one, but also for many other hits! We invite you to immerse yourself in the pleasant atmosphere of the sunny 80s and enjoy your favorite childhood music together ...

Major hits of 1984

maykl dzhekson michael joseph jackson
Michael Jackson

Modern Talking - You're my heart, You're my soul

Laura Branigan

wham! —Last Christmas

George Michael

Moon Ray—Comanchero

Murray Head — One night in Bangkok

Video Kids - Woodpeckers from space

Boney M

Depeche Mode

Stevie Wonder

The Art Company—Susanna

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

Michael Jackson

Nik Kershaw

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