"A simple Soviet beggar" - how Igor Talkov lived before he became famous

The hero of today's article is a man with a tragic fate, whose career was fatal for him. How was Igor Talkov's childhood and how did the musician manage to win the souls of his listeners? We suggest to know.

Igor Talkov: the singer's life before and after his popularity

The biographies of many singers are very scarce and always tell an incomplete story about the life of artists before their creative journey. However, this has bypassed the Soviet and Russian musician Igor Talkovabout whose parents and early years there are not a few lines written. Today in our article is the story of the most straightforward and even a little crude, but true to his convictions, a performer whose life was short but eventful.

How Igor Talkov's family lived and how the singer "cut through." to get their thoughts out on stage, read on.

"Love Behind Barbed Wire"

Talkov with his father, mother, and brother
Talkov with his father, mother, and brother

The musician's parents met while he was in prison. They were both convicted of anti-Soviet propaganda.

The musician's family belonged to the to the nobility Igor's grandfather Maxim Maximovich was a military engineer, and his brothers served in the tsarist army. Before the repressions began, the family bore the name of Talko, but Vladimir Maximovich, Igor's father, later changed his surname to Talkov in order not to ruin his family's fate and not to attract the attention of the authorities. For a long time Vladimir was an ardent supporter of Communist movementsI had to be a man of the world, even though I endured all the hardships of life as an anti-Soviet.

During his imprisonment in Orlovo-Rozovo, Chebulinsky District, Kemerovo Region, Vladimir met his future wife Olga Yulievna Shvagerus.

Igor with his mother Olga Yulievna
Igor with his mother Olga Yulievna

Igor's mother was caught in the millstone of Soviet pressure after the start of the war with Hitler, when Soviet Russia began to persecution on the Germans. Her father was exiled, and the family from Pyatigorsk was forced to go to the North into exile. The family's devotion to her father prevented them from disowning him, and this hit by them. In the settlement where the German-Russian was given shelter, seventeen-year-old Olga married one of the local boys so that her whole family would not be exiled to her father's penal servitude. But even this Didn't keep her from danger.

Olga's husband Nikolai was recognized "the son of a fist."They tried to imprison them for it. After long months of wandering, the NKVD caught up with the young people. She was seven months pregnant and gave birth to her first child in the penitentiary.

Igor Vladimirovich Talkov
Igor Vladimirovich Talkov

The child did not live more than a year; the mother was grief-stricken, but found respite in amateur art. In the mothers' colony, where she was placed, there was an opportunity to do creative work in camp theaterShe was in a theater where she played and met Olga. It was at the theater where Olga played that she met Vladimir Maksimovich Talkovwho was also a prisoner-actor.

Their first son, Igor Talkov's older brother Vladimir, appeared in the camp. The spouses were released one after another: first Olga with her son in her arms, a year later - Vladimir. After that the family went to Olga's father Yulia Rudolfovich, who in 1956 helped them find a separate apartment in the village of Gretsovka Shchyokinsky district of the Tula region. The future singer Igor Vladimirovich Talkov was born there on November 4.

The early years of the future legend

Igor in junior high school
Igor in junior high school

Igor studied at a school in Shchyokino until 1974; he combined lessons on the accordion in music schoolThe boy did not, however, gain a basic knowledge of sheet music there. In his later work Talcov was helped by his hearing: in a couple of listens to the tune, he could unmistakably play it.

In his youth, he participated in an ensemble, eventually learning to play various musical instruments. Recognizable hoarseness The boy lost his voice when he was a child, and doctors in the hospital diagnosed him with Laryngitis. Even at the height of his popularity, it took him a long time to recover his voice after his concerts.

Talkov on Red Square
Talkov on Red Square

Igor's poetic talent showed itself back in 1973. At the same time he wrote a song "I'm a little sorry.". In high school he was a member of many ensembles, where he gradually mastered notes and new instruments.

The musician's higher education did not haveHe did not manage to enter a theater institute when he arrived in Moscow, mostly because of past his parents. Later, the future musician studied for about a year at the Institute of Culture in Leningrad, but he was not comfortable there either.

First success and solo career

From 1976 to 1987 Talkov managed to work with Anatoly Chepurov, Stas Namin, Lyudmila Sencina. In 1986 he was a soloist in the band "Electroclub"; it was there that he became acquainted with Irina Allegrova.

A great success awaited the musician in 1987, when he performed the song "Clean Ponds" to lyrics by David Tukhmanov in the TV program "Song of the Year. After a while the singer created the band "Lifebuoy"The concerts were a mixture of lyrical and civic songs. So Talkov freely expressed his thoughts about the authorities without fear of being condemned - in his words, the law under which artists are arrested, did not exist.

Soon Igor is composing a composition "Russia.". A little later a clip of this song was shot and put into rotation of the program "Before and after midnight". At that time Igor Talkov was not only recognized by the audience as a lyric.

In the early '90s, the musician was at the height of his popularity: he was invited to at the moviesonly the actor's career as an actor is not destined was to take place. For various reasons, the films did not turn out well enough to make Igor proud of his roles.

At the end of the summer of 1991, Talkov took part in a concert "Rock vs. Tanks."and also vehemently expressed his position that a change of power had taken place, but it was completely meaningless.

Igor Talkov. Photo shoot
Igor Talkov. Photo shoot

On the eve of his death there was a performance in the city of Gzhel, where the musician broke a string on his guitar. The singer's life was also quickly cut short October 6, 1991, the day after the last concert.

Has Talkov's fame changed? Recollections of his wife

Igor Talkov with his wife and son
Igor Talkov with his wife and son

Spouse Tatyana, the wife of Igor Talkov, recalls that her husband did not change at all after his success came into his life. On the contrary, he even more didn't fit in on that Wednesday, for he was a man of straightforwardness and sincerity, incapable of weaving intrigue and dissolving the rumors that were now swirling around him constantly. Tatiana says that fame did not bring extra money to the family: Igor spent all the royalties on equipment and recording music videos and arrangements, but the family did not live starving. The woman notes that after Igor's death scandals and intrigues do not end: There are people who try to distinguish themselves from Igor at the expense of dirty and false news about him.

Talkov's songs have consistently won various awards. The last award for Talkov went to Tatiana in January 1992. When she took the stage, the entire audience was in tears..

In spite of Tragic The end of Igor Talkov's life, his art remains forever in the hearts of listeners. Undoubtedly, the legendary songs of "the simple Soviet beggar" will not be forgotten even a hundred years after his death.

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