Interesting facts about Tom Cruise

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Fascinating stories and cases from the biography of the famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise

Famous movie star Tom Cruise is not only beautiful actor, but also talented director, and film producer. The star managed to receive awards such as "Golden Globe" and "Oscar". For these achievements, he was nominated more than once. Tom Cruise, first of all, is known to the audience thanks to his participation in such films as "Interview with the Vampire", "Magnolia", "Eyes Wide Shut", "Oblivion" and others.

Actor Tom Cruise
Actor Tom Cruise

Perhaps everyone knows that the life of celebrities is very rich and full of events. Some stars have certain qualities that distinguish them from others. In this article, I propose to consider not only character traits, but also exciting stories, as well as cases from the biography of Tom Cruise.

General facts about celebrity Tom Cruise

  • The future actor was born in early July 1962 in New York, United States of America.
  • He grew up and was brought up in a family, a little far from art. The boy's father was a design engineer, and his mother worked as a defectologist. However, according to some reports, Tom Cruise's mother in her youth took a little part in the filming of films and motion pictures. Perhaps the mother's penchant for creativity had some influence on the choice of the boy's future profession.
  • In addition to Tom, there were three more girls in the family.
  • The childhood of the future Hollywood movie star can hardly be called calm and moderate. Due to the frequent relocations of the family in search of work, Tom had to change about fifteen schools. Naturally, this played a role in the boy's academic performance.
  • Another interesting fact is that as a twelve-year-old teenager, Tom began to suffer from dyslexia. It is worth noting that this disease complicates the understanding of written and oral speech. It also affected Tom's academic performance during his school years.
Tom Cruise in his youth
Tom Cruise in his youth
  • Tom Cruise also suffered from crooked teeth and malocclusion. In the future, the young man managed to correct this shortcoming.
  • Perhaps one of the fun facts is that the future star, being a thirteen-year-old teenager, began to suffer because of his short stature. It was this complex that gave impetus to Tom in order to start playing sports. By the way, Cruz managed to achieve success in the fight. Moreover, he even wanted to build a career as a professional athlete, but he failed to fulfill his desire due to a knee injury.
  • When Tom was fourteen, his parents divorced and the children moved with their mother to Kentucky in a small house. There the boy entered one of the theological schools, dreaming of becoming a Catholic priest. However, he soon got bored with this path and Tom moved to a regular educational institution.
  • When the boy was sixteen years old, his mother married a second time. This marriage became happy not only for the woman, but also for her children. The new man became a wonderful stepfather for all four children of his beloved wife.
  • After a shattered dream, Tom found himself a new occupation: in high school, Cruz began to get involved in acting. The young man in high school began to attend a theater group. This was the impetus for further building a career as a famous actor.

Facts about Tom's first roles, fascinating stories from the set, Cruise's best roles, achievements and awards

  • Despite his professional acting skills, in 1981 the aspiring actor managed to get a small role in the film called Endless Love. In the same year, Tom managed to take part in the hang-up.
  • The future movie star performed her first major role in 1983 in a film called All the Right Moves. The genre of this film is a sports drama.
  • Tom Cruise received his next leading role in the same year. He played a character in a movie called Risky Business. The brilliantly performed role brought Tom fame and positive reviews not only from film critics, but also from ordinary viewers. After the adaptation of this film, Tom Cruise was noticed by many famous filmmakers.
  • In 1985, the Hollywood movie star starred in the film Legend, directed by Ridley Scott. And in 1986, the premiere of the film called "Top Gun" directed by Tony Scott took place.

  • In 1988, movie star Tom Cruise took part in the film directed by Donaldson "Cocktail". The genre of the film is melodrama. However, Cruise's dreams associated with this film could not be realized. For the performance of the main role, the Hollywood movie star received the Golden Raspberry anti-award in the nomination for the worst role. And in general, you should pay attention to film critics, whose reviews were negative.
  • In the same year, a new film called "Rain Man" was released, which was a fairly successful start for the actor's promising start to more serious work. The motion picture received many positive reviews and became a truly catchy work by Tom Cruise.
  • A year after a series of releases of the aforementioned films, the movie star finally managed to receive such awards as the Golden Globe, as well as an Oscar nomination. Tom succeeded in this largely due to the release of the military film Born on the Fourth of July.
  • Tom Cruise's next major project was his role in the film Interview with the Vampire. The genre of the film is a mystical drama. In this film, the actor played side by side on the set with the already famous movie star Brad Pitt, with whom, by the way, Tom did not have a very good relationship. The fact is that, according to Cruz, Brad completely refused to take a shower and monitor personal hygiene.
Tom Cruise in 1981
Tom Cruise in 1981
  • While working on his next big project, the actor managed to fulfill one of his childhood dreams. As a child, Tom always dreamed of becoming a superhero and an agent. The actor's wish came true on the set of the film "Mission Impossible".
  • Tom Cruise received another nomination for the Golden Globe Award for playing in the film Magnolia, in which he played a rather unusual role for himself. However, it was this film that opened up new facets of Cruise's talent.
  • The Hollywood actor received the next nomination for the above-mentioned award thanks to the production of the film The Last Samurai in 2003. The film received incredible success and many awards and achievements.
  • In 2013, a new action movie called Oblivion appeared on the screens, in which Tom Cruise played with Morgen Freeman and Olga Kurylenko. The motion picture received many awards, as well as quite positive reviews from film critics and the public.

Interesting facts about Tom Cruise that you might not know

  • The actor has always been categorically against the use of his image in the creation of cartoon characters and comic book characters. Tom did not give up his principle even when he was offered large sums of money for it.
  • A man has always built relationships with girls and women older than him. He also paid attention to the growth of the companion. Ideally, she should have been taller than him.
  • The actor has an amazing ability. He can hold his breath for long periods of time without harming his health. He was able to demonstrate these abilities on the set of one of the films.
Tom Cruise in 2005
Tom Cruise in 2005
  • Currently, Tom Cruise has a dazzling and snow-white smile. However, before the actor could not boast of such dignity. He had very crooked teeth and an overbite, which Tom was able to correct by starting to earn money on his own.
  • At 55, the actor looks about 30. All this is the result of a healthy lifestyle, exercise and proper nutrition.
  • Behind the pretty and charming appearance of the actor lies a real cold-blooded personality. For example, after a divorce from one of the wives who bore him a daughter, Tom Cruise completely stopped communicating with the latter. However, according to some reports, after the death of the actor's mother, he still tries to resume communication with his biological daughter.
  • Tom Cruise also has no real friends and close buddies. According to the actor, since he often changes his place of residence, he is not happy to get close to someone.
  • It is also known that the Hollywood movie star Tom Cruise is a man with an iron will and a strong character. The presence of these qualities is confirmed by the actor's colleagues on the set.

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