The Worst Hard Rock Albums by Fuzz Music Magazine

Some of the most famous and influential rock bands have a sin in the form of the most tasteless, meaningless and simply incomprehensible albums, designed for commerce...

Why these are the worst albums in the history of hard rock

Commerce - is not a bad thing, but only if it is "tasteful" and "in moderation. It's a good way for young bands to make a loud name for themselves on the radio and actually get to know the genre itself, the music business and its rules. But when it comes to abuses... Then the trouble begins, both for the fans and for the performers themselves.

Some of the most famous and influential rock bands have a sin in the form of the most tasteless, meaningless and simply incomprehensible written albums, designed to commerce. And all this instead of getting into the souls of listeners, working on quality, and evolving! Whether it's simply "reinventing the formula" or "jumping on the trendy sounds of the day," these artists have a lot to answer for in front of their fans, considering empty sound of the records mentioned below. But that does not mean that all these records tarnished the reputations of their artists. Fortunately, many of them managed to change the situation for the better by realizing their guilt. Though with such baggage they certainly had a long way to go to normal creative vitality...

"Come Out and Play" (Twisted Sister)

Cover of the album "Come Out and Play" by Twisted Sister
Cover of the album "Come Out and Play" by Twisted Sister

By the mid-80s Twisted Sister strengthened their glam-rock image and became a favorite of early MTV (in particular, the record-breaking beat video for the hit "We're Not Gonna Take It"). But apparently, at the time the album was recorded "Come Out and Play" The band is exhausted and we've run out of sensible ideas...

The album could be described as "the sound of a band desperately trying to recapture its original rage in full form." The collapse was added explicitly pop-oriented singles recorded with guest stars (Billy Joel, Alice Cooper, and others). It was an attempt to get attention, but... it didn't succeed very well. At least for the devoted fans, who were expecting "meat", but got a melodic dip into the world of "pop".

"Demolition" and "Turbo" (Judas Priest)

Judas Priest
Judas Priest

Judas Priest have become one of the kings of heavy metal! With a growling Rob Halford at the microphone, the band became one of the darkest, most vicious, and heaviest sounding bands in history! Now can you imagine Priest without the "main component" - the metal magic? And it is, as you know, centered around Halford.

"Demolition." was recorded with Tim "The Ripper" Owens on vocals, which wasn't to the fans' liking... What's more, genre fans were not happy about it! Alas, without Rob Priest, they lost their hard-edged magic and turned sideways. nu-metal. Many agree to this day that "Demolition" is a Worstthat Priest ever offered the listener. Well, or almost...

After the release of some of the strongest metal records in general, it seemed to the world that from then on Priest had only full speed ahead! But no: all of a sudden the band had a terrible idea of commercial potential. And it was realized in "Turbo." - 1986 album, which has been described by some critics and fans (and even colleagues) as "complete heresy.". There might even be some good heavy tracks! But on the whole, the material doesn't resemble Priest in style, and raises a lot of questions...

"Generation Swine" (Mötley Crüe)

The Worst Hard Rock Albums by Fuzz Music Magazine
Mötley Crüe

Whenever you turn on Mötley Crüeyou feel like you're in the big party! Regardless of what edge the band has in their sound, there's that relentless energy in every one of their records that makes you want to go and tear up everything in your path, literally move mountains! But after the band finally reunited in the late 90's, fans expecting to be wowed again got a slightly different concept...

"Generation Swine." The album was rightly left in the shadow of hard rock, for this album is more experimental than heavy and committed to the best traditions of Crüe. The songs on it, embracing the sounds of industrial and electronic music, raised many questions and even doubts among the devoted fans as to whether this reunion was worth the wait. The release reeked of hopelessness

"Slang" (Def Leppard)

Cover of the album "Slang" by Def Leppard
Cover of the album "Slang" by Def Leppard

In the era of lacquered hair and spandex clothing, Def Leppard remained at least a notch above their genre peers. The band's ability to write quality songs set them apart from the tawdry Sunset Strip wannabes. But a lot changed when Nirvana burst onto the scene. The members of Leppard felt an acute urge to to experiments

In an effort to get rid of their polished sound, Leppard proceeded to record "Slang.". The result was snarling and organic, but loyal fans met this record very ambiguously: it was obvious that changes were coming, and few people really liked them. Subsequently, the band released a successful and familiar in terms of sound "Euphoria."but "Slang" was the only sonic experiment that cost a fortune and was ignored by all.

"Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions" (Kiss)


Kiss - is one of those bands whose every time you turn on a record you probably know what to expect. But with "Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions" things were different.

As the critics emphasized, "If you want to see Kiss desperately trying to jump into the trends, 'Carnival of Souls' is the one for you. Given the good material released just a few years before, this compilation of tracks seems to be just taking advantage of the popular grunge sound. Today, the record is practically forgotten - A small percentage of fans found something interesting in it.

Do you think all the albums on our list have been deservedly "rejected." public and critics? Maybe one of them is even your personal favorite? It's also interesting to know which hard rock records you personally consider to be "failures.". Be sure to post in the comments, who knows - maybe you'll inspire us to keep the list going!


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