"In the Heat of the Night": A Loud Hit by Pretty Sandra, which Breaks the Record for the Number of Covers

What does Sandra sing about in her timeless hit "In the Heat of the Night"?

Singer Sandra's song "In the Heat of the Night": history of creation, lyrical meaning, covers

In the 1970s. A new genre, Eurodisco, was entering the music scene. At a time when rock was raging in Europe and metal was beginning to emerge, when heavy guitars were filling all the sound space, it was necessary to come up with something that would counterbalance this kind of music. That "something" was dance music combined with an abundance of electronic instruments and derivative genres like Hi-NRG and electropop.

One of the groups that achieved much in Europe was the group Arabesque. The ladies' group that makes up the women's trio from GermanyThe Arabesque group quickly gained popularity thanks to its English-language repertoire and upbeat, rhythmic music. The uncomplicated lyrics combined with danceability helped Arabesque become a European star.


However, the real recognition the group received with the arrival of 17-year-old unknown vocalist Sandra Lauerwho performed well in the auditions. Sandra quickly became an informal leader and a solo voice at concerts. Her attractive appearance and mesmerizing magical voice were loved by Arabesque fans, so it soon became clear that the girl "outgrew." career in the band and could have done better in the solo arena.

And so it happened: at one of the Arabesque concerts, Sandra met a session keyboard player. Michael CretuShe was a young woman, with whom she began a relationship that developed into a creative union. Cretu advised Sandra to start solo career under his guidance, and the girl agreed. What happened next is in the article.

To the solo journey!

In 1985, Sandra, trusting Michael Kret, took a risk and released her first solo record under the title "The Long Play.". This album was elaborated in detail, and several musicians, irreplaceable for Sandra, worked on it, who had already managed to "make a noise" in the music business. For example, the guys from the new wave band Hubert Kah together with Cretu, gathered the necessary material quickly enough and presented it to Sandra.

The record turned out to be incendiary. Several songs from it hit the top lines at once. "(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena" and "In the Heat of the Night" were hits in the singer's homeland, and "The Long Play" itself received gold certification from the German Music Association. This album continues to be one of the best 1980s dance longlists and is often played at retro disco parties.

Sandra and Michael Cretu
Sandra and Michael Cretu

Sandra realized that she had made the right choice by leaving Arabesque and making a name for herself as solo singer. Further career with twelve solo albums and the rise is proof of that.

The success and lyrical meaning of "In the Heat of the Night

"In the Heat of the Night" - the title track from Sandra's debut album. It was the second single after the song about Mary Magdalene and received no less success. This incendiary song received a silver certification in France with total copy sales of 250,000 copies. In other European countries the single hit the top 10 of the most popular charts.

Authors Hubert Kemmler and Michael Cretu, who believed that Sandra needed impressive trackthat would make the audience dance. Together they did the backing vocals, Sandra's voice being the solo, of course, with Frank Peterson on keyboards and Steve Hall on bass.

"In the Heat of the Night" really makes a "blazing" impression! In the song Sandra. sings love and passion as the main feelings and sings of her innermost desires.

"In the heat of the night.
You lose your temper and sell your soul.
I lose my temper in the heat of the night.
It's too late to get out of the game,
But I can't take it anymore," the lines of the song read.

Curious cover versions


Second single from the album "The Long Play." has become one of the most popular tracks for cover versions. More than 10 arrangements can be found on the video hosting site YouTube! It is worth noting that some popular groups from different countries love to perform Sandra's composition in their own style.


Russian pop group Te100steronewho performs songs in different languages, has prepared a surprise for fans in 2017. At the festival. Top Disco Pop Valery and Andrei Birbichadze brothers showed their version of singer Sandra's timeless hit.

To Die For

Finnish Group To Die For did the most original cover of the song "In the Heat of the Night". This is due to her specific style - gothic metal with bright vocals and heavy guitar parts.


Surprisingly. eurodance bands also paid attention to Sandra's hit. Thus, the German duo "E-Rotic."Known for his outspoken songs and costumes, he also released a cover in his own arrangement.

Finally, another "In the Heat of the Night," only by Smokie

The name "In the heat of the night" for musical compositions is apparently quite popular. Otherwise one cannot explain the existence of a song by a rock band Smokey "In the Heat of the Night." It differs from Sandra's hit, of course, both in lyrics and heavier music, but it carries a rather similar message.

"In the heat of the night, you know it's wrong,
You do what you want to do.
You do what you feel,
And no one can experience your feelings.


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