Recalling the best songs performed by Igor Sarukhanov

Sarukhanov has dozens of beautiful and touching songs to his credit. Many listeners who grew up on these compositions proudly call them "the music of their youth.

His voice sounds in our hearts - remember the best songs by Igor Sarukhanov

Igor Sarukhanov - one of the most soulful, pleasant and, accordingly, favorite performers on our stage. Igor Armenovich began his musical career, one might say, while he was still teenager: performed with the boys in the cafes and on the dance floors in Dolgoprudny! The boys were paid with admiring applause and... real money. Such an early "business" even provoked a little conflict: back then, in Soviet times, a schoolboy had no right to work and earn money! Fortunately, the future artist's father managed to convince the school board not to expel his son for amateur creative work.

Sarukhanov has dozens of beautiful and touching songs to his credit. Many listeners who grew up on these compositions proudly call them "with the music of his youth.". But even the modern generation knows some of Igor Armenovich's loudest hits, expressing genuine enthusiasm in the comments below the clips. Today we decided to remember Sarukhanov's most famous and favorite songs!

"I wish for you."

Igor Sarukhanov
Igor Sarukhanov

Many believe that Sarukhanov dedicated this gentle composition to his beloved! But that's not true.

The musician's future hit was inspired by... three-year-old boy!

"I was performing in Kaliningrad at the time - the concert was only in the evening, so I was at the hotel in the morning. I decided to watch 'Morning Post'. After it, some local program started right away - people called and congratulated their loved ones live on the air. And lo and behold, this little boy called! He was congratulating his mom: "I wish mommy one of a thousand toys, the softest one...". I was very touched by the words "out of a thousand." I turned off the TV, and 15 minutes later the song was ready!"

"Green Eyes."

"Green Eyes." - The artist's calling card that anyone will sing!

"Don't hide your green eyes,
Wipe away a tear, trust me..."

"It's not love."

In general, Sarukhanov's repertoire is quite love songs! The beautiful half of the audience can't help but be moved by this...

During his life the artist was married 5 times! And this is only officially. As a person, Igor Armenovich is very sensitive and caring. At some point he realized that the relationship between a man and a woman "a special kind of art"which required intense work on the part of both of them! So with Tatiana, my now sixth wife and mother of two children, for a long time I was in no hurry to become spiritually close. But love is a very tricky thing, and it is ultimately impossible to resist it!

"My Dear Old Men."

Igor Sarukhanov
Igor Sarukhanov

This is one of the most touching and heartfelt songs in Sarukhanov's repertoire, worthy of respect and to take one's breath away as one listens...

Under "My Dear Old Men." It's a sin not to drop a tear - deep, beautiful lines literally cut into the heart. Written by the songwriter Simon Ossiashvili. This is what he himself recalled about the process:

"There were no thoughts at all. I just sat down and wrote a line on a piece of paper: "My old people are getting old...". And then it was as if it hit me - I didn't even tear myself away, I wrote the whole text in the same breath! It was as if someone was guiding my hand..."

From memory Ossiashvili, in the process of writing his future masterpiece he was "sitting on a shabby bedside table in a dilapidated kitchen.

"I didn't have my own place, I rented a corner from a man who liked to drink and talk heart-to-heart..."

"Across the River."

One more recognizable and a favorite hit.

Sarukhanov's performance as always: soulfulIt's warm, it's very familiar.

"Why did you come back?"

And again love dramas from Igor Armenovich:

"Why, why did you come back
Out of that cold darkness
In my love, in my dreams..."

"I want to be alone."

And this is really a great composition for just being alone and enjoy Sarukhanov's voice!

"Fox Violin."

"Squeaky Wheel.", she is "Fox Violin." - the most mysterious and full of imagery song on our list! By the way: Sarukhanov himself repeatedly confirmed that the second title is correct. "Fox Violin.".

The powerful lyric was written by a good army buddy Igor Armenovich:

"This song was originally planned as 'Fiddling the Wheel,' but then we realized that it had so many images of all kinds... So we decided to write about a fairy tale violin, which represents kindness."

"Cove of Joy."

Igor Sarukhanov
Igor Sarukhanov

This song was inspired by Igor's fabulous beautiful landscapeabout which the musician recalled the following:

"This song was inspired by some really fantastic moonscape at the edge of the earth! There's a place called Transfiguration - it's about 200 kilometers from Vladivostok. I went there at night, and there's such a fantastic view ... I couldn't take my eyes away. Alone, standing on the shore, the moon and the Pacific Ocean..."

"A Steep Turn."

And Sarukhanov's main gem. "There's a sharp turn behind."!

And some more beautiful songs lastly:


"The Guy with the Guitar."

"Boat, float."


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