"House Of The Rising Sun" - the story of the hit "House Of The Rising Sun" performed by Nina Simone

It's one of those songs whose myths are as dense as the artist's roster...

Eternal classic: "House Of The Rising Sun" performed by Nina Simone - all about the song

"House Of The Rising Sun"which in English means "The House of the Rising Sun", is a legendary hit based on a folk song ... The composition tells about a man whose life in New Orleansit went wrong...

"There's a house in New Orleans
Known as the Rising Sun.
He killed many unfortunate guys.
God, I know I'm one of them..."

"House Of The Rising Sun" urges people not to make the mistakes of a hero in order to avoid the same fate. By the way: so many music lovers mistakenly believe that the song belongs to the group Animals, but this, as you could already understand, is not so. The Animals just recorded one of their most commercially successful versions: their cover version became big, first "folk rock hit"! And the video for it gained more than 34 million views on YouTube ... But today we will talk about another, no less excellent and significant version - enjoy "House Of The Rising Sun" performed by Nina Simone!

Brief history of the song

It's one of those songs whose myths are as dense as the artist's roster. From Andy Griffith to Dylan, "House Of The Rising Sun" and its various interpretations have become part of the culture for generations. However, no one really knows the origin of this iconic composition... While musicologists lean towards a broad ballad brought from Europe by an English immigrant and later adapted to reflect the setting New Orleans, other genealogical branches are still strong. This song dates back to the thirties of the last century, but its roots are much, much deeper ... There are beliefs that initially "House Of The Rising Sun" was an English folk song (since it in England all sorts of obscene establishments and pubs were called "houses of the rising sun"). It is also known that she was well known to the miners of the early 1900s… At the same time, its earliest version was published in 1925 in the "Old Songs People Sang" column in American Adventure magazine. In a word - the story of "House Of The Rising Sun" covered in darkness, and at the moment the composition has an indeterminate authorship (which, most likely, will never be established ...) However, it has made its way and became a cult hit! But... how did she do it? After all, many folk songs go into oblivion after so many years ...

For the first time "House Of The Rising Sun" was recorded Clarence Ashley and Gwen Foster in September 1933 year (their version was also called "Rising Sun Blues"). According to Ashley, he got acquainted with this composition thanks to his grandfather ... Later, in 1938, he recorded his version Roy Acuff, an early friend and student of Clarence. Well, there - off we go: the song began to gain popularity among performers, and in 1964 In 2008, she completed the Animals' repertoire, becoming their biggest hit... But before we talk about their dazzling breakthrough, let's enjoy a version of the charming Nina Simon!

Simon version

Nina Simon
Nina Simon

Nina Simon wrote down "House of the Rising Sun" twice - once for his live album 1962 Nina at the Village Gate, and the second time for the album Nina Simone Sings The Blues 1967. Here the track has been extended to seven minutes for the jazz-blues honky-tonk Simone with handclaps, stomps and a dark piano line just enough to evoke the ghost of anyone who has ever stepped into "The House of the Rising Sun"

Simone's voice literally glides through the song with conviction, regret and deep feeling... And when the music is reduced to just clapping hands or snapping fingers, her voice takes over the melody... Simone may not have written this song, but it definitely belongs to her!

The music video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the singer in February 2013, and has already gained almost 200 thousand views and a sea of enthusiastic comments… There is no need for a lengthy introduction, because the record speaks for itself: Nina Simone performs "House Of The Rising Sun" live in The Bitter End in New York in 1968.

Popular versions by other artists

However, to this day "House Of The Rising Sun" best known for interpreting The Animals 1964 of the year:

Let it go The Animals didn't write the hit that made them top performers during the British invasion 60s, they are the first band that, according to music critic Dave Marsh, recorded "folk rock hit".

"House Of The Rising Sun is the song I was meant to sing," Eric Burdon told Songfacts in 2010. She was made for me and I was made for her. It was a great song for the Chuck Berry tour because it was a great way to reach the audience without copying Chuck Berry! It was a great trick and it worked! But actually it was not only a great stunt, it was a great recording…”

Subsequently, their experience has inspired many performers, for example − Dolly Parton: her version is quite sharp, with a couple of new lyric lines ...

I recorded my version Bob Dylan:

Bob Dylan included it on his debut album 1962 years, using a folk arrangement he picked up. In his version, Dylan sang about what was a moral "ruin for a lot of poor girls..."

No less successful psychedelic version of the group Frijid Pink 1969 of the year:

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