Igor Kornelyuk today: lost 24 kilograms, survived the "star disease" and celebrated 40 years of family happiness

"Fortunately, my star sickness went away quickly. But I can't say that without a trace..."

How Igor Kornelyuk, performer of hits about "The Rain" and "The City That Doesn't Exist," lives today

Igor Kornelyuk - Igor was a bright man, a talented composer and performer, and a husband who managed to say goodbye to his temptations in the name of the home. Igor grew up in a musical family, and the father of the future artist treated his son's passion for music with skepticism:

"I started singing before I spoke. However, my father didn't want me to become a musician. "They're all alcoholics, son. Do you need it?" - he'd say. He adored music and singing, but he couldn't become a professional artist. "Well, that's all right. The future of national art has just lost an outstanding representative" - he joked, and went to work on the iron work.

Unfortunately, Igor's father, despite his good sense of humor and great optimism, had heart problems: Yevgeny Kasyanovich had suffered three strokes and two heart attacks, 18 years almost unable to speak and died. from a heart attack

Igor Kornelyuk
Igor Kornelyuk

Igor Kornelyuk has a full life, a dazzling career and a lot of memories! He sang at weddings, worked at the Leningrad theater "Bouff", became an early father and husband. A young boy's life was turned upside down mid 80swhen his first record came out on "Melody". Then there were songs for pop masters, for movies, and for himself! "The Rains" and "The City That Doesn't Exist" still resound in our hearts to this day.

How does a brilliant artist live today, and why is he so Doesn't like resorts?

"Lost 24 pounds!"

Igor Kornelyuk today
Igor Kornelyuk today

Alas, all was not well with Igor's health. Doctors diagnosed him with coronary heart disease and diabetes mellitus. In the fight against the latter ailment, the artist had to go to extreme measures:

"A strict diet, no sweets or flour, and no alcohol. This, of course, is very unusual for me. Before, I never worried about my diet: I ate, drank, was fat and happy! Now I've lost 24 kilos. All that's left is to quit smoking, and a flawless lifestyle!"

According to Igor Yevgenyevich, he always liked to "take a drink. But now...

"When you get some kind of soreness, alcohol doesn't bring that pleasure anymore..."

40 years of family happiness

Igor Kornelyuk and his wife Marina
Igor Kornelyuk and his wife Marina

Kornelyuk's wife played an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Marina. The couple got married when they were 19 years old! And soon the family had a baby boy. Igor had to work hard for the wedding - it cost the couple at 600 rubles! A colossal sum for 1982!

Igor Kornelyuk and his wife
Igor Kornelyuk and his wife

In 2022, Igor and Marina celebrated 40 years family happiness! And the only thing the maestro regrets today:

"When we were young, it was hard for us financially, and also with a small child. Today I regret that we didn't have more children. If it were up to me, I would have had all 20! But I didn't have the right conditions...".

And indeed, at first the young couple lived with Marina's mother in a one-room apartment. Igor worked hard. and practically never got enough sleep.

Star Sickness

Igor Kornelyuk in his youth
Igor Kornelyuk in his youth

In time, Kornelyuk became famous! Concerts, recordings, tours... and a lot of temptations. The composer himself admits that there was a time when he picked up "star sickness".

"Fortunately, my star sickness went away quickly. But I can't say that without a trace..."

In an interview, Kornelyuk said that at the height of his fame, there were not only "spotlights and alcohol in a river," but also... women. However, Marina I forgave my husband. all the mistakes of his youth and thereby preserved the family.

"And yet the woman, I tell you, plays the main role in the family. She alone is responsible for the preservation of the relationship. But everything depends on her wisdom. My Marina turned out to be wise, for that I am grateful to her. She's my overall great!

About modern music

igor kornelyuk 3
Igor Kornelyuk

Today Igor Evgenievich is not so active in terms of creativity. In his interview he confessed:

"I've never done anything with a commercial in mind! I wrote everything for myself, for my soul. And if people liked my music, I was flattered.

When asked what he thought on contemporary musicThe artist responded as follows:

"You see, there is music and there is show business. All we have now is show business, music is out of the question, if only remotely. There is a total degradation going on. Every year it's getting worse and worse and worse... Alas, I can't even listen to anything contemporary! What else I "like" is the lack of professionalism in 90% cases. All amateurism. If I wanted to, I sang it! And it doesn't matter that I have no voice at all...".

"The studio is my pride."

Igor Kornelyuk
Igor Kornelyuk

So how does Igor spend his weekdays now - when he can neither drink nor eat enough?

"I love my car and my studio - I work in it all the time! Recently I ordered new equipment from world brands. I'm very happy with it, I'm a bit of a collector in this respect. My studio is my pride!

What about resorts?

"Not my thing, not at all. Once Marina and I flew to Greece for ten days. I got terribly tired of being bored: morning, breakfast, sea, dinner, sea, sleep, and back again. Groundhog Day! I can't imagine how people lie on the beach for weeks, and don't get tired? My work inspires me, concerts.

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