Remember Cinderella's powerful ballad that gets to the heart

"Life must be sweetened. I've exhausted myself just to earn a dime, And for that dime I bought your love, But now I've changed my mind..."

A powerful glam metal ballad that gets to the heart - The Story of Cinderella's "Nobody's Fool"

Cinderella - spokespeople for the movement glam metalwhich were very popular in the 80s! It only took the band to reach the Olympus of fame for several years. In addition to their eccentric image and distinctive sound, the American rockers had another powerful weapon: the vocalist and guitarist Tom Keeferwhich also turned out to be terrific songwriter. His mastery is especially evident in the so-called power ballads. "Nobody's Fool" - one of those!

For years, this powerful composition was the centerpiece of every Cinderella live performance! The ballad has become calling card The "glamorous" metallers, although in terms of sales it was inferior to the more famous "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)". Nevertheless, we decided to remember her, because she certainly deserves it!

Tom Keefer demonstrates his skills

Tom Keefer
Tom Keefer

Tom Keefer - talented guitarist, instantly recognizable vocalist, idol of millions in the 80's and a genius songwriter! Tom was especially good at ballads - heartbreaking and heartfelt stories are clearly in his element! And Nobody's Fool proves it.

"Life must be sweetened.

I exhausted myself just to make a dime,

And for that dime I bought your love,

But now I've changed my mind..."

It is Tom Kiefer who is responsible for the powerful Cinderella hitsincluding the aforementioned "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)". Tom's trademark is a special approach to business: soulfulness, sincerity, passion, a storm of emotions... All this, in fact, rarity for ballads of this kind. Often bands simply recorded an easy and unpretentious lyrical track with the expectation of success in the charts and, of course, among young female fans. But for Kiefer, the process was always much more serious and profound.

Regarding "Nobody's Fool"The meaning of the song is as follows: the lyrical hero fell in love with a girl, but at some point he realized that the beloved simply uses it without a hint of mutual deep feelings. That's why the ballad is called "I'm not stupid!" - that is, our hero realizes it, and decides to break up with the mercenary lady. Kiefer hints that she probably is, Fan or something like that. In general - the girl was attracted not so much to the hero of our ballad as to his success and money.

"I'm not a fool to you,

Not a fool,

No fool!"

Tom Keefer
Tom Keefer

Kiefer himself talked about this song following:

"This song is about how you can fall out of love in the blink of an eye. You know, it's not about my particular experience. I've been in a lot of relationships, but some have ended like this. So - this lyric represents the culmination of all my experiences. With each new breakup, the emotions overwhelmed me more and more..."

The fact that in the 80's a handsome (and also popular) Tom Keefer was the subject of excessive female attention, there is no doubt. Tom really did have turbulent youthBut the one and only woman in his life was Savannah Snowwho gave birth to the rocker Jaden's son.

Popular musical video

Cinderella Group
Cinderella Group

We have dealt with the lyrical message, and now we can safely move on to for the clip! It was very colorful, intriguing, and successful. more than 80 million YouTube views! The main character, to whom the powerful shouting is addressed "I'm not stupid!", the kind of modern Cinderella! Maybe it's a reference to the name of the band, or maybe a sharp plot with touches of fairy tale - either way, but it came out very cool, interesting.

According to the plot, the clip is continuation video on "Shake Me.". Our modern-day Cinderella arrives at a Cinderella concert with the band members, and evil sisters chasing her. She ends up running away from the rockers' gig at almost midnight-she runs home, where her rocker outfit turns into an ordinary dress. Later she does return - the band has already finished their show and signing autographs. When the views of the fairy tale heroine and Kiefer cross, the recognizes girl.

To better understand the meaning of the clip - also leave the video on "Shake Me."! By the way, this is also very powerful hit in Cinderella's arsenal, even though it didn't even hit the charts at the time of release.


It was "Nobody's Fool" that became first big hit The band after Cinderella signed a contract with the Mercury Records. This happened after Jon Bon Jovi saw the performance of the young group and, being delighted, recommended the promising guys To Derek Schulmanwho worked for the aforementioned record company. The rest is history.


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