The uneasy fate of "domestic Pamela Anderson" Irina Saltykova

"When I wanted to mimic the West, but in the end I managed to outdo it!"

How was the fate of Irina Saltykova, performer of "Grey Eyes

Irina Saltykova burst onto the domestic scene in the mid-1990s with her hit about "Grey Eyes.". However, it wasn't so much the song that made the noise as the musical clip to it: it was so scandalous that even contemporary artists, it seems to us, have not been able to surpass it! As Internet users joke:

"When I wanted to mimic the West, but in the end I managed to outdo it!"

Although you can't call it a joke - Gray Eyes was really good for its time, and the music video could easily compete with the music video itself. Madonnas (Given the extraordinary and pathos). But what was the fate of the "domestic Pamela Anderson," whom the public loved for her beauty and freshness in creativity?

Conquering the National Pop Art

Irina Saltykova
Irina Saltykova

Some jokingly call Saltykova "domestic Pamela Anderson.". Irina is a real beauty! Thanks to her Kylie Minogue-type persona, the public fell in love with her - after all, according to the famous phrase: "Clothes make the man, but wit makes the man go away". Alas, that's how it works, especially in show business.

Before diving into solo work, Saltykova managed to establish herself and gain fans as a member of the "Mirage." at the end of the '80s. But it was in the 90's when fame fell on the singer - the hit about "Grey Eyes" was released!

As we noted above, it wasn't so much the song as the music video that drew attention. Well: it came out scandalousand it worked! And Irina didn't have a chance to lose - in order to record her debut album and shoot the video for the song of the same name, she had to pawn her jewelry and her own apartment in Moscow. So without further ado, all bets were placed on sexuality. The cunning plan paid off, and soon Soyuz Studios released the album Gray Eyes, which instantly became a bestseller!

Then there was the equally successful (and equally scandalous) album "Blue Eyes." and "Alice", tour of Russia, photo shoot for the cover "Playboy." - The magazine sold out so quickly that it had to be reprinted several times! At the beginning of the noughties Irina appeared on the big screen - she played in the cult film "Brat-2".

An uncomplicated but busy personal life

Irina and Victor Saltykovs
Irina and Victor Saltykovs

FROM Viktor Saltykov - I met Irina in Sochi, a very famous singer, whose "White Night" is still played to this day. The idol of the 80s gallantly courted the girl: he gave her flowers and complimented her... But when the couple got married, it was the beginning of a completely another story.

"He literally went on a rampage! He started drinking, raising his hands to me... He was an idol, and I was flattered by that. But at some point our marriage turned into a disaster.

Irina Saltykova
Irina Saltykova

Victor does not deny the words of his ex-wife, but adds:

"I had a hard time with her - she has a very heavy character."

In any case, this alliance brought experience and daughter Alicewhich both parents love very much.

"Alice is the only reason I didn't break down," comments Irina.

How the native Pamela Anderson lives today

Irina Saltykova
Irina Saltykova

Alas, in the life of the "domestic Pamela Anderson" there has been enough adversity. Victor twice insisted on an abortion, which could not but affect the woman's psychological state (as well as her physical one). And soon after the divorce, Irina found out that she had cancer. Fortunately, the disease was detected in its early stages and managed to counteract it. Today Saltykova recalls:

"It was all because of my nerves. I suffered a lot in this marriage, and shortly before the divorce my father passed away... It was a double blow.

Irina Saltykova
Irina Saltykova

Later, Irina suffered a serious operation on the leg:

"I have a bone that's been pushed in. I'm having it repaired, I had an operation. I was painting a window, and I fell off a stepladder...".

Irina Saltykova with her daughter Alisa
Irina Saltykova with her daughter Alisa

Fortunately, all of these hardships were left behind. Today Irina is healthy and beautiful - many have noted that she and her daughter look as sisters! At the same time the singer criticizes plastic surgery, stating:

"I will never pump my lips or anything else! Genetics, positive emotions, good food and love in the soul - these are the main secrets of female beauty! I don't feel my age. I always try to be on the wavelength with my daughter, to enjoy life, to discover something new every day... And there is no other way! Youth is what's inside us, not outside.


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