Hurts - Wonderfull life: Song Story (2010)

“With this song, I wanted to convey to people that a “wonderful life” does not mean the absence of problems at all. Rather, it means the ability to resist such ... "

"Wonderfull life" (Hurts group)

This world brings many to their knees... Unfortunately, there is no escape from this. And if on one Saturday night a woman meets the man of her dreams, this does not mean that he will be exactly the way she imagined him. He will not turn out to be perfect and single, self-confident and independent... In reality, he will not at all look like the man of her dreams, because reality often shatters any illusions...

Duet Hurts
Duet Hurts

We suggest recalling the history of one beautiful composition called “Wonderfull life” (Hurts group).

Song history

"Wonderful Life" is not just a song by the British duo Hurts, but its calling card! She entered the debut album "Happiness" and was released in 2010.

In fact, the song about "Wonderful Life" is full of irony... So, by the words "Wonderful Life" the author meant something completely opposite...

Track cover
Track cover

By the way, the composition belongs to Colin Warncombe. At that time, his personal life went downhill ... Vyrnkoumbu divorced his wife. But it was precisely the increasing troubles that inspired Colin to write such a beautiful and pleasantly sad song with an optimistic title "Wonderful Life".

Hurts vocalist Theo Hutchcraft later said: "This composition is based on two extremes: the desire to commit suicide, and love at first sight ... The hero standing on the bridge is about to jump, but he is stopped by a woman with whom he falls in love at first sight ... "

Music video

And now let's move on to the most interesting - to the clips! Yes, yes, specifically for the clips, because this song has several of them ...

Official music video "Wonderful Life"

The video was filmed in July 2010. Filming took place in Spain, in a private villa, which cost 5 million pounds! Young girls from London were invited for the video.

First clip (black and white)

And this is the first video for the song "Wonderful Life"! And it only cost £20! Many viewers liked this clip for its simplicity, lack of pathos and pomposity… And as it turned out, there is a very interesting story behind it…

Theo: “We decided to shoot the video in a small studio where we rehearsed. We began to think what to do with the dancer: we did not want a professional one! We needed a young and in its own way unique personality ... Then we put up an ad: “We are looking for a dancer for the video. Come IN BLACK!" I remember how we sat in this dirty studio, with a huge puddle on the floor, for about four hours! It was like an eternity… And we thought: “Of course, no one will come…” But she did! All in black ... Like a bird - she literally flew into the studio! I turned on the camera and said: “Here is the song, dance!” And God, what did she start to get up to ... Adam and I stared at her, as if spellbound! We were just trying to understand: this is the most amazing or the most terrible thing that we have ever seen ... It took no more than two hours to shoot!”

Adam: “We had to pay, and we went to the ATM. I wanted to withdraw 10 pounds, but she asked for 20. So the clip cost us 20 pounds! I thanked her and we parted…”

Adam and Theo
Adam and Theo

Theo: “We never found her again… Then we decided that we would make a new video, as a tribute to the first with her participation…”

Well, in conclusion, let's listen to the author of "Wonderful Life" - Colin Wyrncombe:

“This is a real paradox! Shattered into millions of pieces, my marriage inspired me to write this beautiful composition ... That is, inspired by personal grief, it became my best work!

“With this song, I wanted to convey to people that a “wonderful life” does not mean the absence of problems at all. Rather, it means the ability to resist those ... "

Colin Wyrncombe
Colin Wyrncombe


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