Sergei Polunin's tattoo with Putin was covered up in Anton Corbijn's new video for the Depeche Mode song "In Your Room" (1994)

“It was a pleasure to work with Sergei. This is one of my favorite songs in Depeche Mode's repertoire... Sergey coped with his task flawlessly: he vividly expressed the internal struggle... It is worth noting the harsh weather conditions of November... The clip, in my opinion, delights and conveys the whole meaning compositions..."

Ballet dancer Sergei Polunin became the protagonist of the video for the song Depeche Mode "In your room"

«In Your Room"- famous song Depeche Mode, released as the fourth and final single from their album Songs of Faith and Devotion (1994). Almost 30 years the composition gained a second round of fame, and all thanks to the video Anton Corbijn, who has already gained more than 120 thousand views in several days! The main character of the video was the famous Russian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin: performing incredible plastic movements, he literally captivates the eye ... However, the most interesting thing in this whole story is that Polunin, for some reason covered up the tattoo with Putin, which the artist stuffed right on his chest! Quite curious... Why was this done? And what, in fact, is the idea of the clip itself? Let's figure it out...

About the video

Sergei Polunin and Anton Corbijn
Sergei Polunin and Anton Corbijn

«In your room” (2021) is a collaboration between a genius director and a world-famous ballet dancer… This is not only an amazing clip, but also a unique excerpt from the upcoming full-length documentary “Dancer II": this music video will be included in the mentioned film, entirely dedicated to the history of Polunin himself ... The second part serves as a continuation of the tape released in 2016: this is a complete story telling the story Sergei - we will see his ups and downs, legendary breakthroughs, leaving the theater ... As for the music video, it appeared on the artist's YouTube channel May 25, 2021: over a few days the video was viewed more than 120 thousand users! In it, the artist dances on the autumn beach to the Depeche Mode track "In Your Room»… The director is Anton Corbijn. Here is what Polunin himself said about this experience:

“Cooperating with Anton is a wonderful experience, thanks to which I was able to personally see all the layers that he creates in different dimensions ... This is a dance with nature itself! And it has absolutely the deepest meaning ... I am very proud of our acquaintance with him. And I am incredibly happy, because I got the opportunity to dance under Depeche Mode, a group that I adore and have been listening to for very many years ... "

Filming took place in the fall. 2020, on the Dutch island of Terschelling... Anton Corbijn recalls:

“It was a pleasure to work with Sergei. This is one of my favorite songs in the Depeche Mode repertoire… Sergey coped with his task flawlessly: he vividly expressed the internal struggle… It is worth noting the harsh weather conditions of November… The clip, in my opinion, delights and conveys the whole meaning of the composition…”

Where did the Putin tattoo go?

Sergei Polunin
Sergei Polunin

When watching the clip, many who actively follow the work and life of Sergei Polunin had a completely valid question: "And where, in fact, did the tattoo on his chest with a portrait of Putin disappear?" As it turned out, the ballet dancer did not reduce the tattoo and does not plan to do this:

“If I decide to remove tattoos, then the portrait of Putin will be the last on their list…” Sergei commented.

Sergei Polunin, tattoo with Putin
Sergei Polunin, tattoo with Putin

Moreover: Polunin was very surprised by the excitement caused by the "disappearance" of the tattoo:

“I constantly travel to different countries, work with different magazines, and respect other people's traditions. And sometimes, during filming, a special masking paint is applied to my tattoos ... There are photo shoots that should not overlap with politics. The same goes for video filming ... "

The Ukrainian ballet dancer made his popular tattoo right after received a Russian passport. A kind of tribute to the head of the country ...

And finally the song...

Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode

«In Your Room» - famous composition Depeche Mode 1993. It also had an official music video, also by Anton Corbijn... In this video you will find many references to other videos of the band, such as "Strange love"(model posing in lingerie),"Walking in my shoes"(bird costume),"Halo"(man with clown makeup),"Personal Jesus(shows a band member wearing a cowboy hat) and more… As of May 2021 video got over 17 million views!

Anton Corbijn himself described the clip as "a retrospective of his work done with Depeche Mode... "Due to the scenes of partial nudity, the clip was rarely broadcast on MTV (and then only at night), which was the reason for the modest commercial success of the single in the country ... By the way: this is the last clip in which we can see Alan Wilder (later he will leave the group...)

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