Surprising facts about Ian Pace, the drummer-virtuoso of Deep Purple

Inspired by jazz musicians and "glamorous" Hollywood movies, this man formed an instantly recognizable style and became an icon for many generations of drummers...

Deep Purple's "percussive legend": fascinating facts about Ian Pace

Famed for his unique technique, as well as his glasses - Ian Pace became "Deep Purple's "percussion legend (and not only, actually). An outstanding virtuoso, this man was the only member of the band (which has undergone many changes over the years) who played on a string of albums that sold millions of copies! So his contribution and importance is undeniable.

Deep Purple is said to have set a new standard for heavy rock bands, and much of the credit for this achievement goes to Ian, whose style has become one of the most influential in rock music. Inspired by jazz musicians and "glamorous" Hollywood movies, this man formed an instantly recognizable style and became an icon for many generations of drummers...

An unformed violinist

Ian Pace
Ian Pace

As a child, Ian was very interested in violinBut at the age of 15, percussion captured his heart and mind. And a lot of that was to his credit. of "glamorous" Hollywood movies:

"Actually, my first instrument was the violin, but I realized very quickly that I liked tapping it more than playing it! As a kid, I was just as impressed with the visuals as I was with the sound. I started watching old glamorous Hollywood movies where the cool guys were shooting up through the drum, for example. It fascinated me... At such moments I realized that drums are a unique, exciting instrument..."

According to the future star, as a child he actively "designed." own installations from improvised means:

"At a very early age, around eleven I think, I started trying to make my own drums - out of cookie molds and anything round I could find. I was also stealing my mom's knitting needles! That went on for two or three years.

First installation

Ian Pace
Ian Pace

Eventually his father bought Ian his first installationBut not the last...

"My father was a musician. He was a pianist. Before I was born, he was a professional, and when my family came along, he gave it up and just did it for extra money on the weekends. When he saw that I wasn't going to stop, he bought me my first set. I was fifteen. It was a £32.12 6p red Glitter, and it wasn't worth it! There were a lot of problems with it, and I hated the sound I was getting in the end..."

When Pace's father realized that his son was more than serious, he bought him "the first serious set.":

"It was Premier in the color Aquamarine Pearl, navy blue..."

Subsequently, inspired by the Ringo StarromIan bought a Ludwig rig on his own. It was an "installment dream come true" that the guy had to work for about a year to pay off.

Keith Moon's Contribution to Fireball

Keith Moon
Keith Moon

Only devoted fans know that the famous "boogie woogie" with a double kick in the "Fireball." came about because Ian borrowed an extra bass drum.

And to some extent, it can be considered a contribution Kita Moon From The Who.

"Well, it was started on one bass drum, and as you know - power on one bass drum is impossible. You can't get power, you just shudder! I tried to work with that, but nothing worked... And, oh miracle - The Who were recording there the night before, and Keith Moon left his rig there! So I just dragged one of his bass drums over, and I did it!"

An ancient fossil is named after him

Ian Pace
Ian Pace

Ophiopetagno paicei - an ancient fossil that was scientifically described in 2022 by a Luxembourg-Swedish research team. It was extracted from rocks 428 million years old on the Swedish island of Gotland! А Ian Pace was the inspiration for the name. Professor of Paleontology at Lund University Mats E. Ericsson comments:

"Ian Pace is one of the most prolific and influential drummers in history. Deep Purple's music really helped us blow off steam, restore inspiration and quiet our minds... The choice was obvious: we wanted to pay tribute to our idols!"

"It's a disgrace!": about today's industry

Ian Pace
Ian Pace

When asked what he thinks is going on in the music industry today, Pace said:

"It's no good. It's a shame! Looking back, we had freedom then, the opportunity to do so much... Today it's all gone commercial, there's only monotony around... The record companies are run by people who used to design clothes! What's going to come out of this?"

Speaking of modern drummers, Ian emphasizes:

"You used to be able to tell the drummers apart, because a lot of them had their own style. Today... well, they sound good, but nothing more. Total lack of individuality, just clichés and standards... It's sad."

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