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How cool is Iggy Pop? The "grandfather" of punk rock, the guru of alternative music, the "godfather" of grunge...

Iggy Pop: a story in facts

The "grandfather" of punk rock, the guru of alternative music, the "godfather" of grunge - as soon as they do not call American rock vocalist James Newell Osterberg Jr., better known as Iggy Pop. For people who are not familiar with his work, the question may quite reasonably arise: “Where did so many respected titles come from such a shocking person?”

We will try to give a detailed answer to it below, giving unconditional evidence of the musician's toughness. Believe me, after reading this article, you will have no doubt that on the modern rock scene there is no one more talented and cool than Iggy Pop!

Iggy created stage diving

Iggy Pop (Iggy Pop)
Iggy Pop (Iggy Pop)

Have you ever seen performers jump into the crowd during performances? For sure, yes. Hollywood directors especially like to include such scenes in their films. Surprisingly, the idea of this trick belongs to Iggy Pop!

Even at the very beginning of his rock career, he realized that the stage imposes certain limits on the artist, fetters him in his movements. Inspired by the performances of Jim Morrison, Pop decided to go further by venturing into the crowd of fans. He called this technique "stage diving".

Of course, not all jumps were successful. Often, a rock musician even got it from those on whose heads he landed. Pop received various injuries and injuries, but did not stop, and soon he managed to make stage diving a real trend.

Iggy looks gorgeous.

Iggy Pop (Iggy Pop)
Iggy Pop (Iggy Pop)

Most rock musicians do not bother at all about their appearance. They can be quite attractive at a young age, but over the years they become more and more unkempt and flabby. Here, you understand: alcohol, drugs and other bad habits…

Iggy breaks all the stereotypes of the rock world and at his sixties is ready to give odds to any aspiring artist! He is in great shape, full of strength, vivacity and energy!

Iggy Pop gives great interviews

Possessing natural charisma and a rather explosive temperament, he does not stand on ceremony in his statements. He says, as they say, not in the eyebrow, but in the eye!

To prove this, it is enough to quote a couple of quotes:

“They say death kills. But it is not death that kills, but boredom and indifference.

Iggy Pop (Iggy Pop)
Iggy Pop (Iggy Pop)

"I don't feel ashamed dressing 'like a woman' because I don't think it's shameful to be a woman."

Iggy is great at acting and singing in movies

To be convinced of the musician's acting abilities, just watch an excerpt with his participation from the legendary drama "Coffee and Cigarettes", filmed by the great Jim Jarmusch. Although, Iggy, no doubt, there are a lot of other cool roles.

And to list all the soundtracks successfully embodied by him is completely stupid. There are so many of them that we are unlikely to fit in a whole day.

And the most important!

Iggy is a skilled musician who writes incredibly catchy songs with unreal drive energy. He is good at everything he undertakes: both in creating author's songs and in rehashing other people's hits.

Iggy is the most sincere and sentimental. This is why the public loves him. In the spring of 2016, he released a new track, in which he affirmatively stated: “In my seventies, I am much cooler than any young rocker!”

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