The history of "Ishome" - an electronic project by Mirabella Karyanova

As for musical favorites, Mirabella creates music under the influence of Lapti, PTU, Marsen Jules and others: “From Russians, I just adore Al 90! Their work is incredible... Music revives such distant and forgotten associations...»

All about the musical project Ishome Russian woman Mirabella Karyanova

Ishome - the name of an electronic musical project founded by a native of Krasnodar Mirabella Karyanova! The project was discussed in 2013 the year the album was released under the name Ishome Confessions: it is worth noting that the record excited major media outlets RussiaMusic combines measured ambient with a brilliant idiem and a trip-hop beat. In a word - a charm for a music lover ... As for Mirabella herself, she is a Russian producer of electronic music, which listeners also know under the pseudonym shadowax. born in 1990 year, she gave her project a name - "Ishome", - which is essentially fictional, that is, it does not carry any meaning ... Actually, let's talk about the project in more detail.

How it all began - the origins

Mirabella Karyanova
Mirabella Karyanova

As mentioned above, the founder Ishome is Mirabella Karyanova. The girl comes from from Krasnodar creates music that combines ambient with overflowing ideem and trip-hop beats… Mirabella made her first steps in 2005 year, practicing on various sequencers. Later, in 2010 year, she released E.P. Al Capone on Ukrainian label Index Music. Before releasing a full-length album, Karyanova presented a couple more EPs, while in 2013 year did not release Confession… The record found its audience in the world of underground electronic music, and was a great success, especially in Russia.

“For me, music is an exciting art. It exposes your soul, exposing all the most intimate... Sometimes music tells about what we ourselves do not suspect! It is not interpreted in any way, and why is it? When you create music, you constantly collide with yourself... You don't know what's going on inside you. And the process of creating music gives you a chance to get acquainted with this, but will this acquaintance be pleasant ...? That's another question..."

Sometimes Mirabella gives concerts, periodically releasing tracks under the name shadowax. Where does she find inspiration? Let's find out below...

Looking for inspiration

According to mirabella, she does not have any specific principles in working on music ... The main thing is that the result should “touch”, and the rest does not matter anymore. But, Karyanova admits that unconsciously still adheres to some rules:

“At first, many of my projects are monotonous ambient, which I gradually begin to mask ... Probably to make the sound seem “smarter”. And so constantly, all according to the same scheme ... From whom am I hiding? I still don't understand to this day! However, I already perceive this scheme as an integral part of the creative process ... "

The girl admits that during the creative process she cannot sit in one place:

“So I was sitting at the computer, but I already found myself thoughtfully lying on the floor ... How did this happen? I don’t know… Just as I don’t understand the reason for this…”

Ishome (Peace)
Ishome (Peace)

Also Mirabella admits that he never knows when a track is "done". According to the producer, it comes by itself - the moment when you can stop. However, it is very difficult to notice ... Because of this Karyanova is experiencing difficulties before the release of a particular music. All your music Mirabella creates exclusively for herself, at the time of real inspiration ... She does not make tracks, just because they need to be made! No. Music Ishome is born only in the moment of truth, when vivid images appear in the head of the master ...

What kind of Shadowax - we talk about the second project of Mirabella


As noted above, shadowax - pseudonym Karyanova, under which the girl releases music from time to time. Of course, the connection between Shadowax and Ishome felt, but these projects are still different, in their own way ... Let's listen mirabella:

“Of course, the listener feels the connection between Shadowax and Ishome - I have a split personality! (laughs) Ishome is music inspired by my childhood… It gives me sincere and bright feelings in general! As for Shadowax, it's the exact opposite of Ishome: this music kind of takes me away from my childhood, it's stronger and rougher…”

About the perception of one's own creativity


According to mirabella, over the years she began to doubt her music more and more:

“Sometimes I face fears and doubts. I start to worry, it seems to me that something is wrong with my music ... And how pleasant it inspires when a completely unfamiliar person - in the subway or in a store - can say something good about my work! This is the best ... These words are very necessary for every artist, and they really help a lot!”

At the same time, the girl understands that her own perception of her own work is significantly different from the perception of any other person. All because of the different internal space of people: as she herself claims Mirabella, each person perceives music the way he wants, passing it through his own inner prism ... This is really an amazing property of a person, which is hard to argue with! Also Karyanova admits that he does not listen to his tracks at all after the release:

“After the release, the intimate connection between me and my music is lost ... It ceases to be only mine ...”

The best tracks of Ishome

Well, now, having familiarized yourself with the history Ishome and biography mirabella, we offer you to enjoy the best tracks of the project ...

"Ken Tavr"



"Tetra 94" (Part 1)

"Tetra 94" (Part 2)


"Sad Family"





Interesting Facts

  • It turned out, Mirabella loves dancing! According to the girl, she loves this feeling - when "the body is used as a conductor of music": “Through dance I can express myself… It is through dance that music becomes physical!”
  • As for musical favorites, Mirabella creates music under the influence of Lapti, PTU, Marsen Jules and others: “As for Russians, I just love Al 90! Their work is incredible… Music revives such distant and forgotten associations…”


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