The story of one supergroup: The Hollywood Vampires, which included "a rock 'n' roll man, a shock-rock king, and a Caribbean pirate."

Even though there is little information about them on the Internet, because they may not tour or release music as regularly as they would like due to other members' commitments, there is a lot to tell about the Hollywood Vampires!

Hollywood Vampires, or how the supergroup Hollywood Vampires (Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry) was formed

Hollywood Vampires - it's the real deal. supergroup! Founded in 2015 Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perryhe idea of the project was to revive the spirit and atmosphere of the 70s club of the same name, which included iconic celebrities of the 20th century - from Bernie Topine and Ringo Starr to Keith Moon and John Lennon! The band began by performing cover versions of their favorite classic hits - but their first album was also a high-profile event because such gems as Slash, Sir Paul McCartney and others were brought in to record. In 2019. "Hollywood Vampires." presented their second record, which this time consisted of only 3 covers and 13 original tracks.

Although there is little information about them on the Internet, because they may not be touring or releasing music as regularly as they would like due to other members' commitments, about the Hollywood Vampires there's a story to tell! Without a doubt: this project has created a furor - and completely deservedly so. And don't let the modest discography scare you.

The name is inspired by Cooper's "company of star drinking companions

Hollywood Vampires
Hollywood Vampires

Title "Hollywood Vampires." - is not just a fanciful homage to Dracula or other bloodsuckers. It is deeply rooted in Cooper's past. If some biographers are to be believed, as well as excerpts from interviews with the the king of shock-rockIn the seventies he formed a kind of club, which was a "the company of celebrity drinking buddies"who called themselves "Hollywood vampires.". This club included popular actors and musicians, including Keith Moon and John Lennon!

"Hollywood Vampires" (with Cooper and Lennon in the center)
"Hollywood Vampires" (with Cooper and Lennon in the center)

From time to time friends would gather at the infamous Rainbow Grill on the Sunset Strip and indulge in their favorite alcoholic beverages. To join the gang, you had to overdrink them - an almost impossible feat, but some have succeeded.

Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper
Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper

After Cooper befriended the Johnny Depp on the set of 2012's "Gloomy Shadows," they decided to form a group called "Hollywood Vampires."to pay tribute to their fallen friends of yesteryear.

Full understanding and support

Hollywood Vampires
Hollywood Vampires

As history shows, every great group eventually encounters so-called frictional momentswhen the struggle for creative control begins. But not in the case of the Hollywood Vampires. Despite the egos and reputations of the participants, for them the project is "a fully collaborative environment.". As Joe Perry said:

"Everybody does everything! Everyone can write lyrics, everyone can write riffs, everyone can write it their own way. Everyone has a chance to do the little thing they like to do the most."

Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper
Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper

Remarkably, it was Cooper who pushed the legendary "the caribbean pirate" to him taking the microphone in his hands.

"Johnny said: "I'm not a singer." To this I objected, "Johnny, you played Sweeney Todd!" And he said: "Oh yeah, I did. I forgot about that."

As a result, Depp dared, and performed a cover of "Heroes" by David Bowie. To make the event special, the group recorded an interpretation in Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, the very place where the legendary rocker recorded the song and the 1977 album of the same name!

Joe Perry thinks the Hollywood Vampires are harder than Aerosmith

Johnny Depp and Joe Perry
Johnny Depp and Joe Perry

In fact, for many decades, the group Aerosmith was the only constant of the journey Joe Perry with a guitar. You'd think after all the wild tours, recordings, accidents and whatnot, this man would be hard to shake off his equilibrium. He has already established himself as a guitar guru and a maestro of the rock'n'roll scene! However... in his own words, "Hollywood Vampires." harder than Aerosmith.

For Perry, the word is. "supergroup" implies something different, more ambitious and responsible. In his interview the guitarist said:

"Considering the way Alice sings, the way he presents the songs, and what a lot of the lyrics say - I knew beforehand that this was going to be a tougher record than the Aerosmith record. It's really a lot harder!"

Hollywood Vampires
Hollywood Vampires

By the way: as part of Hollywood Vampires, every member puts out 1000%, especially Perry. So, on one occasion, he passed out right in the middle of the band's performance! Fortunately, everything turned out all right, and the cause was cited as dehydration. Later, Cooper, concerned about the incident, said:

"I fear for him. You know - we were doing 25 to 30 songs without a break. That's a hell of a workload. We rehearsed a lot, and Joe was pretty exhausted. He hadn't eaten in two days!"

"Hollywood Vampires" gives Johnny Depp his freedom.

Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper
Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper

Few actors have had as successful a career as Johnny Depp. While others may suffer from picking a type or finding suggestions in only one genre, this has never been a problem for Depp.

He has been fortunate enough to cross boundaries and to reveal his acting range in a wide variety of films! However, he still doesn't believe that acting gives him the same freedomhow music.

"What do I get out of it that I usually can't find? I understand myself! When I'm onstage with these guys-it's a feeling I had as a kid... It's freedom!"

According to Cooper, Lemmy would be the perfect addition to their super-band.

Lemmy, Toronto, 1987 (Smoking is bad for your health!)
Lemmy, Toronto, 1987 (Smoking is bad for your health!)

Because Hollywood Vampires is a tribute to the most To inveterate rebels in the history of rock 'n' roll, the band members simply couldn't help but tip their hats to Lemmy Kilmister, the legend of Motörhead, performing a smashing cover of "Ace of Spades".

Lemmy was not only a legendary musician, but also the consummate rebel! Legend has it that he quietly drank a bottle of whiskey a day in the prime of his life. But age and such a wild lifestyle spared no one, and at the end of his days health issues have made their presence felt...

"If he were alive, Lemmy would certainly be a 'vampire'! He probably would have been our bass player! We all knew Lemmy on different levels, but we all agree on one thing: he would have been the perfect addition to our super-band!" Cooper once said.

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