Where did the phrase "How Much Is The Fish" come from? in the band's song "Scooter"

"Scooter" can rightfully be called a legendary band, because they managed to turn a joke phrase into the driving force of the track, which instantly turned into a world hit!

Scooter How Much Is The Fish? (1998) - the history of the creation of the hit, interesting facts, video clip

"How Much Is The Fish?" - a big hit by a German band "Scooter.", which became a super hit from the album "No Time to Chill" 1998 of the year. The composition was the first single from the disc and after the release it sounded in discos for a long time.

"What's the fish for?" - this phrase has become almost winged, but few people know where it came from. Well, let's figure it out together!

History of creation

The Scooter group, a frame from the video How Much Is The Fish? (1998)
The Scooter group, a frame from the video How Much Is The Fish? (1998)

"How Much Is The Fish?" refers to those hit tracks that do not have a deep hidden meaning. However, this did not stop the song from becoming popular. At the sunset of the 90s, the composition was heard from every iron: it was listened to with pleasure on players and at discos! And even today, several decades later, it is still relevant and attractive to the modern generation. But what is the secret of such a grandiose success?

Let's start with "How Much Is The Fish?" is the first song "Scooter."recorded with Axel Kuhn. The fact is that the driving force of the team, Ferris Buellerwas then in a deep depression. For this reason, he, in fact, left the team. In general, the history of this track is quite interesting, because it covers several other works of the past at once.

For a long time, fans have puzzled over where the iconic phrase "How Much Is The Fish?" (“How much is a fish?”) and what does it mean? The song turned out to be the inspiration "Buffalo" indie rock band "Stump".

Where did the main phrase come from

"Scooter." can rightfully be called a legendary band, because they managed to turn a comic phrase into the driving force of the track, which instantly turned into a world hit! In an absurd band song "Stump" the stereotypical phrases of American tourists in England are ridiculed, among others the vocalist says:

"How much is the fish?"

Very familiar, isn't it? So we can say with confidence that there is no mystery around this phrase!

In fact, the origins "How Much Is The Fish?" originate in the late 1920s. Many might not have guessed, but the famous "scooter" hit refers to a drinking melody "Son Ar Chistr", which sings about cider. She appeared in Brittany in the late 1920s. The authors were simple brothers farmers Jean-Bernard and Jean-Marie Prima. Over time, their creation went to the people.

It is obvious that "Scooter" has inherited the mood of the Breton melody. Although their track stands out with a sharper sound. Nevertheless, there are similarities. In addition, it uses fragments of several other well-known works, including a dance hit "Paradoxx" groups "666" and even 20th Century Fox Fanfare by Alfred Newman!

Lyrical Meaning

Group "Scooter"
Group "Scooter"

"How Much Is The Fish?" does not have deep meaning. The main essence of the track is the repetition of phrases. And what's most interesting, except for the title, the song doesn't talk about fish. The idea of the group was very simple - to make such material that people wanted to dance to! And Scooter completely coped with their task. As for the fish, it's just a joke. In one of his interviews H.P. Baxter said:

“We brought an aquarium fish into the studio, but it was making a lot of noise. Then we took her to the orphanage, where she lives to this day. And we keep in touch with her - it's like friends on the Internet.

Interesting Facts

H.P. Baxter
H.P. Baxter
  • The success of the song was greatly facilitated by a wonderful video clip. According to the plot, the girl enters a covered parking lot, where hooligans on motorcycles begin to pursue her. After they take the bag from the heroine, the guys with the soccer ball stand up for her.
  • There is a legend that the final frames of the music video for this song were supposed to show a lifeless fish ... However, after conferring with the director, the band members abandoned this idea.
  • "Scooter." were not the first to take the melody as a basis "Son Ar Chistr". This group distinguished "Bots"who wrote on the well-known motif track "Sieben Tage lang" in German.

  • With time "How Much Is The Fish?" became a classic "Scooter.". Not a single live concert of the band is complete without this track.
  • On the "How Much Is The Fish?" many covers and parodies have been made. The most famous and successful version belongs to Alexander Rybak.

  • Very often this composition sounds after the end of football matches. Lokomotiv.

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