Agutin's work and features of his musical style

What is the secret of Leonid Agutin's success and what makes him different from other musicians? Let's look into the life path of Agutin and the uniqueness of his style of music.

The story of the people's artist Leonid Agutin - the path to fame and style in music

Leonid Nikolaevich Agutin - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, composer, director, as well as the author of several books. The peak of his popularity fell on the "dashing" 90s, but to this day the musician wins the hearts of new fans. Does the musician have a special secret? We will talk about a special style Leonid Agutin and about his path to glory.

Leonid Agutin at a speech
Leonid Agutin at one of the performances

Leonid was born July 16, 1968 years in a family of intellectuals. The father of the national artist is a famous Soviet musician Nikolai Petrovich Agutin. Mother - Lyudmila Leonidovna, an elementary school teacher by profession. The marriage of the musician's parents lasted 16 years. Leonid has a very warm relationship with his parents. They meet regularly and celebrate birthdays together!

Since the early childhood Agutin stood out among his peers due to his musical talent. Excellent ear and talent for music Leonid discovered in the army, where he was transferred to the song and dance ensemble.

Leonid Agutin in the army
Leonid Agutin in the army

The starting point in the life of the artist was the competition of young performers "Yalta-91". After graduation in 1991 the musician began to actively develop in his work. He began to occasionally go on tour. It was then that the musician's mother decided that it was time for her son to go out. to the big stage. Lyudmila did her best to persuade her son to take part in the musical contest, however, the singer insisted that he had not yet grown up.

Only one year later Agutin decided to speak on "Yalta-92" where he sang "Rumba" in the qualifying round. At that time, Agutin was a very insecure young artist. The singer believed that he could not win the competition with such a song, so long and hard perfected her execution. It is thanks to his perseverance and scrupulousness that Agutin achieved the desired goal.

Having gathered professional musicians, Leonid assembled a musical group, which was called "Esperanto". According to the artist, the name of the group was chosen for a reason, but carries meaning and meaning. "Esperanto" - artificially created by man international language. Leonid was able to get first place in the competition and even win Sony camera.

Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum
Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum

Soon after the Yalta competition, Leonid's life was divided into "before and after". His long efforts brought great success and fame. The songs became recognizable, and "Barefoot Boy" won album of the year. His songs sounded at every turn, which could not but rejoice.

Agutin's next disc was "Decameron", released in 1995 year. It included 10 songs, some of which were famous "On the purple moon" and "Steamboat". At that time, the musician began to receive many honorary awards and diplomas, and interest in him was fueled more and more!

Style in the music of Leonid Agutin

It is known that in the songs of Agutin there are your unique style, which distinguishes him from other performers. What inspired the musician? Where did his style come from and does it have a name?

Reggae music - a modern direction in music, taking roots from Jamaica. Reggae or "reggae" first appeared in the 60s of the last century and began to be popularized already in the 70s. The direction took as a basis the folklore of the countries of the Caribbean, elements Latin American music and rhythm and blues. Reggae is a very versatile style, as it combines the motifs of dance, relaxation and protest music. All this is complemented by a variety percussion instruments and the off-beat principle.

Leonid Agutin on stage
Leonid Agutin on stage

By combining genres such as reggae, Latin American and nop music, Agutin created his own unique musical style.

The uniqueness of the musical style Agutin is that he combines several genres in his songs at once. The main is pop music, complemented by reggae and Latin American genres. Exactly this unusual combination highlights Leonid Agutin among other Russian musicians.

As noted by many fans Agutin's creativity that his songs are so soulful that they penetrate to the very depths hearts.

I will always be with you, 2008

This touching, soul-stirring melody tells of two lovers who, in song, make promises to each other about loyalty. The song is easy to listen to and the lyrics are easy to remember. Agutin sang this wonderful melody together with the singer Angelika Varum.

Border, 2008

Together with duet "Dirty scammers" in 2008 Agutin released a song called "Border". Performed a melody in the genre of pop, as well as rock. The text tells about a group of young people who are suddenly taken away to the army. The steam locomotive carrying future soldiers, is rapidly heading towards the border. The rhythmic song is performed with pleasant intonations and is remarkably perceived by ear.

February, 2016

In 2016. again a duet with the singer Angelica Varum Agutin performs another touching song February. Insanely beautiful and light melody represents winter february, which goes well with the fading love of the couple.

Barefoot boy, 1994

It was thanks to the performance of this song that Agutin became laureate of the international competition young performers "Yalta-92". The singer named the album released after the contest after the song "Barefoot Boy".

Black guy, 1994

Song full of positivity "Black Boy" included in the famous album "Barefoot Boy" in 1994. This song stands out from the rest African flavor.

Hop Hay Lala Lay, 1994

best example the use of Latin American music in the work of Leonid Agutin is the song "Hop Hey Lala Lay". The carefree and cheerful melody is great uplifting and attracts listeners with its simplicity.

On the purple moon, 1995

This tune especially liked musician's fans. The song tells listeners about a girl whose everyday life identical and devoid of color. The heroine dreams a lot and understands that she is ready to give everything for the sake of something new and unknown. The one "purple moon" or "planet without rain" symbolizes an unattainable, but desired dream.

Will you ever come back again, 1995

Second solo album "Decameron" came out in December 1995and with it the song "Will You Come Back Someday Again". The melody is made in the genre of pop music.

Cosmopolitan life, 2005

In 2005 released a song called Cosmopolitan Life. The melody is performed in English together with an American guitarist El Di Meola.

What's going on?, 2013

"What's happening?" - album song "The Secret of the Glued Pages". The text contains a deep meaning and reasoning about life, and the melody is quite calm and peaceful.


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