Didn't go into the army, but became a star - interesting facts about Igor Sarukhanov

"I was very lucky, I was born at a great time! So many iconic bands were at the height of fame, so much good music - worthy sources of inspiration. Today there's nothing like that even remotely... And my favorite artist, by the way, was Paul McCartney! I loved him very much, and dreamed of playing like him!"

Six wives, his own fashion business and love for Paul McCartney - what else didn't you know about Igor Sarukhanov?

Igor Sarukhanov - is a famous native singer and musician, one of the favorite performers! During his long career he wrote more than 300 songs, released many albums, including 3 vinyl records. His hit songs "Cool Turn", "Green Eyes", "Boat" and other compositions continue to sound fresh and relevant, as if they were released only yesterday...

Established himself in the ranks of many groups, including his own, very successful "Circle.". Built a dazzling solo career, tried his hand at being a fashion designer - Sarukhanov 6 times was married, and he made his first money as a schoolboy! What else did you not know about this popular performer? We suggest you to remember the most interesting facts of his life!

Interesting pedigree

Igor Sarukhanov as a child
Igor Sarukhanov as a child

The pedigree of the popular artist is truly fascinating! Igor was born in 1956 in Samarkand and has Armenian roots. His family can be safely called intelligentHis father was a scientist and a candidate of technical sciences, and his mother a teacher of Russian and literature. But of particular note is paternal great-grandfatherwho was an incredibly influential man in his day!

Igor's great-grandfather was a wealthy man, a businessman of his time: he owned several plants and factories, dealt with grain, timber, stone processing... In the 1920s, when there was a famine in the Volga region, he sent trains of grain from his enterprises there. In general - a hard-working man, interesting and not poor. However, during the of mass repression Igor's great-grandfather was forced to give up everything he had under pain of execution. He had to destroy absolutely all documents and adopt a completely different way of life...

Introduction to music

Igor Sarukhanov
Igor Sarukhanov

As soon as Igor was 4 years old, the family moved to to Moscow. Soon the boy showed an interest in music (he has a classical guitar education), and while still a schoolboy he began to earn money doing what he loved! Together with his friends Igor made rock bandThe guys were paid not with candy, but with real rubles. The guys were paid not in candy, but in real rubles. But in those years, the schoolboy, who earned his own money, did not greatly delight the public. So, Sarukhanov was almost expelled from school! Fortunately, his father stood up for his son, and the conflict was settled.

It is also curious that by performing in Dolgoprudny Igor earned not only money, but also first glory. The locals, especially the youth, quickly fell in love with him and even had a certain respect for the young local artist. Sarukhanov's charm even spread to on the bullies! So - the novice singer could easily walk around the city at night, and no one was bothering him.

No one knows how Igor's fate would have turned out if not for his parents. Along with performing on stage, the boy had to join the army - fell under the draft! But worried parents didn't let this happen. They arranged for him to join the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Moscow Military District. It was there that his fateful acquaintance with Stas Namin. The following years Igor performed in ensembles and bands before he founded the Circle, after which he went solo.

The Rescue Circle, or One Success Story

The Circle Group
The Circle Group

The Circle is made up of former band members "Flowers" by Stas Namin. The first composition, and with it the all-Union hit becomes "Kara Kum.". The song was instantly loved by the audience and became the band's calling card!

The group was successful and toured a lot, but at some point the members were forbidden to work together. Fortunately, the project did not break up, but only thanks to the help of the poetess Tatiana KvardakovaThe wife of Igor Andropov, who, in turn, was the son of Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov, the most important person in the country at the time.

But even though the group was saved from disbanding, it itself disintegrated already in the second half of the decade. The reason was the personal conflicts of the participants.

Singing fashion designer

Igor Sarukhanov
Igor Sarukhanov

In the mid-1980s, Sarukhanov plunges into solo swimming. Alone, the singer was able to achieve inspiring successwhich is rare - often after the group the stars are forgotten by the public, or they lack ambition... But Igor is a charismatic and bright man, who was not going to say goodbye to the stage! He won the first prize of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow for his song "Moscow Prospect". Subsequently, he released many hits and shot the first domestic professional music video for the song "Barber"!

Sarukhanov has repeatedly stated in interviews: to sing along to the lipstick last thing for the artist. In his opinion, the performance should be exclusively live:

"Creating for people and singing only live is my main principle!"

But as the saying goes, "a talented person is talented in everything. Here Igor, besides the stage, loudly declared himself in a very unexpected field - in the fashion industry! The singer launched his own clothing brand. According to him, he works on the sketches himself - he comes up with the concept of the outfits, selects the shades and styles.

Six Wives and Love for McCartney

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

Personal life Sarukhanov is rich and passionate: the artist has officially been married five times! Today he is civilly married to his sixth wife TatianaThe woman gave birth to two beautiful girls, Lyubov and Rosalia.

Igor Sarukhanov with his beauties - his wife Tatiana and two daughters
Igor Sarukhanov with his beauties - his wife Tatiana and two daughters

Remarkably, but for a long time after his fifth divorce, the artist did not want to burden himself with the bonds of marriage - as well as serious relationships in general. In his opinion, finding a man for whom you don't have to "reshape yourself" is very difficult. Sarukhanov believes that relationships are special artthat requires sacrifice. For example, Igor constantly restrains himself if he wants to yell at someone.

"There should be no negativity in the family, especially if there are children. Shouting from parents can really scare them, and even cause psychological trauma. So no matter how much I want to swear and blow off steam, I always control myself.

Sarukhanov says the following about his youth and musical path:

"I was very lucky, I was born at a great time! So many iconic bands were at the height of fame, so much good music - worthy sources of inspiration. Today there's nothing like that even remotely... And my favorite artist, by the way, was Paul McCartney! I loved him very much, and dreamed of playing like him!"

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