Igor Talkov: surprising facts about the controversial idol

"I will die in a large crowd, not naturally. And the culprit will never be found!"

Facts about Igor Talkov that you might not know

Igor Talkov - is definitely a significant, bright and interesting figure in the domestic scene of the 90's. His songs were loved by millions, he was an idol and a star of his time! But at the same time he went down in history as one of the most (if not the most) ambiguous rockers. Why?

People treated Talcov with differently. The lion's share of listeners (and, in fact, of fellow listeners) still "don't recognize it.". Nevertheless, to a crowd of millions he became an idol and the voice of a generation. He died early - Igor died on October 6, 1991, at the age of 34. Today we decided to highlight some facts from his biography.

He was born in exile

Igor Talkov as a child
Igor Talkov as a child

The story of Talkov is fascinating, even when he himself was not yet in the world! The parents of the future artist met in detention in the Kemerovo region. They were not terrible criminals - they were serving their sentences under the article "anti-Soviet agitation". Later, the young men were sent to a remote village in the Tula region and, in fact, cut off from the outside world, forbidding them to leave. There, in Gretzovka, Igor's story began.

So why did his parents serve time? This is a very interesting question, and there are even hypotheses that have good reason to be. According to some reports, the musician's mother Olga - was the daughter of an ethnic German, while her father had noble roots.

He was accused of plagiarism

Igor Talkov
Igor Talkov

Igor's popularity came with the song "Clean Ponds"He performed it at the Song of the Year festival in 1987. At that time, Talkov was a member of the "Electroclub" and, in general, had nothing to do with his first hit - except for the fact that he performed it with dignity: he wrote the music himself David Tukhmanovthe founder of the band, and the lyrics came from under the pen of Leonid Fadeev.

But that's all a preface. When Talkov began his journey as a solo artist, his harshly criticized and accused of plagiarism. Let's put it this way: many artists in our country have been "inspired" by foreign hits, and we personally see nothing wrong with that - especially if the result was at a decent level. But with Igor almost every third song reminded of something from the West. And this could not help but draw attention to his person - in a negative way, of course.

For example, his famous "I'll be back." characterized as follows: in terms of melody - an absolute copy of "Lily Was Here." Dave Stewart and Candy Dulfer!

In general, very many of Talkov's works were attributed to plagiarism.

He was not loved in the rock community

Igor Talkov
Igor Talkov

Alas, despite his talent, bright image, and good voice, Talkov never made it into the rock community. have not accepted. Other musicians, especially those from Leningrad, did not believe in Igor's work, or rather in his sincerity. The thing is that in his lyrics Talkov actively criticized the authorities, the Bolsheviks and so on. But he began to do so in the 90swhen, in fact, there was nothing left of the Iron Curtain... I mean, how did it look from the outside? It was like cursing a deaf person! It may not be the most beautiful allegory, but it's very accessible.

In general, other rockers, who had been fighting for years for their art, were not happy with Talkov. They even made extremely harsh comments about him. The story told by Marianna TsoiThe story goes that after seeing Talkov's performance on TV, her husband Viktor released a very bold comment. Although Igor himself, as far as we know, admired Tsoi! But reciprocity was out of the question.

"Just a fake, and nothing more," Andrei Makarevich once said.

They called Talkov not only a plagiarist, but also an opportunist and an extremely pathetic artist. And it's not just about loud lyrics. The musician often went on stage in uniformIt was in a White Guard tunic with St. George's crosses on it. It looked, of course, extremely eccentric. However, his colleagues were not at all delighted by this image, but rather angered.

Change of heart

Igor Talkov
Igor Talkov

Few people know, but as a child Igor shared the views of his father, who was an ardent supporter of communism! Young Talkov admired Lenin and Brezhnev, and was very angry if his mother criticized the leaders.

Igor Talkov
Igor Talkov

But the situation fundamentally changed in the mid-1970s. It is not known what exactly influenced the guy, but he even spoke in Tula Square criticizing Brezhnev's policies! Many agree that this was a consequence of growing up. By the way: around this time, Talkov learned about the difficult days of his parents' youth, which apparently inflamed his heart with a burning hatred of the Soviet Union.

He had a premonition of his own demise

Igor Talkov
Igor Talkov

Although his death was sudden and shocking, Talkov foreshadowing her. It all started when the musician got an electric shock at a concert in Tajikistan when he touched the microphone. After that, Igor didn't touch the device for a long time, or he compromised with duct tape (for peace of mind)!

Relatives say that Igor knew exactlywhen and under what circumstances he would die. The story goes that one day during an airplane flight, the artist began to encourage his colleagues who were afraid to fly on the plane. He told them:

"I will die in a large crowd, not naturally. And the culprit will never be found!"

Igor Talkov
Igor Talkov

Igor was certainly handsome and talented, with a good voice, a striking image and impressive skills as a musician. How to relate to him is up to everyone. But the fact that he deserved his place in the annals of Russian rock, fact.


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